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Low Speed Mixer
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  • Variable Speed Mini Orbitron™ Nutating Mixers

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …gentle continuous mixing of specimens in a variety of blood tubes, centrifuge tubes, glass vials or plates. Variable speed from 4-24 rpm's Low profile and small footprint minimizes bench space Extremely quiet Provides gentle, continuous mixing of specimens Accommodates…

  • Impellers & Shafts for Caframo Overhead Stirrers


    Thomas No. 1177M38 Impeller. Mixer. Blade. Crossed Blade. Radial Flow. High Speed. Low Viscosity. 316L SS. Electropolished. High Shear. High Vortexing. Thomas No. 1177M39 This radial flow impeller is effective for high speed, low viscosity mixing. The 50 mm (2”) diameter…

  • Stir-Pak® Dual-Shaft Mixers


    …changing viscosity requirements Use for either high-speed or high-torque mixing Solid-state controller for precise speed control Two motor axles give you two mixers in one! The direct-drive axle provides high-speed, low-viscosity mixing; switch to the gear-reduction axle for your …

  • Petite Digital Overhead Stirrer, Model BDC250


    …control Purchased as a complete package Benefits High efficiency/less heat Easy to use and repeatable settings Precise speed adjustment Everything you need for the classroom or lab bench I ncludes integral clamp, collet, mixing shaft, axial and radial mixing…

  • Talboys Overhead Mixer, Model 107 & 107SC


    … An economical mixer with a fixed speed of 1600rpm Utilizes an on/off switch Ideal for batch mixing Model 107SC Table mounted Basic Speed Control The speed control is remotely attached by a 42" (107cm) cord Offers a variable speed option Useful for working…

  • Denville BioRockers™, Elastic tie-downs, pkg. of 4


    …incubator use Compact size, low profile Double platform models expand usable space The Denville BioRockers™ are "workhorse" rocking platforms that have been designed for long life and trouble-free service in continuous duty. Rocker speed is adjustable to provide…

  • Stirrer, Single Shaft


    Ideal for high speed dispersion up to 7500rpm Direct drive Continuous duty Compact design for low torque, high speed mixing. Perfect units for low viscosity mixing. Each is configured with different speed control options. Mixers include collet chuck and 8" (20.3cm) mounting rod…

  • BioRotator-6 Mixer


    …The BioRotator operates at low voltages and easily fits in a laboratory incubator or refrigerator. It can also be used in the field. All accessories snap on using novel fastener strips. Features Powerful gear motor powered by a remote, low voltage speed control (provided) Small footprint…

  • Stir-Pak® Heavy-Duty Mixers


    …at higher speeds and with longer shaft lengths. Solid-State Speed Controller Controller offers precise speed control with a 100:1 adjustment range. A separate “forward/off/reverse” switch works independently from the speed control dial—allowing you to repeat mixer speed

  • Servodyne™ Electronic Mixers


    …complete with speed controller, mixer head, shaft, propeller, clamp, and stand. Note: High-torque models include keyless chuck. Low-torque models include collet. Mixer Heads Optical shaft encoder relays the exact motor rotation speed data to the electronic mixer controller. Adjustable-tilt…

  • Orbi-Shaker™ XL Shakers


    …flasks or nine 1L flasks simultaneously. The included, non-slip rubber mat platform is ideal for low speed applications, while the convenient MAGic Clamp™ platform is also available for high speed mixing of Erlenmeyer flasks, tube racks or microplates. The MAGic Clamp™ allows for instant…

  • Talboys Overhead Mixers, Model 104 & 104X


    mixer without speed control Outfitted with an on/off switch Speeds of 7500 or 750rpm (Model 104A, 104X) The 104 models are medium duty, multi-purpose mixers that offer more power. All of these units offer two mixing shafts for versatility. The high speed drive shaft mixes emulsions. The low

  • Thermo Scientific LP Vortex Mixer

    Thermo Scientific

    Increase your lab’s efficiency with our low profile vortex mixer which features the simply choice of using either pulse or continuous mode. Speed control of 0-300RPM, overload safety feature and a wide variety of accessories to accommodate various size tubes or a microplate in continuous mode.…

  • VX-200 Vortex Mixer


    …variable speed makes the Vortex Mixer VX-200 useful for a variety of applications, from gentle mixing to resuspending pellets. The unit has a circular orbit, rather than the elliptical orbit found on many other vortexers. This allows a vortexing motion to be achieved even at low speeds, a task that…

  • PV-1 Personal Vortex Mixer

    Grant Instruments

    Extremely compact personal vortex mixer with a low profile and small footprint for gentle mixing through to vigorous re-suspension of cell or chemical pellets in up to 50 ml tubes. Adjustable speed control: 750 to 3000 rpm ‘Continuous’ or ‘touch’ operation For…

  • Variable Speed Mini Orbitron™ Mixer


    Provides gentle, continuous mixing of specimens Extremely quiet Reverse action the touch of the wrist Low profile and small footprint minimizes bench space Accommodates a variety of blood tubes, centrifuge tubes, glass vials, or plates Includes two white mats, one dimpled and one flat…

  • Digital Pulse Mixer


    … Digital pulse mixer can perform high or low speed vortexing/mixing for a variety of applications. Unit can accommodate a wide range of glassware, racks, well plates or reactor blocks to produce accurate, repeatable results. Microprocessor-based control technology allows for display of speed,

  • SA8 Vortex Mixer

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    Variable speed control between 200 and 2500 rpm Intermittent or continuous mode Stable low profile body Robust die-cast construction Mixing speed can be selected from 200rpm for very gentle mixing to 2500rpm for vigorous agitation. Choose between `touch' on mode and continuous…

  • V-32 Multi Vortex Mixer

    Grant Instruments

    Versatile multi vortex mixer for vigorous re-suspension of cell or chemical pellets in tubes up to 1.5 ml, with the facility to mix individual tubes up to 15 ml. Adjustable speed control: 500 to 3000 rpm ‘Continuous’ or ‘touch/quick’ operation Handles up to…

  • Fixed Speed Vortex Mixer, SA7

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    These laboratory vortex mixers allows scientists to control the mixing speed by selecting from 200rpm for more gentle mixing to 2500rpm for vigorous agitation. Choose between `touch' on mode and continuous operation simply by pressing a button on the facia. Robust die-cast body avoids…

  • Model 6360 Hotplate Shaker


    …Variable speed between 20 to 240 ocs / min 20 lb wieght capacity at maximum speed or 40 lbs at low speed Digital count down timer Digital tachometer The Hotplate Shaker #6360 is powered by a 1/30 hp Bodine DC motor which drives the platform through a filtered SCR controller. The speed is…

  • Model 5650 Benchtop Reciprocal Shaker


    …osc/min. Yet, at a given setting the speed is constant and is not affected by normal line voltage fluctuations. The horizontal stroke is adjustable at 1” or 1-1/2”. ( factory set at 1”). Model 5650 will shake a load of 40 lbs at low speed and 20 lbs at maximum. Its bench top…

  • Mini-100 Orbital-Genie Shakers

    Scientific Industries

    Low profile, compact footprint, variable speed Orbital shaker with non-slip platform, chemical resistant, with spill-proof edges. Ideal for gentle shaking applications up to 100RPM. No additional accessories required, stacking trays available. Ideal for Western Blot applications and more. …

  • Talboys Advanced (Digital) Mini Shaker


    …directly onto the tray. Operating Features: Low Profile Design: Takes up less space and easily fits into most incubators. Cast aluminum base offers durability and added stability. Microprocessor Control: The variable speed microprocessor control provides consistent uniform…

  • Vortex-Genie 1, 2, 2T, Digital 2 and ABI Digital 2 Shakers

    Scientific Industries

    …and incubators Made in the USA DIGITAL VORTEX-GENIE® 2 MIXER FOR APPLIED BIOSYSTEMS Digital Control and Display of Speed & Time This is a specially configured Digital Vortex-Genie 2 Mixer for Applied Biosystems Microplate Protocols ONLY. Includes specially designed…

  • BenchRocker™ 2D Rockers


    …mixed, yielding optimum results. The rocking speed and tilt angle are easily adjustable. At low speeds and minimal tilt angles, the BenchRocker 2D provides a gentle wave effect for non-foaming mixing for blot washing and gel work. Variable speed from 2-30 rpm; variable angle from 0° to 30°.

  • BenchBlotter™ 2D Rockers


    …with ideal rocking speed (12 rpm) and tilt angle for blot washing, gel staining/destaining and hybridization applications. Available with an optional dual platform accessory, the BenchBlotter™ offers a sizeable work space, while maintaining a compact footprint and low profile design. Platform…

  • PCV Series Centrifuge/Vortexer Combination

    Grant Instruments

    PCV-2400 Combi-spin™ combined centrifuge/vortex mixer Cost-effective, fixed-speed, combined mini centrifuge/vortex mixer for combined or independent centrifuge and mixing applications of microtubes and 0.2 ml microtube strips in low volume applications. Tubes are loaded into the…

  • BenchBlotter Accessories


    …optimized with ideal rocking speed and tilt angle for blot washing, gel staining/destaining and hybridization applications. Available with an optional dual platform accessory, the BenchBlotter™ offers a sizeable work space, while maintaining a compact footprint and low profile design. …

  • Incu-Shaker™ CO2 Mini


    …a consistent 19mm orbit. The included platform (9.5 x 11.5 in.) can be used for low speed shaking of a variety of laboratory vessels, including Erlenmeyer flasks, culture plates and media bottles. For high speed mixing, a patented MAGic Clamp platform is available that allows for magnetic attachment…

  • Genie Shaker Accessories

    Scientific Industries

    …stirring at low speeds. Can only be used with SI-16xx or SI-17xx. Microplate Adaptor for Applied Biosystems Specified attachment for Applied Biosystems Microplate Protocols. Holds your Applied Biosystems' microplate in place on any of the Vortex-Genie 2 family of mixers. Replacement…

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