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Luer Adapter
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  • Vacutainer® Holders


    …Use Holder is compatible with the entire BD Vacutainer® Blood Collection System: BD Vacutainer® Eclipse Blood Collection Needle, BD Vacutainer® Safety-Lok™ Blood Collection Set, BD Vacutainer® Push Button Blood Collection Set and BD Vacutainer® Multiple Sample Luer Adapter.

  • Adapter M / L-10-32 Std Thread

    Cadence Science

    CLEARANCE SALE! Male Luer Lock to 10-32 Standard Thread * Sale price valid only on current stock. Additional units may be available for purchase at original price. Sales are on a first ordered, first served basis. NOTE: Image might not represent exact model of product listed…

  • Female Luer Lock Adapters


  • Luer-to-Closed End Adapters

    Cadence Science

    316 Stainless For industrial use only.

  • Male Luer Lock Adapters


  • Luer-to-Threaded End (Metric) Adapters

    Cadence Science

    For industrial use only.

  • Polycarbonate Luer-to-Threaded Adapters


    These adapters transition between luer fittings and UNF or NPT threads. Both male and female luer connections are available. All threaded connections are male thread.

  • Monoject™ Blood Collection / Infusion Sets with Multi-Sample Luer Adapter


    Blood collection / infusion sets with female luer attached are used for routine venipunctures and infusion applications.

  • Luer-to-Record Adapters

    Cadence Science

    For industrial use only.

  • Gradient Makers

    C.B.S. Scientific

    …a male luer adapter which can be used with any needle or luer valve. Form all types of gradients for acrylamide gel electrophoresis, as well as sucrose or cesium preparative zonal centrifugation. Gradient Maker Tubing Adapter Kit includes valve, green tapered tubing adapter, milky double…

  • Luer Adapter


    … Easy sample concentration and clean up Kontes luer adapter converts standard taper glassware to a luer joint. Adapter is available in most popular joint sizes and includes an integral vacuum connection. Adapter use a female luer for easy SPE cartridge or syringe connection. Size 1 hose…

  • 1-Way PEEK Luer Adapters

    Cadence Science

    Made of inert PEEK and designed for quick, leak-proof connections. These adapters are economical and provide for flexibility of a variety of threaded connections. Meets ISO 594 Specifications.

  • Luer Adapter for Winged Infusion Sets

    Terumo Medical Corporation

    Sterile and disposable, adapters fit into standard infusion sets transforming them into winged blood collection sets. This allow multiple draws into evacuated tubes. Accepts standard tube holders.

  • Adapter, Luer

    Ace Glass

    84 cm of thin wall biological grade vinyl tubing connects an outer luer taper and an inner luer taper. Tubing is approx. 2 mm I.D. Connects to 5851 Stopcock, 5837 Bottom Drip Adapter. Six per package.

  • Luer-to-Luer Adapters

    Cadence Science

    …when metal adapters are mated with plastic male luer lock adapters. Uniquely designed to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance. Male Luer Lock (MLL) – male luer slip with a threaded sheath for a secure fitting to a female luer lock. Male Luer (ML) – male luer slip that fits…

  • Adapter, Bottom Drip, Luer

    Ace Glass

    Luer, Bottom drip Adapter with or without flow regulator valve for use with ACE threaded columns. Shallow taper at upper end minimizes mixing below the packing support. Supplied with one FETFE O-Ring and one replaceable polyethylene packing support. For replacement packing support, either…



    …The Septum adapter connects to the end of TLL and LT syringes and can be used for sample spiking. The MTB sampling valve also connects to the ends of a TLL or LT syringes to create sample lock syringes. Finally the Luer adapters convert Large Hub Removable Needle (RN) syringes to various luer



    Collect, store, transport, and analyze liquid or gaseous samples without the danger of evaporative loss or environmental contamination. These syringes are also ideal for pre-pressurization of gaseous samples for GC analysis, and for sample spiking.

  • Syringe Needles With Hubs For Luer Tip And Luer Lock Connections


    … 304 stainless steel needle Standard 2” length Use with Luer Tip and Luer Lock syringes sold without needle or for Luer adapters. Nickel-plated brass or Kel-F (CTFE) hubs fit both male and female Luer connectors.They allow quick change of needle and use of different gauge and/or…

  • Cap Female Luer Lok S / Su


    BD Luer-Lok™ S/D female L/L female connection cap adapter Sterile, single use (50/ca)

  • Liquid chromatography columns Luer Lock, Non-jacketed, bed volume 8 mL, I.D. × L…


    …and Luer Lock inlet and outlet fittings. The Luer Lock connections on these columns are male. The polyethylene bed support has a nominal pore size of 20 μm. Open-ended: constructed with fixed polypropylene ends, without jacket or end fittings. Requires at least one flow adapter. PTFE,…

  • XX6200035


    …containers and pressure filter small volumes using a hand vacuum pump. Consists of a Luer outlet polypropylene syringe attached to a 2-way vacuum value, nylon male-to-male Luer adapter and rubber tubing with male Luer inlet. Stainless steel construction Fully autoclavable for sterile…

  • MAWP025A0


    3-piece polystyrene monitor with 16 mm center ring. Female Luer slip vacuum connection. Requires tubing adapter (XX62 000 05). This monitor is also available without membranes. With 25 mm filter

  • CHROMAFLEX® Fittings


    Tubing nuts and ferrules are used to make connections between the tubing and the end fittings of CHROMAFLEX® columns.

  • HiTrap Heparin HP

    GE Healthcare

    …HiTrap Heparin HP columns equilibrated with 25 ml of 20% ethanol or a buffer containing a bacteriostatic agent. Equilibration is easily performed with a syringe and the supplied Luer adapter. Seal the column with the supplied stopper and domed nut. The recommended storage temperature is 4°C to 30°C.

  • Filter Holder Accessories


    Accessories for Sartorius Brand Filter Holders.

  • Digital Microdispenser Accessories


    Repeat Valve with Kit Adapts 7691K20 for continuous pipetting operations Pall valve has Luer slip fitting at dispensing tip; side arm takes 2 mm bore tubing for connection to suitable reservoir Valve diaphragm is ethylene polypropylene rubber Kit includes 7691L60 Pall…

  • Inert Valve Hv 3-3


    …a wide variety of fittings, adapters and tubing, including male and female luers, FEP tubing assemblies, and adapters which thread directly into the valve providing an endless variety of valve configurations for any flow application. Hamilton (HV) fittings and adapters are installed finger-tight (10…

  • VersaBarb™ and Spigot Technology

    Foxx Life Sciences

    …damage the seal. The spigot opening features 5/8" and 3/4" hose barbs for tube attachments, as well as an internal luer taper to fit a male barb adapter. The leakproof VersaBarbs provide bottom connection options for any standard carboy with a spigot. VersaBarbs are interchangeable…

  • Vessel, Peptide, Ace-Thred Top and Bottom

    Ace Glass

    Cylindrical vessels with #15 Ace-Thred at both ends, no side port. Use 5838-91 PTFE Adapter with removable filter disc and 5839-04 PTFE Valve with luer extension at either end, see 6404 for listings.

  • Vessel, Peptide, Ace-Thred, with Side Port

    Ace Glass

    adapter with removable Por. C glass filter disc & a PTFE shut-off valve. PTFE adapter has front type seal using a CAPFE O-Ring to make a compression seal in the #15 Ace-Thred on Vessel. Other end of adapter has a 1/4" FNPT thread that allows connection of a 2.5mm bore PTFE shut-off valve with a luer

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