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Hplc Solvent Filter
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  • PTFE Membrane Circles

    GE Healthcare

    …It is resistant to most acids, alkalis, and solvents. Applications One of the major applications for the PTFE  membrane is the clarification of corrosives, solvents, and aggressive fluids. This includes the important requirement in HPLC analysis for sample filtration where any solid…

  • Whatman PFTE Membrane Filters, TE Range

    GE Healthcare

    …membrane filters come in a variety of pore sizes and diameters. High chemical resistance and mechanical strength One of the major applications for the PTFE membrane is the clarification of corrosives, solvents, and aggressive fluids. This includes the important requirement in HPLC

  • Aqueous IFD And Solvent IFD In-Line Filters/Degassers

    GE Healthcare

    filter media Whatman in-line filter/degassers (IFD) connect directly into an HPLC line to simultaneously filter and degas the mobile phase as it is being used. The Aqueous IFD provides pure filtration of aqueous based HPLC mobile phases while the Solvent IFD is used with organically based HPLC

  • Whatman ReZist Syringe Filters

    GE Healthcare

    solvents. These filters are highly suitable for the clarification of aggressive organic solvents. ReZist 30 mm filters can also be used as a venting filter for small vessels. Hydrophobic PTFE membrane is laminated with polypropylene. Excellent chemical resistance against standard organic HPLC

  • SPARTAN™ HPLC Certified Syringe Filters

    GE Healthcare

    …methanol, and acetonitrile. Ready-to-use filter unit with a hydrophilic, low protein-binding membrane made of regenerated cellulose Excellent chemical resistance against the standard aqueous and organic HPLC solvents SPARTAN Syringe Filters are tested and certified for the absence of…

  • Whatman Solvent IFD In-Line Filter/Degasser (IFD)

    GE Healthcare

    GE’s Solvent IFD is a high-flow HPLC in-line filter/degasser, designed to simultaneously filter and degas organically based HPLC mobile phases. Faster than traditional mobile phase preparation Chemically resistant polypropylene membrane and housing, built to filter solvent mobile phases without…

  • Whatman Anopore Inorganic Membranes Without Support Ring

    GE Healthcare

    …be transferred to another surface before microscopic examination. Other applications for Anopore inorganic membranes Anodisc membranes can also be used for liposome extrusion, HPLC mobile phase filtration and degassing, solvent cleaning, and gravimetric analysis. s to ensure reliable analysis.

  • Whatman ReZist In-Line Vent Filter

    GE Healthcare

    …caused by heavy filter devicesAppropriate for in-line HPLC sample preparationReZist in-line filters are lightweight air venting units suitable for protective vents, in-line filtration, and isolation applications when working with chemically harsh solvents. ReZist in-line filters are part of the…

  • Whatman Anotop LC Syringe Filters

    GE Healthcare

    …UHPLC and HPLC sample preparation. Syringe filter removes particulates that could cause damage, supporting longer column life Low levels of UV-absorbing extractable substances for consistent HPLC sample preparation Anopore inorganic aluminum membrane filters a broad range of solvents High…

  • Whatman Puradisc Syringe Filters – PVDF

    GE Healthcare

    …for filtering larger volumes of harder-to-filter samples. Polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF) membranes PVDF membranes are designed for high tensile strength, high solvent resistance, and low protein binding, making them suitable for biomedical filtration, sterilization filtration, and HPLC sample…

  • Whatman SPARTAN Syringe Filters – Regenerated Cellulose (RC)

    GE Healthcare

    …regenerated cellulose hydrophilic membrane is resistant to common HPLC solvents and exhibits very low levels of extractables that could otherwise interfere with analysis. In addition to their use as HPLC syringe filters, SPARTAN filters can be used in capillary electrophoresis, protein filtration,…

  • Whatman Anotop Plus Syringe Filters – Prefilter, Non-Sterile

    GE Healthcare

    …sample solvents and compounds. GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business also offers sterile Anotop Plus syringe filters. Anotop Plus syringe filters for challenging samples High solid content samples can be difficult to filter because of their tendency to prematurely clog a single membrane filter.

  • Whatman Syringe Type Holders

    GE Healthcare

    …the membrane to be autoclaved in place without the filter sticking to the holder. Luer lock fittings connect to a standard syringe and offer convenience and ease of use for clarification, sterilization, and removal of particulates from small volumes of liquid (e.g., HPLC samples and solvents).

  • Bluestem Glass Solvent Filter


    …LC solvents from entering your instrument with the new Restek Bluestem glass solvent filter. Restek Bluestem glass solvent filter provides clean mobile phase to extend the life of columns and pump seals 15 µm borosilicate glass frit sits lower than conventional glass filters to draw…

  • Solvent Inlet Filters

    Thermo Scientific

    For HPLC Systems Stainless steel 10µm inlet filters for longer lifetime No tools required for replacement Bottom-of-the-Bottle solvent filters: Efficient draw 100% PTFE polymer, including 2µm filter Built-in helium sparge port and frit

  • Solvent Filters for G1311/12/54A Pumps

    Agilent Technologies

    Unfiltered solvents or solvents contaminated with microbial growth can clog solvent inlet filters, reducing the lifetime of the filter and impacting pump performance. Remember to clean or replace the solvent inlet filters at least once every 3 months.

  • Ultra-Ware All-Glass Microfiltration Apparatus

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …during use Recommended for routine filtration analysis of corrosive liquids and the removal of particulates from HPLC solvents Replaceable supports available Filter size: 47 mm; 3/8” hose connection A ground joint connection eliminates the phthalate contamination that…

  • Vacuum Filter Holder Set, 47mm

    United Scientific Supplies

    …for filtering aqeuous, organic, or corrosive liquids. It is also recommended for HPLC solvent filtration. Complete set includes a borosilicate glass funnel, anodized aluminum spring clamp, vacuum base with sintered disc, and ground joint flask. Membrane filters are not included. Filter diameter…

  • Solvent Inlet Filter for Agilent HPLC Systems


  • EZwaste® Replacement Exhaust Filters

    Foxx Life Sciences

    EZwaste® Solvent Waste filter replacements come in a pack of 1, 2, or 5.

  • ULTRA-WARE® Microfiltration Assembly with Fritted Glass Support and Ground Joint…

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …analysis of corrosive liquids or samples with high particulate loads that would tend to clog a 47 mm diameter filter. This unit is also recommended for filtering large volumes of HPLC solvents. The ground glass connection eliminates the possibility of phthalate contamination that can occur…

  • Syringe Filters

    Celltreat Scientific

    HPLC Glass Fiber (GF) – Can be used as preliminary filtering step and for solution clarification without clogging Pre-filtration of heavily contaminated aqueous solvent based samples Extends membrane life when filtering viscous solutions Syringe Filter (PES)…

  • Sigma-Aldrich® vacuum filtration assembly


    for 47 mm filters with glass support, NS 40/35 joints, 4 L flask (included) Funnel volume is 1000 mL General description Same as Z290432 but with NS 40/35 jont (male on flask, female on funnel support) instead of rubber stopper. Vacuum filtration apparatus for HPLC solvent

  • Vacuum Filter Holder Set, 90mm

    United Scientific Supplies

    …for filtering aqeuous, organic, or corrosive liquids. It is also recommended for HPLC solvent filtration. Complete set includes a borosilicate glass funnel, anodized aluminum spring clamp, vacuum base with sintered disc, and ground joint flask. Membrane filters are not included. Filter diameter…

  • Magna Nylon Membrane Filters

    GVS Filter Technology

    … Recommended for: aqueous, solvent and mobile phase filtration; HPLC sample penetration and solvent filtration; clarification and sterilization Autoclavable pH range: 3-12 Manufactured using a unique impregnation process that results in a filter with uniform pore sizes and consistent…

  • Mobile Phase Sparge Filters


    The sparge filter is an inexpensive way to prepare and maintain mobile phases free of dissolved gas. Filters are made from 316 stainless steel and PEEK, and they are compatible with most solvents. Connects to standard 1/8" OD (3.2 mm) PTFE tubing.

  • Filter Degasser

    …to transfer solvent to storage bottle. HPLC filter degasser (2725E05) can be directly screwed onto a 1 liter HPLC solvent/reservoir bottle (38mm cap). In this manner, it is not necessary to further transfer the filtered degassed solvent. Filtration and degassing of solvents and samples prior…

  • Last Drop Filter


    The flat filter element sits parallel to the bottom of the mobile phase reservoir, allowing the filter to draw 98% of the mobile phase without drawing air into the system. Conventional cylindrical mobile phase filters begin to draw air into the system when approximately 10% of the solvent remains in…

  • Nylaflo™ Membrane Disc Filters

    Pall Life Sciences

    …from 13 to 142 mm HPLC certified. Provides assurance that the filter will not add artifacts to your analysis Applications: Useful for a wide range of applications. Offers broad chemical resistance to common solvents Not recommended for acids > 1 N or halogenated solvents

  • 47mm Filtration Assembly with Standard Taper 40/35 Joint Connection and Fritted…

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Ideal for HPLC solvent/sample filtrate recovery, as well as filtration of corrosive liquids for particulate contamination analysis The flask and fritted glass base are joined with a Standard Taper 40/35 ground joint, so liquids will only come in contact with borosilicate glass Vacuum…

  • Nylon-66 Membrane Disc Filters

    mdi Membrane Technologies

    … Wide chemical compatibility HPLC Certified status assures that the filter will not add artifacts to the sample Applications: Filtration of samples for HPLC (<10 mL) Filtration of samples for HPLC (<100 mL) Solvent filtration: HPLC mobile phase Diameters Available:…

  • Nylon Membrane Filters

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    For both aqueous and organic solvent filtrations Hydrophilic Low level of extractables Nalgene nylon membranes are ideal for use with HPLC solvents and ultracleaning solutions for electronic laboratories. They are useful for the sterilization and clarification of buffers and culture media.…

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