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Laboratory Tray
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  • Band-It™ Mini Electrophoresis System

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    Trays and casting stands for both 10.5 x 6cm and 5 x 6cm gels are included with the Band-It Mini system, as are double-sided combs. The smaller tooth combs are compatible with multichannel pipettes. Casting is quick and easy – just place the tray in the casting stand and pour. The trays

  • Polypropylene Laboratory Tray

    United Scientific Supplies

    Multipurpose Polypropylene molded trays can be used for sterilizing, drying glassware, porcelain ware, and other laboratory supplies. These steam autoclavable trays have tapered walls designed for nesting.

  • Tray, High Impact


    Useful for the transport and benchtop storage of vials, bottles, containers, instruments and various laboratory accessories. Made of food grade high impact polystyrene. Very durable.

  • Laboratory Trays


    The laboratory trays are practical all-purpose trays that can be nested when empty, also durable, shatterproof and resist flexing. The trays have a strong, rounded rim. Suitable as a spill trough for environmentally dangerous, aggressive substances, for experiments, as an etching tray, as an…

  • Spill Containment Trays

    Scientific Plastics

    Protect the bottom of your laboratory cabinets with these containment trays. These trays are commonly manufactured with a 2" containment lip in case of spills. Laboratory spill trays are a minimum 3/16” thick, one piece stress free, virgin polyethylene with smooth interior walls…

  • Secondary Containment Trays

    Scientific Plastics

    …should be a part of every lab Chemical Hygiene Program. Laboratory spill trays are a minimum 3/16” thick, one piece stress free, virgin polyethylene with smooth interior walls and coved corners for easy cleaning. Trays conform to ASTM #1412 for corrosion resistance, and provide…

  • Large Laboratory Trays

    United Scientific Supplies

    Large polypropylene molded laboratory tray is steam autoclavable and can be used for sterilizing and drying labware. The 5" depth makes this tray ideal for storage of labware.

  • Antistatic Weighing Dishes


    …the laboratory. Flat bottoms ensures perfect stability on counters. They have a smooth surface providing accurate pour-outs with minimal sample loss and facilitating weighing of static-affected samples. Simport dishes can also be used as quick freeze trays for sample material, discard trays for…

  • Multipurpose Polypropylene Trays

    Bel-Art Products

    These large capacity, rugged polypropylene plastic trays have multiple uses around the laboratory. Substantial depth and 8.5 liter (9 quart) volume makes them useful for holding a large quantity of samples in a water bath or on ice Ideal for holding instruments while autoclaving; steam…

  • Refrig/Arranger® Storage Trays

    Spectrum Med

    …ideal way to conserve valuable space in laboratory refrigerators and freezers as well as organize laboratory bench tops and cabinets. Made of high-impact polystyrene, Refrig/Arranger products are also well suited for freezer storage (-90°C). Refrig/Arranger Trays and Stackers are designed to easily…

  • Whatman FTA Gene Cards

    GE Healthcare

    …is stable for years at room temperature. FTA Cards are stored at room temperature before and after sample application, reducing the need for laboratory freezers. Suitable for virtually any cell type. Indicating FTA Cards change color upon sample application to facilitate handling of colorless…

  • StayTemp™ Equipment Tray

    Lab Armor

    StayTemp™ Equipment trays are an exciting new upgrade that keeps samples and reagents in your refrigerator, incubator, and laboratory ovens at temperature despite normal hourly fluctuations in air temperature. You no longer have to worry about how many times the doors were opened or whether or…

  • Droplet™ Sample Storage Tray


    …be used for storage or transportation of laboratory products Stackable with other trays to support as many as four high Integrated label holder and cards to enable easily changed identification Able to be cleaned with common disinfectants and germicides Tray dimensions 480 x 331 x 84mm

  • Protector Acid Storage Cabinets and Shelf Kits


    …Cabinets include an epoxy-coated steel shelf, acid-resistant PVC tray and mounting hardware. Labconco XPress Laboratory Equipment Thomas numbers 5165T12, 5165T14, and 5165T16 are part of Labconco's XPress Laboratory Equipment Program. These items are in stock at Labconco for quick…

  • Drawer Organizers


    Keeps supplies organized and easily accessible Protect fragile items such as glassware. Polystyrene organizers are perfect for storing and organizing small laboratory supplies. Fit in standard drawers or on benches and shelves. Measures 460 x 307 x 63 mm.

  • Microscope SlideTray™


    …and placed back in its position. The SlideTray™ is easily stackable and will take minimum space on any shelf or laboratory counter. Even when trays are stacked, slides are well protected and will not touch the tray above. Dimensions: 206 x 299 x 18 mm H (8 1/8 x 11 3/4 x 11/16 in. H)

  • Amersham Hyperfilm MP

    GE Healthcare

    …with tritium. Amersham Hyperfilm MP can be processed in automatic processors or manually, in tanks and tray, using most common X-ray film developers and fixers. In a multidisciplinary laboratory, in which blots and sequencing experiments are performed, Hyperfilm MP is the recommended film for high…

  • Experiment Trays

    Scientific Plastics

    These trays are ideal for daily use in the lab for procedures and experiments. Laboratory spill trays are a minimum 3/16” thick, one piece stress free, virgin polyethylene with smooth interior walls and coved corners for easy cleaning. Trays conform to ASTM #1412 for corrosion…

  • Scienceware® Stak-A-Tray™ Rack

    Bel-Art Products

    …bacteriology, immunology, tissue culture and all related laboratory work Offers a choice of 7” x 14” or 14” x 14” trays, allows easy removal of the trays and facilitates movement of cultures from laboratory shelf to incubator or cold room and back Smooth stainless…

  • Droplet™ Sample Storage Tray


    …significantly reducing the chance of mold Lightweight and sturdy to hold up to 24 full specimen containers Stackable with other trays Removable dividers allow outer shell to be used for storage or transport of laboratory products Pack includes: 10 trays and 10 dividers Disposable

  • Carboy Spill Containment Tray and Lab Organizer


    Designed for laboratory carboys or other large containers with spigots Carboy spill trays are fabricated with 1/4" thick chemically resistant HDPE. All welded construction featuring a 1/2” skid resistant top shelf. Provides a safer way to dispense chemicals or other liquids in the…

  • Bio-bin® Spill Containment Trays


    Ideal spill trays for autoclaving waste disposal containers such as the Dynalon Bio-bins Autoclave tray for other plastic or glass laboratory items Help contain accidental chemical spills in the laboratory Material: Polypropylene (PP) 3/16" double-welded construction Tested in…

  • Scienceware® Covamat Polyethylene Matting

    Bel-Art Products

    Clear, ribbed matting for lining laboratory tables, shelves and trays In rolls 760 mm wide x 15 meters long Thickness 0.25 mm; with 0.76 mm thick ribs Easily cut with scissors

  • Tuttnauer Autoclave, 3545EP, 220V


    …instruments, glassware, and other laboratory items 12.2 x 18.5" (diameter x depth) chamber for sterilizing lab equipment 220 V power source Built-in printer with paper for documenting Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Includes two stainless steel trays for holding labware and…

  • Eppendorf epT.I.P.S.


    …transfer of trays to the working box and is optimized for use with multichannel pipettes. Convenient color-coded trays help you easily identify tip size and quickly match tip with appropriate Eppendorf pipette. Tips can be attached to pipette directly from the refill tray epT.I.P.S.…

  • 0.5-200ul Non-Filtered Optifit Tips

    Sartorius Products (Biohitfamily)

    …pipette These non-filtered Optifit Tips are available in various packaging and purity options for all your needs: Single Tray racks for safer laboratory work For all tip models from 10 µl to 5000 µl DNase, RNase and endotoxin free certified by Lot. Number …

  • SUB6 Mini Submarine Gel Electrophoresis Unit


    … UV-transparent running tray - allows the user to image the gel without risk of damage due to handling Side handles -for safe and easy transportation around the laboratory Includes: Buffer Chamber Assembly Safety Lid High Voltage Leads Running Tray w/Silicone Gasket 1 mm thick,…

  • Vial Scintillating w / PE Cap Off 20ml

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …capacity vial designed for laboratory scintillation counting processes Clear glass scintillation vials are packaged in cellular trays of 100 pieces Trays are shrink wrapped to preserve cleanliness Closures are packed in polyethylene bags of 100 pieces in a separate tray Polyethylene cap…

  • Helix 250 Orbital Shakers


    The Helix™ 250 is an easy-to-use ultra-sturdy open air orbital shaker used for various laboratory shaking applications. The Helix 250 utilizes active feedback PID control and has a long lasting brushless DC motor. Numerous settings available for sound, display, ramp rate, power interruptions…

  • LABX® 123 Wipers


    …for light weight and low linting Meets government specification AA-50177, Type 1, Class 5 light Weight, Wet Strength Applications Tray liner and wet bench material  Cleaning of sensitive lens and or laboratory materials Lightweight wafer separator, lens separator material

  • 30 & 50 ml Centrifuge Tubes

    Evergreen Scientific

    Multiple Uses Ideal for general purpose laboratory work and useful as leak-proof secondary containers for shipping etiological specimens. Freestanding octagonal bases lock into our special tray for one-hand operations. Polypropylene co-polymer (PPC) is nearly transparent and is appropriate for…

  • Glass Liquid Scintillation Vials

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …Wheaton 180 low potassium borosilicate glass Available with caps attached, caps packaged separately or without caps Packaged in corrugated trays of 100 Glass Vials are manufactured from Wheaton 180 low potassium borosilicate glass that conforms to ASTM Type I, Class A and USP Type I…

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