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  • Gas Manifold

    Ace Glass

    For portable gas analysis apparatus. Three or four straight 2 mm bore glass stopcocks and one three-way stopcock with back port, fabricated on capillary tubing. We can fabricate special gas manifolds of all kinds.

  • PVC Manifold

    Advantec MFS

    …and durable PVC material makes this vacuum manifold a great alternative to stainless steel. Polyvinylchloride(PVC) is resistant to acids. The standard cup accepts a No.8 or 8b stopper to adapt to microanalysis units of various sizes. The 3-place manifold can accomodate 90mm holders. Use 47mm or…

  • Walters Manifold

    Ace Glass

    Hign vacuum manifold systems feature Easy Action PTFE stopcock valves providing for greaseless operation. Double-tube codes -50 & -54 feature Ace-Threds and 8mm OD tube-end ports. Double tube code -52 features hose barbed connections and 45 degree port placement. Walters manifold, code -40,…

  • Laboratory Manifold

    Pall Laboratory

    …and/or sterilization. Manifolds that adapt to you: Whether you are right or left-handed, setting up your test workflow is second nature. The components interchangeable and designed with a simple slip fit to the manifold. Manifold includes 3-place manifold base, 3 manifold valves, 1 end cap,…

  • Mixing Manifold


    Modular building block-type mixing manifold with one mixing channel and three connections, two inlet and one outlet. Made from chemically-resistant plastic. Several of these blocks can be plugged together easily to create a single unit with enhanced mixing capabilities. Part of P/N B0507957.

  • Vacuum Manifold

    Cannon Instrument

    With three or four manual valves for applying vacuum or pressure to capillary-type viscometers Designed for use with 9726T20 through 9726T67 Vacuum Regulators and Cannon-Manning, Asphalt Institute or Modified Koppers vacuum viscometers (see Thomas number 9724H50) Integral brackets permit…

  • Double Vacuum Manifold

    SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    This borosilicate glass Air-Tite vacuum gas manifold (Schlenk line) is designed with double oblique pressure/vacuum stopcocks with 4mm bores and a 16.2/56 plug size. The stopcocks simplify evacuation or pressurization with an inert atmosphere. Manifold is 1" O.D.

  • Chemifold, Mixing Manifold




  • BioVac 96 Vacuum Manifold instument that extracts 96 samples of DNA/RNA/Genomic DNA in short amount of time.

  • …Apparatus that can be used as a complex trap with the bottom tube or as a small manifold by itself. Can be joined to ACE 8737,8738 or 8739 manifolds or as a stand alone manifold. The code -23 consists of the -03 manifold and our 8753-21 tube, making a trap unit. It has a 15mm o-ring joint with a…

  • …extraction manifold a great alternative to stainless steel. Polyvinylchloride(PVC) is resistant to acids. The tapered branch accepts a 40/35 female joint to adapt to microanalysis units. The valve is PVC with a PTFE stopcock. The 3-way PVC valve with PTFE stopcock allows the manifold to be vented…

  • …Support cup accepts a No.8 or 8b stopper Features a flushing manifold Applications requiring a closed system, as in sterility testing, use the sterility test manifold. It features a rear-mounted flushing or rinse manifold pipe which allows liquid to be brought aseptically up into the…

  • Manifold 4-Channel Ll

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    4-Channel Manifold for Acura Micro Dispenser

  • Manifold 8-Channel Ll

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    8-Channel Manifold for Acura Micro Dispenser

  • …adapt to various microanalysis units. The 3-place manifold can accomodate 90mm holders. Use 47mm or smaller holder units on the 6-place model. Valves have a PTFE stopcock. Available with 2-way or 3-way valves. Use the 3-way valve when the manifold is used under closed conditions and must be vented…

  • …the manifold is used under closed conditions and must be vented to the atmosphere without breaking the vacuum connection. The 3-way valve vent is female luer slip and accepts a disposable syringe filter(13JP020AN) or KS13 holder with PTFE filter(J020A013A) to maintain sterility. The manifold outlet…

  • Solvent Transfer Manifold Joints: 24/40 Valve Size: 0-4mm Overall Height: 140mm Overall Width: 380mm

  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Manifold

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Nalgene 345 Solid and stable on the bench top Designed with three vacuum outlets, each with leakproof, two-way valve and vent port Each outlet securely holds a No. 8 stopper and the stem filter funnel without interference Autoclavable Easy manipulation of individual funnels…

  • …CG-1968-F Manifold with Quick Connect Fittings: CG-1969-M-10 Fits Support Frame CG-1965 and CG-1965-X PLEASE NOTE: MANIFOLDS WITH QUICK CONNECT FITTINGS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH HUBER® CIRCULATORS WITH M30 FITTINGS. NOTE: Chemglass can provide manifolds with ALL…

  • EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold

    Zymo Research Corporation

    The EZ-Vac™ Vacuum Manifold features durable chemical-resistant construction and is capable of processing up to 20 samples simultaneously using vacuum pressure. The vacuum manifold allows researchers to simplify their nucleic acid purification workflows further by eliminating the need for…

  • …up to 12 IPG strips (7, 11, 13, 18, or 24 cm) simultaneously using Ettan IPGphor manifold, Ettan IPGphor Manifold Light, or ceramic strip holders Use sample cups with Ettan IPGphor manifold or Ettan IPGphor manifold light to significantly increase protein loads Ettan IPGphor 3 Control Software…

  • The Chemglass manifold system for use with CG-1949-X ChemglassRxnHub™ frame system allows for easy and safe connection of your circulator to our glass process reactors. Manifold helps alleviate excessive mechanical forces placed on the glass vessel inlet/outlet. System is supplied complete as…

  • E-Z 96® Vacuum Manifold

    Omega Bio-tek

    The E-Z 96 Vacuum manifold is designed for DNA/RNA sample preparation with E-Z 96 DNA/RNA Plates. The chamber can be used either as a simple dump for waste filtrate or as a receptacle for a standard 96-well microtiter plate (collection plate). The upper plate has a machined recess that fits our…

  • Microtest Microplate Manifold

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    The stainless steel manifolds (with PTFE stoppers) allow convenient distribution or aspiration in 24- and 96-well plates. They securely fit syringes of the Dosys™ line as well as the Acura 865. Fully autoclavable (121 °C / 250 °F)

  • …deviations. In addition, field duplicates do not differentiate laboratory performance from sampling variability. Restek’s dual canister sampling manifold (DCSM) minimizes sampling variability through a single sample inlet and flow controller by which the sample is evenly collected between two…

  • Accessories for Combisart and Microsart Combi.jet Vacuum Manifolds.

  • Straight sampling manifold, available with one end threaded, the other end reduced for use with 7506 bushing, or both ends threaded for use with either 7506 bushing or 5841 coupling. Also available with adjustable depth, threaded sampling ports for use with up to 7mm O.D. tube. Code identifies I.D.…

  • Vacuum Manifold Accessories

    Agilent Technologies

  • 6-Port Tray Dryer Manifold. Six valves provide the flexibility to connect flasks and other freeze dry glassware to the Freeze Dry System with Stoppering or Bulk Tray Dryer. Valves accommodate either 1/2" or 3/4" flask adapters. Mounts on support stand included with the Tray Dryer.

  • For simultaneous preparation of up to 12, 16 or 24 samples


    Agilent Technologies

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