Inoculating Loop Holder

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Inoculating Loop Holder
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  • Inoculation Loop Holder (2069N46) Made from stainless steel with sleeve nut, color coded, for inoculation loops with wire diameter 0.6 - 1 mm. Autoclavable. Inoculation Loops, Ø 0.6mm Made of special-stainless steel (7010E53, 7010E56, 7010E59) Made of platinum/iridium (0494A09,…

  • Holding device exclusive for WLD-TEC inoculation loop holders. Made of stainless steel Suitable for all angles

  • …than platinum or disposable plastic loops. Loops slide smoothly across the agar surface without tearing or gouging. The nichrome wire cools rapidly saving time. 10 microliters Loop is calibrated using Evan’s Blue Dye Test. The loop holders, available separately, are made of…

  • Brass holders with fiberglass insulating sleeve over gripping area Threaded collet-type collar holds all wire gauges Length is shown in price listings below

  • Fuego SCS


    …2 hours or programs for exact to the second flaming. Moreover, the Fuego SCS automatically detects whether a foot pedal or the carrousel for inoculation loops autoloopPRO is connected and shows further control possibilities. More comfort With the easy-to-read display will always keep the big…

  • …Argos Inoculating Loop Holders are made from nickel plated brass. Handles are insulated to protect the hand during use. Loop Holders are available in two sizes: 6" and 8". Inoculating Handles and Loops Reusable Inoculating Loops with handles are used to select, inoculate

  • LeStreak®, used to inoculate or transfer microbiological samples, come with lightweight, insulated aluminum holders perfectly balanced for easy manipulation. The nichrome wire cools rapidly saving time. LeStreak® is available calibrated and non-calibrated. All calibrated loops are subject to…

  • …1,600°F; no need to wait for loops or needles to turn red. Unit does not require oxygen so it can be used in anaerobic chambers. Air mixtures or drafts do not affect performance. Base is weighted for stability and provides convenient storage for six needle holders. Meets UL standards and CE…

  • Holding device exclusive for WLD-TEC inoculation loop holders made of stainless steel, suitable for all angles.

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