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  • This 3-ply face mask is suitable for medical and non-medical applications. Made of soft hypoallergenic materials for added comfort and extended use.   Features:  Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) exceeds 99%  3-Layer…

  • Certified for industrial use  4 layer non woven polyethelyene PFE>95% BFE>95% FFP2 Protection Dust Protection PM 2.5 Flat fold design for easy storage Ear-loop design for faster donning and doffing Fabric headband without staples for comfortable applications in hot an…

  • NIOSH approved as a Type 95 respirator. It meets CDC guidelines for TB exposure control and is designed specifically for use in a health care setting.

  • …occupational exposure limit fog. The mask body adopts a 3D pressureless production process to prevent the mask from collapsing and deforming, without destroying the original performance of the filter material, improving the filtering efficiency of the mask and reducing breathing resistance. …

  • …and Surgical Mask is constructed with a fluid-resistant layer and a patented combination of materials to resist fluid penetration. Orange. Features: So Soft* Lining Pouch-style, large breathing chamber for added comfort Two polyurethane headbands secure the mask to the face to…

  • MedPlus Procedure Masks combine high breathability with exceptional filtration efficiency, while offering fluid resistance against bodily fluids and others. This 3-layer pleated mask is hypoallergenic and features an adjustable nose piece and non-latex earloop for easy donning and added comfort. …

  • Anti-Fog Surgical Masks

    Halyard Health

    Halyard Health Face Masks offer the broadest range of styles, features and levels of protection available today. The materials and donning attachments are sonically bonded, and all masks have enclosed nosepieces to assist in conforming to the contours of the face. All face masks are natural rubber…

  • Protective three-layer construction, Appropriate for situations where exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids is not a risk.,Pouch style with ties, Available in blue and green

  • Extra Protection Lavender Surgical Mask

    Molnlycke Health Care US

    Distinctive lavender color. Designed with a high filtration rate with anti-fog and fluid repellent properties, especially useful for laser procedures that generate harmful airborne particles. High particulate filtration efficiency of 98% down to .1 micron. High bacterial filtration efficiency down…

  • Cone Masks


    Utility mask made of latex free, porous material which helps protect the weare from body fluids and contamination caused by exhaled micro-organisms. Molded contour design increases comfort and allows for excellent breathability.Adjustable, aluminum nosepiece and stretchable headband allow for a…

  • FLUIDSHIELD* Procedure Masks Feature SO SOFT* Technology From a leader in face masks, Halyard Health's FLUIDSHIELD* Procedure Masks are refreshingly colorful and comfy and feature an inner layer of SO SOFT* bicomponent fabric technology. Facial protection is, perhaps, the most personal of…

  • KTO (Kit to Order)Contains: 10 (ten) every day, non-medical masks (20A00K912) 1 (one) Hydrox 4 oz Hand Sanitizer Gel with flip top bottle, 70% Ethyl Alcohol, Unscented ( CHM00C896) Available as 1 Kit (each) or a Case of 10 Kits

  • Allows mask to conveniently hang down around the user's neck.

  • Choose the Mask That Fits the Task Halyard Health FLUIDSHIELD* Procedure Masks are designed to resist moderate fluid strike-through and meet the ASTM F2100-11 Level 2 standard.

  • Pleat style with ties, Submicron filtration,Fog-free option available

  • safeForce Flip Up Disposable Face Shield

    safeForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Disposable, full-length face shield, provides protection from splashes and sprays to protect any employee that requires this PPE. Optically clear for peripheral visibility. One size fits most. Limit the spread of viruses, bodily fluids, and health hazards from an infected person by…

  • Personal Protection Re-Entry Kit

    safeForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    All you need for customer and employee re-entry. Each Kit Contains: Three Disposable or Reusable Face Masks One packet of 75% Alcohol Wipes (10 wipes) Two Strip Thermometers One 2oz. Bottle of Hand Sanitizer, 62% Alcohol All items come in a clear, resealable bag.

  • …infectious diseases threaten the safety of heroic healthcare workers. The Sentinel EZ BioHood by ILC Dover offers 100x the protection of an N-95 mask, providing superior respiratory protection to healthcare workers on the frontline and enabling them to provide continued care to patients. The…

  • …give users cooler, more comfortable performance than other designs currently on the market. The integrated Magic Arch™ support strip holds the mask away from the nose and mouth to create a larger breathing chamber to enhance user comfort. Choose from tie strings, ear loops or ear loops with an…

  • Barrier® Anti-Fog Face Mask

    Molnlycke Health Care US

    Prevents fogging of eyewear. Fluid repellent. Bacterial filtration of 97% down to 3. micron.

  • Hypoallergenic interfacing. Fluid repellent anti-fog face mask offers protection from splash from four-layer design. High particulate filtration of 98% down to .1 microns. High bacterial efficiency of 98% down to 3. microns.

  • …donning attachments are sonically bonded, and all masks have enclosed nosepieces to assist in conforming to the contours of the face. All face masks are natural rubber latex-free. Choose the Mask That Fits the Task FLUIDSHIELD* Surgical Masks are designed to provide the maximum level of…

  • 7" size Bound Tyvek® ties Pleated Rayon outer facing Metal Nose piece Adhesive at nose White Excellent balance of bacteria and particle filtration efiiciency and breathability

  • Tie-On Mask


    Low Barrier mask with comfortable tie-on laces. Suitable for procedures with low levels of spray and splatter such as fluoride treatments, minor orthodontics and basic lab work.Construction and materials providing adequate protection and comfort. Shingle pleat design prevents fluid pooling and…

  • Constructed with a patented non-latex spacer to maintain clear breathing space, the BioClean DB™ Pouch-Style Facemask ensures exceptional breathability, comfort, and protection for the wearer. The facemask also features a non-woven spunbonded polyester integrated extra long neck guard to…

  • Procedure Masks

    Halyard Health

    Pleat style with earloops, Protective three-layer construction, Appropriate for situations where exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids is not a risk, Available in a variety of colors and styles, including TEDDY BEAR* Procedure Mask

  • This protective shield, made of transparent film is ideal for light liquid splash protection. Features a foam suspension with elastic headband for comfort. Packed: 250 units per case

  • …Additionally, the integrated Magic Arch™ prevents the mask from coming in contact with the user's nose and mouth thereby making it easier to breathe while enhancing filtration efficiency. The hypoallergenic materials used in the PFL masks create a durable exterior and a soft, comfortable…

  • Three-layer design mask with polyester/cellulose inner/outer facing provides comfort Double bagged Recommended for ISO Class 5 or higher cleanroom environments

  • Fiber-Free Face Masks

    Foamtec International

    …cloth masks. Foamtec International Face Masks are used as comfortable under-masks for hoods with built-in biological masking. They protect the wearer from contact and provide a fresh, clean barrier to the laundered mask in the hood. Ideal for applications where fibers from non-woven masks may…

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Due to the current pandemic, lead times for PPE items are longer than what is listed on our website. Please expect shipping delays of all PPE products during this time.

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