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Large Hot Plate
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  • 2200 Series Aluminum Top Hotplates

    Thermo Scientific

    …requiring precise temperature stability, including acid base digestion, sample drying, general reagent heating, heating TLC plates, and evaporations Large, aluminum heating surface, thermostatic temperature controls for outstanding temperature uniformity and stability  …

  • AccuPlate™ Hotplates, Stirrers and Hotplate Stirrers


    Labnet’s AccuPlate™ digital hot plates and stirrers are versatile, powerful and easy to use. Every unit is built for consistent performance and long term reliability. With three models to choose from, there is an AccuPlate™ hot plate and stirrer to meet your lab’s needs. …

  • Digital Hotplates, Stirrers and Hotplate Stirrers

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Large , backlit LCD display Ceramic work surface, 6.5 x 6.5 in. Safety LED indicates hot surface Three models: heat-stir, heat only or stir only labForce hotplates, stirrers and hotplate-stirrers feature an exceptionally durable, aluminum material with a chemical resistant, white…

  • PC-200 Series Hot Plates


    …allows you to attach a standard retort rod to unit for a thermometer, electrode, buret, etc. Hot Top Indicator light warns when the top is too hot to touch (140°F). Extra large knobs feature large, easy-to-read numbers and provide better control. Models PC-400/600 include socket for an external…

  • Analogue Hot Plate Stirrer, 30x30cm

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …of robust aluminum or chemically resistant Flashing "Hot" warning light to warn when top plate is Independent safety circuit to protect against overheating Powerful stirring action Ideal for handling large vessels   Stylish and economical, general purpose…

  • Large External-Controlled Hotplates


    Uniform heating of large volumes and multiple vessels  External controller operates outside fume hoods  Robust design for safety; large capacity with excellent temperature stability  Porcelain-coated, stainless-steel top and case offer chemical and stain…

  • Analogue Hot Plate, 30x30cm

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …of top plate material Large square plate area ideal for heating one large vessel or several smaller ones Accommodates vessels up to 10 litre capacity Hotplate temperature controlled by easy to use dial. Fitted with a "Hot" warning light which will flash whenever the plate temperature…

  • Silicone Lab Mats

    Heathrow Scientific

    …dampening, reducing sound from the vibration of common benchtop equipment. The lab mat can be used with items such as centrifuges, vortex mixers, hot plates, stirrers, pipettes and so much more. When using the mat with magnetic stirrers, there is a designated area with internal metal inserts to keep…

  • Hot Plate Stirrer, Infra Red

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    Very efficient heating saving time and energy Powerful magnetic stirring "Hot" warning light for user safety Chemically resistant ceramic top Using a very efficient infra red heater of just 900W this stirrer unit will boil 1 litre of water over 30% faster than a…

  • Infra Red Hot Plate

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    … Chemically resistant ceramic top "Hot" warning light for user safety Using a very efficient infra red heater of just 900W power this hotplate will boil 1 litre of water over 30% faster than a conventional ceramic hotplate of 1200W. Ideal for heating large volumes of liquid.

  • Hotplates, Stirrers and Hotplate Stirrers


    Large Work Surface, 7.5 x 7.5 in. Space Saving Design, 8 x 9 in. Footprint Chemical Resistant White Ceramic Top Plate Safety LEDs Indicate When Heating or Stirring Quick and Easy Adjustment of Heating / Mixing Benchmark hotplates, stirrers and hotplate-stirrers feature an…

  • Incu-Shaker™ Mini Shaking Incubators


    …programs The Incu-Shaker™ Mini is the most compact shaking incubator in its class. Despite the remarkably small footprint, a large 11.5 x 9.5 in. work space accepts several platforms for use with a variety of flasks, tubes and other common vessels. The standard platform…

  • Incu-Shaker™ 10L Shaking Incubators


    …racks. The unique, magnetic attachment method (PATENTED) is the easiest way to instantly change between flask clamps of different sizes. Large 18 x 18", up to 5 x 2L TOUCH screen control over time, speed and temperature Exceptional temperature uniformity Incu-Shaker 10LR…

  • Stirrers UC151 and US151

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    …stirring speeds up to 2000rpm and is capable of mixing large volumes (up to 15 litres *). The compact shape of the magnetic stirrer takes up less bench space and makes storage easier. Thomas No. 1201U29 has a robust stainless steel top plate that does not produce eddy currents like aluminum…

  • SB301 Analogue Stirrer

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    Large and powerful stirrer for use with vessels up to 30 liter capacity. Powerful magnetic drive with electronic feed-back speed control which accurately maintains the set speed. Supplied complete with 1 x 100mm PTFE coated stir bar. Robust construction with stainless steel top Powerful…

  • Stuart Stirring Hot Plates

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    …use by scientific professionals and students, the Stuart stirring hot plates offer precise temperature control and stirring speed of your samples. Powerful magnets provide stirring speeds of up to 1400 rpm and the ability to mix large volumes up to 15 L. The simple body design allows spillages to be…

  • Scholar PC-170 Hot Plate


    Heat transfer up to 360 °C White enameled steel top plate Compact 5” x 5” size Dual heat shields for safety Economically priced Dual heat shields dissipate heat and keep the case cool to the touch. Control knob has off function, extra-large numbers and is infinitely adjustable…

  • Hotplate with Stirrer, UC152 and US152

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    …temperature. The "Hot" warning light will flash whenever the plate temperature is above 50°C even when the hotplate is turned off and unplugged from the mains. Powerful magnets and motor give stirring speeds up to 2000rpm and is capable of mixing large volumes (up to 15 litres…

  • Stuart Magnetic Analog Stirrers

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    Hot surface warning light flashes when plate temperature is above 50°C Capable of mixing large volumes, up to 15 L Three color choices: blue, white, and black Powerful magnets provide these analog stirrers with precision stirring speeds of up to 1400 rpm and the ability to mix large

  • Stuart Premium Digital Stirring Hot Plates

    Stuart (Cole-Parmer)

    …use by scientific professionals and students, the Stuart stirring hot plates offer precise temperature control and stirring speed of your samples. Powerful magnets provide stirring speeds of up to 1400 rpm and the ability to mix large volumes up to 15 L. The simple body design allows spillages to be…

  • myBath Series Water Baths


    … Easy to use controls allow the user to digitaly select and monitor settings. Adjustable in 0.1ºC increments, the temperature is shown on a large, 3-digit display. The proprietary Quik-CAL™ feature allows for simple, in-lab calibration.* High efficiency insulation maintains temperature…

  • Digital Hotplate with Magnetic Stirrers

    Walter Products

    …chemical-resistant ceramic surface. It can be set to a range of temperatures, from room temperature to 380°C. It’s small footprint makes it ideal for use in a laboratory where free space can be a commodity. The LCD display is large and easy to read. Includes 2 small magnetic stir bars.

  • Exhaust Systems/Accessories for Muffle Furnaces


    Select between different bottom plates and collecting pans for protection of the furnace and easy loading (for models L, LT, LE, LV and LVT). Heat-resistant gloves for protection of the operator when loading or removing hot materials, resistant to 650°C or 700°C. Various tongs for easy…

  • POWERMITE™ proportional on/off type-1,000W capacity heat control 3A


    …12 in. cord, and a 4 ft, 3-wire power cord with U.S. plug. Used to control THERMOWELL heating mantles or other resistive heating circuits (hot plates, heat tapes, water baths, etc.). Available in solid-state or proportional on/off models. All models are fused (without circuit breakers). Each…

  • Corning® 4 x 5 Inch Top PC-200 Hot Plate, 100V/60Hz


    These Corning® hot plates have a durable glass-ceramic Pyroceram® 4 x 5 inch top and offer superior performance and reliability in a low profile, space-saving design. They operate on 100V/60Hz to meet needs in Japan and other locations with similar requirements. -Easy-to-read numbers simplify…

  • Sublimation Apparatus, 150mL


    Two-piece grease-free sublimer with a flat bottom to enable heating on a hot plate stirrer. Condenser has a large top opening for use with dry ice / acetone or liquid nitrogen. Connection between the flask and condenser is made with a flat o-ring joint permitting parts to be gently separated for…

  • MiniMag™ Mini Magnetic Stirrers


    …the 3.4 inch square work surface accepts a wide variety of beakers, flasks, bottles and other laboratory vessels for stirring volumes as large as 1.5 liters. The stirring speed is continuously adjustable from 100 to 1500rpm. For temperature sensitive samples, the MiniMag is incubator…

  • isoBlock™ Digital Dry Baths


    …a dividing wal, when the lid is closed this dividing wall acts as a barrie, preventing air transfer between chambers. The control panel features large digital displays of both time and temperature. At any point, either setting of a block can be adjusted, without affecting the setting of the other…

  • Detection of the Influenza Virus Kit


    …electrophoresis apparatus, D.C. power supply, automatic micropipets and tips, balance, microwave or hot plate, pipet pump, 250 ml flasks or beakers, hot gloves, safety goggles and gloves, small plastic trays or large weigh boats, DNA visualization system (white light), distilled or deionized water

  • MultiGene™ Gradient Thermal Cycler, Compression mat, silicone, pack of 10


    …with a large LCD display and graphical representation of the program steps. The software allows for a variety of programming features, such as increased or decreased time during successive cycles, i.e. “touchdown” applications. The heated lid automatically adjusts to tube or plate height…

  • Emperor Penguin Dual Gel Electrophoresis Systems

    Owl Separation Systems

    …internal cooling core, lower buffer chamber, SuperSafe™ lid with attached power supply leads, four blank glass plates, two notched glass plates, two notched alumina plates, combs (P8DS and P8D9 have two combs: 10 well, 0.8 mm thick; P10DS have four combs: two 1-well and two 20-well, 1.5 mm…

  • MultiGene™ OptiMax Thermal Cycler


    …performance at an affordable price. This simple to program unit is compact in design and built to perform. Programming is intuitive with the large display and multiple pre-programmed templates supplied with unit. The OptiMax comes with standard built in 2-step, temperature optimization,…

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