Low Speed Orbital Shakers

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Low Speed Orbital Shakers
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  • LSE™ Low Speed Orbital Shakers with Flat Platforms


    The Corning LSE Low Speed Orbital Shaker includes a 30 x 30 cm platform and is ideal for staining and destaining gels, washing blots and general mixing applications. Speed can be set from 3 to 60 rpm and the timer can be set for up to 2 hours or for continuous operation. Ideal for staining…

  • Denville BioRockers™, Elastic tie-downs, pkg. of 4


    …incubator use Compact size, low profile Double platform models expand usable space The Denville BioRockers™ are "workhorse" rocking platforms that have been designed for long life and trouble-free service in continuous duty. Rocker speed is adjustable to provide…

  • SCILOGEX Analog Orbital Shaker


    …Compact space saving design Analog speed control Economically priced Maximum load 3Kg/6.6Lbs Comes with an anti-slip Tissue Culture Flask Platform for culture flasks, flasks etc 0-200RPM shaking speed range 20mm orbital action Stable operation, low vibration cTUVus approved …

  • Orbi-Shaker™ Low Speed Orbital Shakers


    …the a low speed orbital shaker designed for gel blotting, staining/destaining and washing applications. With accurate speed control down to as little as three rpm. The Orbi-Blotter features a gentle orbital motion with speed control down to as little as 3 rpm, making it the ideal orbital choice…

  • Orbit™ 1000 Multipurpose Digital Shakers


    …digitally. Speed is adjustable over a broad range to allow for applications such as staining and destaining gels, growth of bacterial cultures and hybridization. The Orbit™ 1000 Digital Shaker is safe for use in temperature controlled environments. Its small footprint and low profile make…

  • Orbit™ LS Low Speed Laboratory Shaker


    The Orbit™ LS low speed lab shaker is a high quality, general purpose laboratory shaker with economical analog control. Economical analog control with easy-turn knobs 19 mm orbit for blotting, gel staining and general mixing Streamlined design Safe for cold room and incubator…

  • Orbi-Shaker™ Jr. Compact Oribital Shakers


    Compact and economically priced Perfect for low capacity applications Incubator and cold room safe The Orbi-Shaker JR.™ is a personal sized orbital shaker including a 9.5x8” non-slip rubber platform. The Orbi-Shaker Jr. is the ideal choice for mixing a small quantity of…

  • MaxQ™ HP Incubated Tabletop Orbital Shaker

    Thermo Scientific

    …six 2L flasks and allow sample viewing without disturbing chamber atmosphere with Thermo Scientific™ MaxQ™ HP Incubated Tabletop Orbital Shakers. Improve product yield with outstanding temperature uniformity, while the double-walled, insulated chamber contributes to optimum growth. …

  • Mini Shakers

    Lab Companion

    …PID control Suitable for low rpm sensitive applications Speed range: 50 ~ 300 rpm One-touch timer for time-dependent shaking operations: 1 min to 99 hour 59 min. Orbit size: 13mm dia. (0.51" dia.) Digital VFD display for speed and shaking motion Constructional…

  • Orbi-Shaker™ XL Shakers


    …flasks or nine 1L flasks simultaneously. The included, non-slip rubber mat platform is ideal for low speed applications, while the convenient MAGic Clamp™ platform is also available for high speed mixing of Erlenmeyer flasks, tube racks or microplates. The MAGic Clamp™ allows for instant…

  • Open-Air Shakers

    Lab Companion

    …by shaking speed deviation Shaker protection system against over-current, stalled platform check (Stalled platform check is only for OS-4000) Operational Features Microprocessor PID control - Intelligent speed controller enables reproducible results Shaking speed

  • Advanced Orbital Shakers

    Lab Companion

    …power interruption, indicated in control display Shaker protection system against over-current Operational Features Microprocessor PID control maintaining constant speed Wide speed range: 30 ~ 500 rpm Orbit diameter: - 19mm for SKC-6075/7075 / 25mm for SKC-6100/7100…

  • Helix 250 Orbital Shakers


    …250 Orbital Shaker. Have an application that requires a unique clamping method? Do you need to shake test tubes, conical tubes, small beakers or small flasks? The versatile EZ-Strap Assembly accommodates all of these items and much more when attached to the Helix 250 Orbital Shaker. The…

  • New Brunswick™ Innova® 2350 Shakers


    …operation provides a favorable work environment Shaking speeds between 25 ?–? 500 rpm for 2.5 cm (1 in) orbits and 25 ?–? 300 rpm for 5.1 cm (2 in) orbits provides versatility for culturing a wide range of cell types. Speed controlled and displayed in increments of 1 rpm …

  • Chamber Incubated Shakers

    Lab Companion

    …Shaking Control Speed range: 10 to 500 rpm (10 to 250rpm for the top unit of a stack) Orbit diameter: 19.1mm Timer range: 1 min. to 999 hr 59 min Audible/Visible alarm activated by shaking speed deviation Worry-free operation: Automatic shaking speed adjustment in case…

  • Mini-100 Orbital-Genie Shakers

    Scientific Industries

    Low profile, compact footprint, variable speed Orbital shaker with non-slip platform, chemical resistant, with spill-proof edges. Ideal for gentle shaking applications up to 100RPM. No additional accessories required, stacking trays available. Ideal for Western Blot applications and more. …

  • PSU-20i Orbital Multi-Platform Shaker

    Grant Instruments

    …controlled multi-functional orbital shaker providing all that is required – rotation, reciprocation and vibration – for thorough mixing in flasks, beakers, Petri dishes and other laboratory vessels. Features: All mixing functions – orbital motion, reciprocation and…

  • Helix 150 Orbital Shakers


    …operation Active feedback speed control allows for consistent speed for varying loads Helix 150BLR The Helix 150BLR is an easy-to-use open air orbital shaker used for various laboratory shaking applications. The Helix 150BLR has an extremely low heat signature and is ideal…

  • Talboys Advanced (Digital) Mini Shaker


    General purpose shaker Displays for speed and time 3mm or 15mm orbit 2 year warranty Talboys Advanced 1000-3 and 1000-15 Orbital Shakers are ideal for a wide variety of shaking applications. Tray includes a non-skid rubber mat. Remove mat to mount a variety of optional flask clamps…

  • MaxQ 8000 Incubated Stackable Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …with each shaker at no additional cost Mechanics Heavy-duty, eccentric drive mechanism allows extended speed ranges from 25 to 400rpm ±1rpm with minimal vibration, even when shakers are stacked three high Durable, dynamically balanced orbital shaker mechanism ensures…

  • Vortex-Genie 1, 2, 2T, Digital 2 and ABI Digital 2 Shakers

    Scientific Industries

    …operation 6 mm orbit May be used in cold rooms and incubators Made in the USA The compact Vortex-Genie 1 has a more intense vortexing action than any other vortex mixer at an economical price.  Modeled after the original Vortex-Genie, the large, 6 mm orbit generates violent…

  • Accessories for Incubator Shakers & Open-Air Shakers (Not CO2)


    …flask clamps for securing vessels to a shaker platform. Both are ideal for containers such as bottles and dishes that cannot be held with conventional flask clamps. With flasks, these products can be used at speeds of up to 200 to 300 RPM depending on orbit diameter, flask size and load. Sticky Tape…

  • Digital Orbital Shaker


    speed can be separately set Very low start speed for sensitive sample agitation, with a high top end and good stability for more vigorous applications Suitable for worldwide voltages 110–240V, supplied with 4 different plug types Package includes: Digital Orbital Shaker

  • Orbital Shaker and Accessories

    Crystal Technologies

    …and continues shaking with no vibration and low heat output. The SilentShaker® can be placed into a standard incubator, converting the incubator into a shaking incubator. Digital control and LED display Low noise level Gentle speed up and slow down Automatic recovery from power…

  • Erlenmeyer Flask Clamps


    Clamps for use with Corning® LSE™ Orbital Shaker and Corning® LSE™ Low Speed Orbital Shaker.

  • PSU-10i Orbital Shaking Platform

    Grant Instruments

    …shaking speed, plus set and elapsed time. Works in combination with simple push buttons for easy set-up Choice of 4 interchangeable platforms to suit different types of vessels - maximum flexibility Low voltage power supply provides for safe cold room operation and low energy consumption…

  • Clamp for 25 mL Erlenmeyer Flask


    This is a clamp for the 25 mL erlenmeyer flask, for use with Corning® LSE™ Orbital Shaker and Corning® LSE™ Low Speed Orbital Shaker.

  • Dual-Action Open-Air Shakers

    Lab Companion

    …shaking speed deviation Shaker protection system against over-current, stalled platform check (Stalled platform check is only for OS-4000) Operational Features Microprocessor PID control and shaking speed calibration Dual-action shaking motion: orbital or reciprocating Speed

  • Floor Standing Incubated Shakers

    Lab Companion

    …Control Speed range: 30 to 500 rpm Orbit diameter: 25.4mm for ISF-7100/R /  50.8mm for ISF-7200/R Timer range: 1 min. to 999 hr 59 min Audible/Visible alarm activated by shaking speed deviation Worry-free operation: Automatic shaking speed adjustment in case…

  • Shaker Attachments & Stirrers

    IKA Works

    …from the top to the bottom. High turbulence and high shearing forces are produced for particle reduction. The R 1300 is for use at medium to high speeds. The R 1335 kneading stirrer produces a tangential flow with oscillating compacting between kneading surfaces. R 1335 is for use at low speeds.

  • Genie Shaker Accessories

    Scientific Industries

    …type, up to 29mm diameter. Non-Slip Mat for Low Speed, 18in x 17in (457mm x 432mm) Grey silicone mat is an alternative to flask clamps or roller bars for securing vessels to shaker platform of Orbital-Genie Shaker for low speed. It is ideal for containers such as bottles and dishes…

  • ProBlot™ 12S HybridizationShaking Oven, Shaker platform, with clamps for six…


    …However the ProBlot 12S has an independent orbital shaker built in to the bottom of the stainless steel chamber. The shaker is capable of gentle low speed motion for applications such as washing and staining, and it also provides rigorous high speed agitation and may be used with optional flask…

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