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Incubator With Lights
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  • Precision™ Refrigerated Incubators

    Thermo Scientific

    …precision with cooling; high precision without cooling; and frost free with variable cooling. 17.8 cu. ft. (504L) unit: Plant growth chamber. 7-day program with 2 light cycles per day. Dual lamp fluorescent lighting providing 300-foot candles for uniform illumination. Equipped with 6…

  • MyTemp™ 65 Incubators


    …range of the instrument expands the use of this incubator to both heating and cooling applications. A large, digital display allows for visualization of the chamber temperature and the remaining incubation time, while an internal light is included for improved visualization of the chamber.…

  • MaxQ 8000 Incubated Stackable Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …xenon light provide high visibility for harvesting Top platform height is under 61 in. (154.9cm) when units are stacked three high Heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel exterior Type 304 stainless-steel chamber with coved corners and built-in drain; holds 2L Erlenmeyer flasks, has xenon light with

  • Upright BOD Refrigerated Incubator 20 Cu. Ft. Capacity

    Horizon Scientific

    …on demand auto defrost Key lock door; 2 adjustable leveling legs; Interior LED light 1” diameter access port with plug 6 full width door storage compartments Complete cabinet is foamed-in-place with CFC free high-density polyurethane foam insulation Warranty: 12 months parts and…

  • New Brunswick™ Innova® 43/43R Shakers


    Console incubator shaker with optional refrigeration The Innova 43 incubated and Innova 43R incubated and refrigerated shakers are the perfect choice for handling large quantities or large volumes of cultures with precision and ease. The cast iron triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive is…

  • Model SRI21D Diurnal Plant Growth Chambers

    Shel Lab

    with light followed by a sixteen hour night cycle of 18°C without light. Forced air circulation ensures the most reproducible test conditions. The chamber air is gently and continuously circulated at a rate that ensures temperature uniformity of all test samples. The unit is equipped with a…

  • Undercounter BOD Refrigerated Incubator

    Nor-Lake Scientific

    …legs/li> Interior light/li> 1” diameter access port with plug/li> 3 full width door storage compartments/li> Complete cabinet is foamed-in-place with CFC - Free high density polyurethane foam insulation/li> Operating temperature: +5°C to +50°C/li> Stackable design with optional stacking…

  • Heratherm™ Compact Incubator

    Thermo Scientific

    … Save space with the Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Compact Incubator. The extremely small footprint makes it ideal for a personalized workspace or crowded labs with small sample volumes. The most compact unit of the Heratherm incubator family with an 18L chamber, temperature…

  • Denville® CO8000 Cell Density Meter, CO 8000 Personal Cell Density Meter mains…


    LED Light Source for stable results and no maintenance No warm up time Saves last 99 results for download to PC or Printer Accepts 10mm cuvettes, or 16mm tubes (Ehlenmeyer side-arm flasks) Adapters available for 10mm and 12mm tubes Easy to clean CE marked and…

  • SRI Series Refrigerated Drosophila/Fruit Fly Incubators

    Shel Lab

    SHEL LAB Drosophila units utilize day/night controls along with LED lighting to provide and excellent environment for drosophila culture. The cabinets are designed with a mechanical convection system to ensure a gentle and even air distribution. A programmable day/night temperature limit control…

  • Digital Incubators


    with a red warning light and a five-hour timer are also provided. Units contain a blower fan for rapid heat-up and uniform temperature control. A PID controller and separate power switch are also featured . Incubators are available in 115 (UL and CSA) or 230V (CE marked) versions with

  • Forma™ Environmental Chambers

    Thermo Scientific

    Perform a variety of applications with Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ environmental chambers, which can be configured for a variety of purposes and are available in multiple capacities. With a wide range of accessories and years of experience in constructing cabinets, we can construct units…

  • Mini Incubator


    The Mini Laboratory incubator is great for places with little space or when you need a dedicated incubator for microplates or petri dishes. The unit has set temperature of 37°C and this can be adjusted with the dial in the back of the unit. The chamber is accessed through a see-through, flip-up…

  • Incubating Light Duty Orbital Shakers


    Save Incubator Space with Benchtop Orbital Shakers OHAUS Incubating Light Duty Shakers are designed to incubate samples from 10° below ambient to 65°C depending on the model. The Incubating Mini Shaker has an 8 lb (3.6 kg) capacity while the Incubating Microplate Shaker can hold up to…

  • 300 mL BOD Bottles with Robotic Stoppers

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …bottle with black PVC plastic coating that blocks all visible light up to 800 nm. This inhibits the production of oxygen by algae. It is recommended for use in marine photosynthesis projects in which you need to compare oxygen in a light and a dark bottle. This bottle is supplied complete with a…

  • CultureTemp™ 37°C Warming Plate

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …during cell passaging with this highly accurate warming plate that keeps cells at an optimal 37°C (±°C ) outside of the incubator. The unit is water resistant and safe for cleaning with Ethanol or IPA. UL approval pending. Keep dishes outside the incubator longer; 37°C…

  • Mini Microbiology and Hematology Incubator


    Incubator has a port in the rear of the chamber which allows for an electrical cord to be routed out the back. Labnet's Mini LabRoller™ is a perfect fit and can be used in the Incubator with any of the available rotisseries. A combo package is available which includes the Mini Incubator

  • MaxQ 6000 Incubated And Refrigerated Stackable Shakers

    Thermo Scientific

    …window and internal light allow sample visibility, minimizing the need to open the door. Units can be stacked two high on the floor for space savings. They are supplied with two adjustable height perforated stainless steel shelves for added storage for incubating plates and other samples.…

  • IN Series Low Temperature Forced Convection Incubators


    …forced convection incubators applicable for low temperature tests and environmental tests. Operation and Functions High accuracy temperature control and temperature distribution Inner glass door keeps temperature stable during sample observation Designed with a large dual glass…

  • Series 180 Incubators

    Quincy Lab

    The Quincy Lab 180 series incubators pick up where the 140 series leaves off as far as temperature range, increasing the upper limit to 200°F (93°C). This series of models were also developed for laboratories that need a dependable, compact incubator for cultures, test kits, eggs and…

  • New Brunswick™ Innova® 44/44R Shakers


    Stackable incubator shaker with optional refrigeration The Innova 44 incubator shaker and 44R with added refrigeration are stackable shakers that provide very broad temperature capabilities for culturing a wide variety of organisms in flasks up to 5 L. The cast iron triple-eccentric…

  • New Brunswick™ Innova® 42/42R Shakers


    …benchtop incubator shaker with optional refrigeration The Innova 42 incubated and 42R incubated and refrigerated shakers are our most versatile incubator shakers. The programmable Innova 42 and 42R provide exceptional convenience allowing you to simultaneously shake and static incubate

  • Probe-Clip Coverwells

    … Confocal and image analysis Prevent compression and movement of artifacts Made from ultra-thin, support material For use with transmitted light and fluorescence microscopy. By pressing a Probe-Clip to a microscope slide or coverslip, a sealed chamber is formed to contain mounting…

  • Model 5532 Environmental Chambers for Humidity and Temperature Precision and…

    Electro-Tech Systems

    …CalGraphix software for environment tracking & control Two Doors with 1/2-turn latches Front Door: 32"x14" (81x36 cm) Side Door: 14"x4" (36x10 cm) 8" Ports with gloves Fluorescent lighting Internal fan and AC power 3/8" clear & white acrylic…

  • Jitterbug Microplate Incubator-Shaker


    … Utilizes a warmed inner aluminum bed with air circulation to achieve outstanding temperature uniformity, ±0.4°C Inner chamber cover reduces risk of biohazard from the disbursement of aerosols and insulates the plates during incubation Outer tinted Plexiglass cover further…

  • Yeast Nitrogen Base with Ammonium Sulphate


    …Clarity of prepared medium: Light yellow coloured, clear solution without any precipitate. Cultural Response: Cultural characteristics observed after an incubation at 25-30°C for 18 - 48 hours. Organisms (ATCC) Growth (plain) Growth (with Dextrose) …

  • Yeast Nitrogen Base without Amino Acids


    …(M139) medium except the amino acids histidine, methionine and tryptophan. Inoculate media tubes with very light inoculum and incubate at 25°C for 6-7 days and again for 20-24 days. Draw lines with India ink on a paper. If lines are not seen or appear diffused through the culture, the test is…

  • Amersham AlkPhos Direct™

    GE Healthcare

    …Direct can be used with CDP-Star for high sensitivity or with ECF when quantitation is desired. The prolonged light output for up to ?ve days with AlkPhos Direct enables exposure optimization and also allows multiple exposures to be taken. Chemiluminescent Detection with CDP-Star For detection,…

  • FD Apop™ Kit

    FD NeuroTechnologies

    …amplified and visualized with the avidin-biotin-complex (ABC) method, enabling light microscopic identification. The reagents and procedure of FD Apop™ Kit have been optimized to achieve a high degree of both specificity and sensitivity for detecting apoptotic cells with minimal background.…

  • FD NeuroApop™ Kit

    FD NeuroTechnologies

    …and visualized with the avidin-biotin-complex (ABC) method, enabling light microscopic identification. The reagents and procedure of FD NeuroApop™ Kit have been optimized to achieve a high degree of both specificity and sensitivity for detecting apoptotic neurons with the lowest background.…

  • Immunohistochemistry Staining Trays

    IBI Scientific

    …Staining Trays are designed specifically for incubation and storage of immunohistochemistry slides. Constructed of black cast acrylic, these trays block light from reaching the stained slides eliminating the need to wrap staining trays with aluminum foil. These specially machined trays…

  • Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes

    Minerva Biolabs

    …(like liquid nitrogen containers), incubator interior, and many more. No toxicity Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes are made with a bleach-free formula leaving a light, clean scent every time you wipe off a surface. Mycoplasma-Off™ Wipes are soaked with an alcohol-based, non-corrosive and…

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