Linear Pipette Stand

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Linear Pipette Stand
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  • Linear Pipettor Stand Micropette


    Linear stand for MicroPette Pipettes, 5 position

  • Universal Linear Rack for 6 Pipettors


    For Denville XL3000i, Pipetman®, Labpette, and others

  • Linear Stand

    Sartorius Products (Biohitfamily)

    Linear stand for all Sartorius pipettes Compatible also with other pipette makes When the pipette is not in use, it should be stored in an upright position in order to avoid contamination from desks and benches. Linear Stand is designed for all Sartorius mechanical and electronic…

  • mLINE® Pipette Multipacks


    Linear Stand LH-725662 mLINE® Pipette 3-pack 20 Includes: mLINE® pipettes 2-20 µl, 20-200 µl, 100-1000 µl; Sartorius Optifit Tip tray box 0.5-200 µl, 10-1000 µl; and Linear Stand LH-725663 mLINE® Pipette 4-pack Includes: mLINE® pipettes

  • Universal Linear Rack for Lambda™ Plus Single- and Multi-Channel Pipettors


    This stand is designed to hold six Corning® Lambda™ plus single-channel pipettors, maximum of four 8-channel or 12-channel pipettors.

  • Labnet Excel Electronic Pipetters


    …last for 2000 pipetting cycles. To ensure that a fresh battery is always available, a stand alone charger and extra batteries are available. Also available is a 3 position linear stand for up to three single or multichannel pipettes and a carousel stand for up to six single or multichannel pipettes.

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