Lal Reagent Water

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Lal Reagent Water
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  • HyClone™ Cell Culture Grade Water

    GE Healthcare

    …of volumes for both research and manufacturing processes. Quality: Endotoxin-free; contains no detectable gram-negative bacteria Meets < 0.005 EU/mL endotoxin by turbidimetric assay Applications: Media preparation Buffer preparation LAL reagent testing

  • Endotoxin-Free Water

    Quality Biological

    …Endotoxin-Free Water. Eliminate the risk of toxic activity produced by bacteria that can interfere with cell structure and function. Mycoplasma tested DNase, RNase and protease tested Endotoxin < 0.005 EU/mL Applications Ideal for preparing solutions and reagents for…

  • Water - Cell Culture Grade

    IBI Scientific

    …Free Water is prepared for nuclear transfer, transfection, transformation, cell and tissue culture, LAL testing, and all other aqueous solution preparations that require stringent quality control. IBI Cell Culture Grade Water is tested for use in critical assays and applications. The water is…

  • ROCHE Insulin, human, recombinant (yeast)


    water (final concentration: 10 mg/ml). Storage conditions (working solution): -15 to -25 °C The reconstituted, undiluted solution is stable at -15 to -25 °C. Note: Avoid repeated freezing and thawing. Reconstitution: Reconstitute in sterile double-distilled water (final…

  • ROCHE Interferon-y, human (hIFN-y), recombinant (E. coli)


    …(HSA) (w/v), filtered through a 0.2μm pore size membrane. Preparation Note: Working solution: Solvent is recommended in double-distilled water. Storage conditions (working solution): Stability in culture: Activity is present for at least 18 hours in culture medium. Sequence: Chain…

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