Jacketed Beaker

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Jacketed Beaker
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  • Jacketed Reaction Beakers

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Jacketed Reaction Beakers/Temp Controlled Beakers are designed for laboratory applications requiring a variety of temperature-controlled reactions. Useful in biological and chemical reactions including titrations, enzyme digestions, and synthetic organic reactions. A conical lower interior…

  • Jacketed Beakers

    Wilmad LabGlass

    Made of borosilicate glass, these laboratory beakers are fully jacketed to allow temperature control over a wide range. They are similar to a standard Griffin Beaker, but do not have a pouring spout.

  • Beaker, Jacketed

    Ace Glass

    Jacketed beaker with one upper and one lower hose connection on opposite sides. Also available with Ace-Safe connections. All are without a pouring spout.

  • Sublimation Apparatus, Vacuum

    Ace Glass

    …the vacuum connection at the top. The unique design allows the user to submerge the flask in an oil bath almost to the bottom seal on the cooling jacket thereby avoiding premature condensation. 25 mL size has a 34/45 joint; 50 mL size has a 45/50 joint. Vacuum tube on both sizes will accommodate 10…

  • Double Walled GLS 80 Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Duran)

    …the contents from the external environment. Heated or cooled liquids can be circulated through the jacket to control the temperature within the screw topped DURAN® bottle. The DURAN® double walled bottles offer a sealable and more flexible alternative to open topped jacketed beakers.

  • Thermovisc Eagle Thermostatic Heaters


    …thermostat. Features Better accuracy 0.3ºC New design. User friendly. Up to 150 ºC Desgined to fit perfectly all FUNGILAB viscometer and accessories. To work with or without circulation jacket and with two optional supports for 600mL Beakers.  

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