Mechanical Agitator

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Mechanical Agitator
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  • Filter Reactor, Plain

    Ace Glass

    Complete filter reactor assembly allows single or multi-step reactions and filtrations in the same vessel. Features heavy wall glass, interchangeable filters, mechanical agitation and 4" or 6" Duran flanges. Available capacities from 150ml to 6000ml. P

  • RW 28 Digital Overhead Stirrer

    IKA Works

    Powerful, mechanically controlled laboratory stirrer designed for highly viscous applications for quantities up to 80 l (H2O). It is suitable for intensive mixing for use in laboratories and pilot plants. The stirrer comes equipped with a protection for overheating of the motor by means of…

  • PYREX® Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flasks with Baffles


    …baffle design as found on PYREX® Delong flasks promotes optimal and consistent solution agitation when used with flask shakers. Their uniform wall thickness provides the proper balance between mechanical strength and thermal shock resistance. For convenience, these flasks include a marking spot.

  • Stirring Shaft, Glass, 19mm, Polished

    Ace Glass

    …and in various lengths. Join 8085 blades to button type shafts, Join 8091,8092,8093 and 8100 agitators to either knob or drilled style shafts. Join all shafts to stirrer motor using 8124 series chucks. Recommended for use with our 8050 mechanical seal, 8067 PTFE and 13445 PTFE Debris-free bearings.

  • Stirring Shaft, Glass, 19mm, Precision Ground

    Ace Glass

    …stirring shafts, 19mm OD, hollow, heavy duty. Knob type shafts accept 8091,8092,8093,8100 agitators and can be used in all 19mm ID Trubore 8059, 8060, 8061 and 8065 bearings. Compatible with our 8050 mechanical seal and 13445 PTFE Debris-free bearings. Join to stirrer motor using 8124 series chucks.…

  • PYREX Erlenmeyer Shaker Flask


    …provide greater agitation of solutions to improve oxygen or gas transfer when used with rotary or reciprocating shakers. The long neck reduces splashing and is designed for two-position polypropylene closures. Their uniform wall thickness provides the proper balance between mechanical strength and…

  • Heavy-Duty Beakers, Low Form, with Double Capacity Scale

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …construction is intended to prolong life expectancy with harder than normal usage (i.e. mechanical stock). Not recommended for use on hot plates where significant thermal gradients exist due to lack of agitation of contents or absence of a temperature control. All sizes have a durable matte finish…

  • 130 Watt Ultrasonic Processors

    Sonics & Materials

    …high frequency electrical energy Energy is transmitted to the piezoelectrical transducer within the converter, where it is changed to mechanical vibrations. The vibrations are intensified by the titanium probe, creating pressure waves in the liquid. This action forms millions of microscopic…

  • PMS-1000i Microplate Shaker

    Grant Instruments

    …shaking to ensure that the well contents are not ejected, or more vigorous agitation for effective aeration across the small surface area of each of the wells. Variable shaking speed: 150 to 1200 rpm IDirect drive mechanism and brushless motor Set and display the speed (rpm Holds two or…

  • MaxQ 6000 Incubated And Refrigerated Stackable Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …for sample storage Temperature, speed and time on separate displays Warranties: Five years on parts, one year on labor and lifetime on mechanism Choose from two temperature ranges to fulfill a variety of molecular biology, protein expression, or plasmid purification studies.…

  • Wrist Action® Shakers


    …75 is the only true Wrist Action® Shaker that duplicates the swirling action of hand mixing. The adjustment arm controls the amplitude and agitation of shaking from 0 to 15 degrees arc. Shaker operates at 385 oscillations per minute (+/- 10%). The Shaker has a built in timer to operate from 1…

  • New Brunswick™ S41i Incubator Shakers


    …eccentric drive provides stable, uniform and vibration-free motion connected to the shaking platform by four encapsulated support rods. The drive mechanism located below the chamber ensures that heat generated by the drive does not affect the critical environment within the chamber. The intuitive…

  • MaxQ 2000 CO2 Digital Platform Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …operating temperature range Triple eccentric drive enables continuous 24-hour operation, handles heavier loads and provides smooth uniform agitation of full or unbalanced loads even at high speeds. Shakers operate in temperature ranges of 0°C to 40°C and humidity conditions from…

  • ROCHE Cell Proliferation Reagent WST-1


    … 2 to 8 °C Note: When precipitates or turbidity are observed upon thawing, warm up the solution to 37 °C for 2 to 10 minutes and agitate to dissolve the precipitates.Centrifugati on is not recommended because the working concentration would decrease. After being dissolved, the WST-1…

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