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Ice Brix
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  • ICE-BRIX® is a specially formulated leakproof, long lasting, viscous gel refrigerant that is made with non-toxic ingredients included in the FDA (GRAS) provision. Generally regarded as a Safe Substitute. They are sealed in a heavy-duty plastic pouch and keeps perishable products at a constant…

  • Lab Sampler Kit

    Polar Tech

    …with white box and cold packs in a convenient starter kit. Safely accommodates small bottles, samples or mail order shipments. Light weight, durable, excellent insulating properties. Reusable and recyclable IB 8 ICE BRIX cold packs are bulk packed (COLD PACKS ARE NOT PACKED INTO THE COOLERS).

  • RE-FREEZ-R-BRIX™ is a block of rigid foam that holds its shape frozen or thawed and is reusable. Non-toxic, reusable, sealed in a heavy plastic pouch, maintains shape. Prevents thawing – Keeps frozen products chilled for an extended period of time. Protects against freezing – When…

  • Safely packs over 40 specimen tubes, petri dishes, vials or ampules and assorted swabs, with space for ICE-BRIX™ refrigerant. 1 in” thick walls, assuring long temperature retention. Comes in an assembled 200# test corrugated box. ICE-BRIX™ controls the interior temperature during…

  • Thermo Chill® Overnite™ Shippers and Mailers are engineered especially for the 1-2 day shipper. They are lightweight, dependable, and very cost-effective. We manufacture a complete line of the highest quality, multi-use insulated containers for overnight or two-day shipments. These…

  • Thermo Chill™ Nestable Insulated Shippers are engineered especially for stackability, excellent drop shock and improved internal product cooling. Ideal for 1- 6 day transit time. They are lightweight, very durable and very cost effective. The nestable design saves space, doubles the…

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