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Lab Starter Kit
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  • Lab Starter Kit

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    The Lab Starter Kit includes all the glassware you need to get started in quantities that make sense. Components for the Lab Starter Kit: (3) Low Form Griffin Beaker, 50mL (3) Low Form Griffin Beaker, 100mL (6) Low Form Griffin Beaker, 250mL (3) Wide Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask,…

  • Research Grade Lab Starter Kit


    This premium lab set is the perfect thing to get a home lab or classroom going. It has all the components you would need to start a basic chemistry lab. - All the components needed to get a lab going - Premium, research grade components Includes: (1) base, (1) rod, (1) beaker tong, (1)…

  • Pipette Starter Kit


    The Pipette Starter Kit is convenient for new labs or for customers who want a new set of pipettors covering the most commonly used volumes. The kit includes 3 single channel Pearl® Pipettes, a Universal Carousel Pipette Stand and five Reagent Reservoirs–all at a value price! Kit

  • Xenosep® SPE Starter Kit


    …decrease your sample turnaround time. A free training video on CD is included with each Starter Kit to show your lab how to perform EPA Method 1664A by SPE. Xenosep SPE Systems are available in convenient kits which include the components for 24 tests and all the glassware required to process…

  • Acura 826 XS Pipette Starter Kit

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    The Socorex complete line of liquid handling products offers your lab a single source for superior quality pipettes, tips and accessories. Socorex pipettes which are manufactured in Switzerland are available exclusively by Wheaton in the U.S. Socorex manual pipettes meet and exceed users’…

  • myGel™ Mini Electrophoresis System Starter Kits

    Accuris Instruments

    …now, and get this entire starter kit (with agarose, balance and weigh boats) for the price of the myGel system. Starter Kit includes: myGel™ Mini Electrophoresis System (Gel box, power supply, 2 casting sets, 4 combs) 100g Agarose LE Digital Mini Lab Balance Pack of 10…

  • Lab Sampler Kit

    Polar Tech

    The design of our chest and lid simplify packing and unloading. Insulated mailers with white box and cold packs in a convenient starter kit. Safely accommodates small bottles, samples or mail order shipments. Light weight, durable, excellent insulating properties. Reusable and recyclable IB 8 ICE…

  • Hypersil ODS, 5 um, cartridge (AC) Starter Kit (AC)

    Agilent Technologies

    Hypersil ODS, 5 µm, cartridge (AC) Starter Kit (AC). Includes one 4.0 x 125 mm, 5 µm Hypersil ODS cartridge; one 4.0 x 250 mm, 5 µm Hypersil ODS cartridge; cartridge holder; mounting tool; replacement frit (2/pk); and open-end wrench<

  • Chemistry Labware Kit

    United Scientific Supplies

    A convenient assortment of items most commonly used in a general Chemistry lab. Starter kit includes the following: Contents: [2] Dropping Bottles, 30 ml, Barnes                  [6] Dropping Pipettes,…

  • Universal Platform Clamps for MaxQ™ 8000 Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …reliability and accuracy, Thermo Scientific MaxQ 8000 Shakers, Platforms, and accessories are the optimal choice for a busy lab. Flask Clamp Starter Kit includes: (1) microplate clamp (2) 25mL flask clamps (2) 50mL flask clamps (2) 125mL flask clamps (4) 250/300mL…

  • PIPETMAN® Neo Pipettors


    …Tip Holder Unique tip holder design allows for a secure fit of most brands of tips, so there’s no need for a dedicated tip brand Also available in Starter Kits and Multichannel models. NOTE: These products are only available for sale to Domestic U.S. Customers.

  • Mynox® Gold Mycoplasma Elimination Reagent

    Minerva Biolabs

    …PCR Detection Kits. Required Consumables 6-well tissue culture plate or small tissue culture petri dish (6 mm Ø) Regular cell culture plastics Required Lab Devices Regular cell culture equipment (incubator, centrifuge, pipettes, etc.) Shelf Life and Storage Kit

  • Axygen® Axypet® Pro Pipettors


    …your pipettor to various liquid types Individually tested and supplied with a certificate of quality Axygen Axypet Pro Starter Kit Axygen Axypet Pro Starter Kit contains four variable volume pipettors in the most popular and universal volumes (0.5-10 μL, 2-20 μL, 20-200 μL, and…

  • NextPette™ Variable Volume Pipettes

    Accuris Instruments

    …standards, and include a factory calibration certificate. NextPette Micro Starter Kit Set (Thomas No. 1160X96) Includes: P7700-10, P7700-20, P7700-200, P7700-1000, P7700-CAR NextPette Macro Starter Kit Set (Thomas No. 1160X97) Includes: P7700-200, P7700-1000, P7700-5M, P7700-10M,…

  • Deluxe Chemistry Hardware Assortment

    United Scientific Supplies

    A comprehensive assortment of glassware, plasticware, porcelain and other hardware most commonly used in general chemistry labs and includes the following:  Beaker, Glass, 100ml (1), Beaker, Glass, 250ml (1), Beaker, Glass, 400ml (1), Beaker, Glass, 1000ml (1), Bottle, Wash, 125ml, Plastic (1),…

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