Liquid Alkaline Detergent

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Liquid Alkaline Detergent
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  • Luminox® Biodegradable Cleaning Compound


    …washers Non-corrosive and safe to handle Luminox can be used to clean soft metal surfaces, medical instruments in aluminum trays, alkaline sensitive lab and glassware, pharmaceutical process equipment, medical devices and electronic components. It removes oils, dirt, grime, adhesives,…

  • Lipsol® Liquid Detergent, 5 Liter


    …generation of laboratory detergent.  Lipsol is a non-corrosive, fully biodegradable liquid concentrate suitable for use with all types of laboratory glassware, ceramics, plastics, rubber, stainless steel and ferrous metals. Lipsol is a highly alkaline mixture of detergent, surfactant and…

  • Contrad Nf Liquid Cleanser

    …vital. May create a mild saponification when used in protein removal. Use 1 oz. per gallon of hot or cold water. WARNING: Contrad NF liquid is highly alkaline and must be handled and used with care. Always wear hand, face, eye and clothing protection. Severe eye irritant. Treat as caustic burns.

  • HARLECO® Multi-Terge Detergent


    Formula: N/A Formula Weight: N/A Description: General Product Use: Biodegradable, non-ionic detergent and radioactive decontaminant. Phosphate-free, concentrated, alkaline solution for the removal of stubborn residues or contaminants. Liquid concentrate.

  • Contrex® AL

    Decon Labs

    …concentrated alkaline liquid detergent. It removes virtually any contaminant including grease, oils, blood, tissue, particulates, deposits, chemicals and solvents. Contrex AL works by soaking, scrubbing, or in ultrasonic cleaning baths. Contrex AL is totally rinsable eliminating detergent build-up…

  • Extran® AP17 Liquid, Alkaline Concentrate


    pH: 13 (H2O, 20°C) Density: 1.294 g/cm3 (20°C)

  • Concentrated Cleaning Chemistries for use in Ultrasonic Cleaners


    …and the luster of rings and watchbands is renewed. OC - Optical Cleaner Branson OC Optical Cleaner Concentrate is an alkaline, non-toaming, liquid detergent formulated for the optical, glass and lens manufacturing industry. It removes general soils, fingerprints, cerium oxide,…

  • DNA Away


    …pipettors and surfaces of unwanted DNA Ready-to-use Non-hazardous formula Precisely formulated and optimized alkaline detergent Available in liquid or individually wrapped wipes Ideal for use in DNA synthesis labs and labs performing PCR work. Reduces problem of false…

  • Mucasol® Laboratory Detergent


    …excellent alternative to chromosulfuric acid, Mucasol® laboratory detergent is an alkaline, high-performance liquid concentrate for wiping down lab surfaces and cleaning labware in immersion and ultrasonic baths. Mucasol lab detergent features a formula that is gentle to the skin, non-toxic, …

  • Detojet® Biodegradable Cleaning Compound


    Used to remove soil, grit, slime, grease, blood, tars, resins, etc. Low-foaming, heavy-duty liquid detergent for high performance results in machine washers Highly alkaline pH (13) Soluble in hot or cold, hard or soft water. Free rinsing gives you reliable results and no interfering residues.

  • Neutralizing Acid Rinse


    Specially formulated for Labconco SteamScrubbers® and FlaskScrubbers® Rinses completely Rinse alters the pH of wash water to reduce alkaline detergent carry over. It removes hard water residue, including mineral deposits, accumulated salts and lime scale that can cloud glassware.

  • Chem-Solv Cleaning Compound

    Avantor - Macron Fine Chemicals™

    Ideal for Trace Metal Analysis work Heavy-duty liquid alkaline cleaner concentrate Effectively removes silicone greases, dried blood and other organic residues Cleans volumetric glassware without scrubbing For dilution to 2.5% solution For difficult cleaning problems. Suitable for…

  • Wide Orifice Graduated Pipettes


    …breakage. Blue graduations, ring mark and inscriptions. Ideal for pipetting or sampling small volumes of viscous liquid. Use with pipettor. Recommended cleaning with mild alkaline detergent up to 60°C. Note: Exposure to temperatures above 60°C may cause volume changes. Product…

  • Vesphene IIse One Step Disinfectant


    …an alkaline use-dilution pH of 10.4-10.6, they are ideal for use in a disinfectant rotation program with the LpH® acidic family of products. HOW VESPHENE IISE ONE STEP GERMICIDAL DETERGENT WORKS STERIS' Vesphene IIse One Step Germicidal Detergent is a liquid

  • Detergent 8® Biodegradable Cleaning Compound


    …electronic parts and printed circuit boards Suitable for machine washing or ultrasonic cleaners Rinses easily and quickly Low-sudsing, alkaline, liquid detergent concentrate for removal of oils, resins, rosins, fluxes and other difficult soils. Usual dilution of 6 1/2 oz. to 1 gallon water gives…

  • extran® Laboratory Detergents for Manual Washing


    …rubber equipment and apparatus. Dose: 10–200mL per liter. pH of 1% solution: 10.1. extran® MA 01 Liquid Detergent is a multi-pupose detergent for cleaning heavily contaminated items. Alkaline solution combines with phosphate-based compounds to clean heavily soiled equipment and apparatus.…

  • 1-Stroke Environ Disinfectant


    alkaline disinfectant; non-sterile concentrate; effective against many animal pathogens STERIS' 1-Stroke Environ® Germicidal Detergent is an alkaline phenolic germicidal detergent designed for the animal health and agribusiness markets. 1-Stroke Environ Germicidal Detergent is…

  • Extran® MA05 liquid, alkaline, phosphate-free concentrate


    pH: 13 (H2O, 20°C) Density: 1.056 g/cm3 (20°C)

  • Extran® AP17 Liquid, Alkaline Concentrate


    UN No.: 1824 pH: 13 (H2O, 20°C) Density: 1.294 g/cm3 (20°C) Ignition Point: 13 (H2O, 20°C)

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