India Ink Stain

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India Ink Stain
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  • India Ink Stain Solution

    Bio Basic Inc.

    India ink (Pelikan 17 black) is used to stain electro-blotted proteins on blot transfer membranes. Transferred proteins (>5 ng/band) appear as black bands on a gray background. Proteins are stained in the India ink solution after electroblotting from one-dimensional or two-dimensional…

  • India Ink

    Hardy Diagnostics

    For use in the identification of Cryptococcus neoformans by detection of the polysaccharide capsule. India ink is a negative stain that will show a clear zone where the capsule is.

  • PVDF-Plus Transfer Membrane

    GVS Filter Technology

    …will not pass through the membrane. The chemical compatibility of PVDF-Plus allows the use of all commonly used stains such as: Amido Black, Colloidal Gold, Coomassie Blue, India Ink and Ponceau-S. Will not degrade, distort or shrink when using high concentrations of methanol for destaining.…

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