Litmus Test Strips

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Litmus Test Strips
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  • Advantec MFS

    Litmus Paper provides a general detection for whether a solution is acidic (blue) or alkaline (red). Dip the indicator test strip in solution. A color change is confirmation. Please Note: ALL Advantec items have a maximum 48 hour cancellation window. Any cancellations AFTER the 48 hour window…

  • Micro Essential

    …Essential® Hydrion™ Wide Range pH Paper Strips provide the convenience of precut paper strips and a cost comparable to two vials of old style litmus paper making them perfect for classroom use. The practical pH range of 1.0-11.0 is tested matching the included color chart with sharp color…

  • quick-ship

    Micro Essential

    pH test strips for a wide pH range: 2.0 to 10.0. Convenient precut 2 inch x 7/32 inch paper strips Includes color chart with sharp color changes for each full pH unit Packaged in plastic vials with a polyethylene stopper Cost comparable to two vials of old style litmus paper …

  • …and red litmus paper and phenophthalein strips are mixed-indicator tests designed for fast, accurate, and reliable pH solution testing. Instant pH readings Mixed-indicator Accurate for a wide range of routine pH testing Convenient and portable for field use Choice of blue and red litmus paper…

  • test a dilute acid and dilute base with neutral litmus paper to learn how pH strips indicate if something is acidic or basic. Then, they will test common items that could be found around their household to determine if they are acids or bases. Extra litmus paper is included if students want to test

  • …HCl) 25mL Dilute Base (0.1M NaOH) 25mL 0.5% Litmus 25mL 0.02% Methyl Red 25mL 0.5% Bromothymol Blue 25mL 1.0% Phenolphthalein 25mL Vinegar 25mL Household Ammonia 25mL Soap Solution 25mL Filtered Water 25mL Vitamin C Solution 2 Wide-range pH test strips, pkg/50 25mL Unknown Solution #1 (Water) 25mL…

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