Inverted Fluorescent Microscope

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Inverted Fluorescent Microscope
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  • Inverted Compound Microscopes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …color reproduction & contrast Phase Contrast and Brightfield (6 objectives) Mechanical stage TS-366 Fluorescent Microscope – unique fluorescent filters to match excitation/emission specifications of GFP, FITC and other fluorophores Koehler Halogen illumination…

  • Thomas Inverted Microscopes


    … Thomas Inverted Microscopes are ideal for live cell or tissue culture examinations in college, university, and clinical-laboratory settings.  The Thomas Inverted Microscope comes with both phase contrast and Brightfield capabilities to meet needs from cell culture to fluorescence microscopy.…

  • EXI-310 Inverted Microscope Series


    Compact, Inverted Microscope for Routine & Research Applications Utilizing ACCU-SCOPE's AIS optical system and LED illumination for both diascopic and epi-fluorescence imaging, the EXI-310 microscope offers brilliantly clear images, enabling more efficient cell culture observation and…

  • AE31E Series Microscopes and accessories


    …Upright microscopes. From this series, all accessories like c-mounts, additional eyepieces, etc. can be used without restriction on AE30/31E. A fully corrected intermediate image is ready for digital access. Upgrade options like Fluorescence are still strong features within this Inverted microscope

  • Delta T™ Culture Dish System


    …incubate, and observe without the need to transfer your cells Fast thermal recovery after perfusion (within seconds) Compatible with inverted and upright microscope stands (Stage Adapters) Coverglass bottom for optimum optical compatibility No need for warm air blowers or stage heaters …

  • Delta T™ Culture Dish Accessories


    …products on the market. The device shown supports a Costar Transwell™ membrane. The bottom surface of the membrane is observable on an inverted microscope and adjustable in the “Z” axis to bring the membrane into the plane of focus of the objective. Perfusion ports can be used to…

  • Microscope Immersion Oils


    …oils are recommended for routine applications. Extra High Viscosity oils such as Cargille Type NVH and Type OVH are used with inverted or inclined microscopes when lower viscosity oils may run out of place or on to surfaces where they are not wanted. These oils are capapble of bridging a wide…

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