Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever

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Magnetic Stir Bar Retriever
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  • …to remove a stir bar from all glass and plastic containers used in the laboratory. The container must be taken off the magnetic stirrer before using the retriever as the high-powered magnet in the stirrer cancels out the one in the retriever. The handle is designed for ergonomic and easy retrieval.

  • Flexible, Teflon® rod with a powerful Alnico Teflon® coated magnet for retrieving magnetic stirring bars from containers or non-magnetic sink drains and traps. Flexible white rod is 33cm (13") long Autoclavable

  • Stir Bar Retrievers

    Globe Scientific

    Magnet permanently embedded in PTFE rod Ideal for retrieving magnetic stirrer bars from particularly sensitive or corrosive liquids

  • …the retriever up along the vessel wall, and the stirring bar follows along the inside wall of the vessel up to a point where you can manually pick it up. The oblong section 25x70mm (1" x 2-3/4") houses the magnet. Dimensions: 20cm (7.7") long. Easily extract stirring bars

  • Stir Bars & Stir Bar Retriever

    Heathrow Scientific

    The magnetic stir bar withstands temperatures up to 250°C, making them suitable for use with both unheated and heated stirrers. The Stir Bar Retriever is encapsulated in PTFE making it easy to clean and durable. Made from ALNICO, one of the strongest permanent magnets available The…

  • Easily recover stirring bars from containers using the Spinbar® Magnetic Retriever. Offered in two different lengths (12" and 18"), each retriever has a polyethylene rod, 9.5 mm diameter, with Alnico magnet sealed in one end and loop on opposite end.

  • Magnetic Bar Retriever, 350mm

    United Scientific Supplies

    350mm length magnetic bar retriever.

  • …use with all stirring bars. Permanent powerful magnet encapsulated in PTFE and supplied with flexible PTFE rod.   Stir Bar Retriever Polypropylene 18" (1212V71 ) Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 0.743x0.395x18.187in Polypropylene Stirring Bar Retrievers 456 mm length…

  • …For recovering a Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bar, keep the polyethylene retriever lowered; to free a Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bar, pull the retriever upwards. Precision stirring magnet placement and retrieval. No direct contact with stirring magnet Splash-free operation …

  • Holds on to magnetic stirring bar Easily retrieve magnetic stirring bars from vessels with the handheld Spinbar® Restrainer. Don’t lose magnetic stir bars down lab drains and eliminate the splashing hazard when pouring out of mixing containers. The tool fits comfortably…

  • …controls the temperature of liquids up to 200°C, a two-piece, 5/16” (0.8cm) diameter, 18” (45.7cm) long support rod and magnetic stir bar retriever. 1231L68 is designed to operate on 230V/50 Hz with either the BS 1363A or CEE7-7 plug (both included) for use in parts of Europe,…

  •   Easy-to-read backit LCD display Heat only, stir only or heat and stir together functions Automatic spin bar retrieval Low temperature stability Stirring and heating functions can be saved in memory Accessory PT-1000 Sensor for medium temperature control available …

  • Stirrer Carboy 10 L & 20 L

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …of media and buffer solutions on a magnetic stir plate For use with Nalgene 10 and 20-liter carboys with 83B (83-mm) closures Adjusts easily to fit either a 10 or 20 L carboy No magnet to retrieve Supplied with an 83-mm closure and two TFE impellers Must be used with a magnetic stir plate

  • …small lab tools and keeps stirring bars from accidentally falling off. Conveniently store a Spinbar® Restrainer (catalog No. F37786-1000) in the Stirring Bar Garage to retrieve stirring bars after use. Maintain organization and accessibility of magnetic stirring bars • Small footprint storage unit;…

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