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Lens Cleaner
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  • Lens Cleaner

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    An anti-fog and anti-static lens cleaner, with action up to 7 days. It is safe for glass and plastic lenses.

  • Microscope Lens Cleaner

    Hardy Diagnostics

    A safe and effective microscope lens cleaning solution in a dropper bottle. Gentle on optics, leaves no residue.

  • …drop per lens is effective! Polyethylene bottle features turret-type dispensing of a single drop or stream Bottle size: 59ml (2oz) Dimensions: 35mm (1-3/8") diameter x 100mm (4") tall 2 per bag Keep lens cleaner handy in your pocket, bag or purse. Lens cleaner is sold…

  • Optical Lens Cleaner is excellent for removing oil and smudges from objectives or any optical surface.  It gently cleans and will not affect a coated optic or soften the mounting that holds the objective in place.  This lens cleaner is laboratory-safe and non-flammable.  Regular…

  • Lens Paper Books


    Economical lens papers in book form Soft and free of impurities Does not easily collect dust or become greasy and harsh 100 x 150 mm; 50 sheets, per book (10 books per pack), total 500 units

  • Soft, lintless paper, free from impurities Non-abrasive; safe for coated lenses Suitable for cleaning optical instruments Size: 5” x 7”; box contains 2,000 papers

  • …tissues in a durable and convenient dispenser box Unfolded tissues measure 5" x 8" Reduces fogging Non-silicone based, anti-static tissues treated with special surfactants to clean all glass and plastic lenses. Ideal for computer screens. Compact box measures 9" x 5.38" x 2.38".

  • Lens Cleaning Fluid

    Bausch & Lomb

    …These lens cleaning fluid refills feature special surfactants to clean even the most stubborn dirt and grease residue. Choose silicone or non-silicone; these refill products are for use with all wet lens cleaning stations. Lens cleaning fluids are suitable for all glass or plastic lenses.

  • Lens Maintenance Products

    Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment

    A few seconds without safety eyewear, removed to wipe off fog or dirt, can lead to serious injury. That’s why investment in comfortable, stylish, proper fitting eyewear is so important. Protect your eyes and your investment with new and improved lens maintenance products from Honeywell Uvex

  • Kimtech Science* Lens Cleaning Station

    Kimberly-Clark Professional

    Kimtech™ Science Lens Cleaning Station offers you an all-in-one kit for cleaning safety glasses conveniently and efficiently. Each box includes dry Kimwipes delicate task 1-ply wipers and a spray bottle containing cleaning solution. The cleaning solution is anti-static, anti-fog, and…

  • Both fluids are suitable for all glass or plastic lenses.

  • Lens Care Products And Accessories

    Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment

    … Uvex Clear® Towelettes are handy pocket size pre-moistened lens cleaning towelettes. Dispenser box holds 100 towelettes. Anti-fog Revitalizer™ Spray rejuvenates anti-fog coated polycarbonate lenses that have lost some of their anti-fog resistant properties due to repeated…

  • lenses Created for extreme temperatures; performs well in extreme hot or cold For use on safety glasses, face shields, goggles, and prescription glasses Durable corrugated stations resist moisture FogShield XP Lens Cleaning Station Contains 12 oz silicone anti-fog lens

  • Dispenses 760 (4.75" x 5") tissues Can be affixed with screws and/or adhesive fastener Available with 8-oz. silicone or non-silicone anti-fog lens cleaning fluid Recyclable stations measure 11.5" x 5.38" x 3"

  • … Frontal access for easy hanging in tight spaces and counter-top dispensing Durable cardboard lens cleaning stations are available with 16-oz. silicone or non-silicone, anti-fog lens cleaning fluid. Stations measure 7.5" x 5.25" x 10" and are ideal for areas with limited…

  • …original brilliance with this free-rinsing solution. OPTICS: The Model B200 can also be used with Branson's Optical Cleaner for cleaning of contact lenses, eyeglasses, and other optical components. Effective for the removal of handling soils such as fingerprints and dust, it will…

  • …the demands of institutional, janitorial, automotive, and industrial applications. With SCRUBS® CLEAR REFLECTIONS® Glass Cleaner Wipes, all that’s left behind is the shine. Safe To Use On: Mirror, Windows, Windshields,  Display Cases, Tinted Glass,  Monitors, And Even Fine Lenses!

  • …and MRSA. Clorox Healthcare™ Bleach Germicidal Cleaner is premixed, ready to use and is similar to the 1:10 bleach solution strength that is recommended by CDC guidelines for effective disinfecting. Clorox Healthcare™ Bleach Germicidal Cleaner contains an anticorrosive ingredient that makes it…

  • Ultrasonic Cleaners

    Sper Scientific

    Ultrasonic Cleaners are designed to remove grease, dust or other contaminants from surfaces and cavities of small objects, parts and samples such as cuvettes, lenses, glassware, stainless steel instruments, metals and more. Simply place objects directly into the stainless steel tank or into a…

  • …OC - Optical Cleaner Branson OC Optical Cleaner Concentrate is an alkaline, non-toaming, liquid detergent formulated for the optical, glass and lens manufacturing industry. It removes general soils, fingerprints, cerium oxide, pitch, and blocking waxes from optical lenses. It is very…

  • …Dry wipes are available. User can add any solution. Perfect for cleaning optical parts, fragile glassware, electrodes, cuvettes, microscopes or lenses. Instantly clean metal, plastic, glass, rubber and epoxies. May be used for cleaning electronics and probes. Designed for all applications in…

  • … Applications Recommended for use in ISO Class 5 Cleanroom applications Designed for cleaning delicate optical products such as lenses and mirrors Ideal for application of and cleaning with solvents Good for solvent spills and clean up in Cleanroom environment Use for product…

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