Hot Plate With Magnetic Stirrer

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Hot Plate With Magnetic Stirrer
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  • Model PC-220 Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrers


    …for thermometer, buret, etc. LED lights for Power, Heat and Stir. Hot Top Indicator light warns when top is too hot to touch (140°F). A separate temperature sensor provides foolproof power cut-off. Each unit comes complete with a stir bar and comprehensive instructions. All units are backed…

  • IKAMAG® C-MAG HS Magnetic Stirrer

    IKA Works

    Magnetic stirrer with heating and ceramic heating plate which offers excellent chemical resistance. Powerful motor for stirring quantities of up to 5 l (H2O) Fixed safety circuit of 550 °C Hot Top indicator >> hot surface warning to prevent burns! Exact temperature setting via…

  • SuperNuova+™ Stirrer Series

    Thermo Scientific

    …SuperNuova+™ stirrer series provides reliable performance, dependable safety and simple operation. Units are available in two sizes, including a multi-position model with optimized controls and settings for applications that demand advanced precision. Intuitive Design Top plate

  • Hotplates, Stirrers and Hotplate Stirrers


    …functions have been activated. With a square 7.5 in work surface, all three models are compatible with a wide variety of popular sizes of borosilicate glass beakers, flasks, bottles and other vessels. The hotplate/magnetic stirrer model (H4000-HS) comes complete with a support rod for mounting…

  • Deluxe Digital Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer

    United Scientific Supplies

    hot plate with magnetic stirrer features an aluminum housing with a scratch and chemical resistant stainless steel ceramic coated 6" diameter heating plate. Unit is thermally insulated so the housing is relatively cool to the touch during operation. Designed with double PT sensors, this hot

  • Magnetic Stirrers with Hot Plates


    …temperature stability and temperature rising speed with the adoption of round plate with good thermal efficiency Chemical resistant ceramic coating hot plate Equipped with circuit protector Strong stirring capacity up to 5L 20~60mm stirrer bar available Thomas No. 1171T36 …

  • PC-420D & PC-620D Hot Plate Stirrers


    …too hot to touch (≥60°C) - even when the unit is turned off. All units show international symbols for non-English speaking operators. 1233W90 and W91 include a hot plate stirrer and the accessory kit (1233W92). This kit is designed for all Corning digital display hot plates and stirring hot

  • MR Hei-Tec Hotplate Stirrers


    …illuminated for visual control Upgrade this magnetic stirrer with the optional Pt 1000 temperature sensor for precise temperature control, overshoot protection and reproducible results MR Plug & Play Hei-Tec Package Magnetic Stirrer MR Hei-Tec Temperature sensor Pt 1000…

  • Analogue Hot Plate Stirrer, 30x30cm

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …general purpose stirrer hotplates designed with safety as well as performance in mind. The "Hot" warning light will flash whenever the plate temperature is above 50°C and will operate even when the hotplate is turned off and connected to the mains. Powerful magnets and motor give…

  • AccuPlate™ Hotplates, Stirrers and Hotplate Stirrers


    hot plates and stirrers are versatile, powerful and easy to use. Every unit is built for consistent performance and long term reliability. With three models to choose from, there is an AccuPlate™ hot plate and stirrer to meet your lab’s needs. Each AccuPlate™ is equipped with

  • Hotplate with Stirrer, UC152 and US152

    Stuart (Bibby Scientific US)

    …of top plate: - Robust coated aluminium - Chemically resistant ceramic Flashing "Hot" warning light, mains independent Accurate temperature control with LED indicator scale Compact space saving design Stylish and economical general purpose hotplate stirrers

  • Digital Hot Plate Stirrer

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …Flashing "Hot" warning light - Independent safety circuit to protect against overheating Choice of robust aluminium or chemically resistant ceramic tops Sophisticated stirrer hotplates offering digital control of both temperature and stirring speed. Comes complete with a…

  • AccuPlate™ Analog Hot Plate Stirrers


    Labnet‘s analog hot plate stirrers were developed to be safe and reliable, making them ideal for the Science and Education or Research markets. The 7” x 7” ceramic coated top plates have a maximum hot temperature surface rating of 380°C and provide an even heating surface. Each…

  • Talboys Basic Mini Series Hotplates & Stirrers


    …rod holder with locking knob accepts optional Support Rod and Clamp Kit. Basic Mini Stirrers Talboys Basic Mini Stirrers are rugged, compact units that stir up to 1000 mL of liquid. Durable, cast aluminum top plate will not crack or chip. Powerful motor and magnet deliver reliable…

  • Talboys Professional Hotplates


    …cool to the touch but also is chemical resistant. Hot Top Indicator: Hot warning symbol light is illuminated when heat is turned on and remains on until top plate cools down. (for Hotplates or Hotplate-Stirrers) Stir Protection: If stirrer motor stops or fails, unit will automatically shut…

  • Hot Plate / Magnetic Stirrer

    United Scientific Supplies

    This analog Hot Plate / Magnetic Stirrer features a stainless steel heating plate. Designed with double PT sensors, it also features a hot top indicator for safety along with an adjustable safety cut off. Technical Specs are: Speed range of 50 to 1700RPM, Maximum Stir Bar length of 80mm, Heat…

  • Super-Nuova Multi-Position Digital Stirring Hotplates and Stirrers


    … Control either the top plate surface temperature or the liquid temperature (when using the included PTFE-coated probe) Calibration mode allows remote probe to the calibrated to external standards at a user selected temperature StirTrac technology with superb magnetic coupling provides smooth…

  • SCILOGEX Analog Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer, 10-Channel


    High-performance multi-position magnetic stirrer with 10 stirring position, optimum use of laboratory space The stainless steel surface covers the unit allowing easy cleaning and providing protection against the penetration of liquids Simultaneously operating stirrers, absolute consistency over…

  • Hot Plate Stirrer, Infra Red

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    magnetic stirring "Hot" warning light for user safety Chemically resistant ceramic top Using a very efficient infra red heater of just 900W this stirrer unit will boil 1 litre of water over 30% faster than a conventional ceramic hotplate of 1200W. Rare earth magnets give…

  • AREC Digital Ceramic Hot Plate Stirrers


    …a digital heating magnetic stirrer with a white ceramic hot plate, that ensures excellent resistance to chemicals and scratches, is extremely easy to clean and is suitable for observing color changes (e.g. during titration, etc.). AREC is the first hot plate stirrer with an entire technopolymer…

  • C-MAG HS-7 digital IKAMAG®

    IKA Works

    Magnetic stirrer with heating and ceramic heating plate which offers excellent chemical resistance. Powerful motor for stirring quantities of up to 10 l (H2O) Simultaneous digital display of target and actual temperatures via LCD dispaly Directly connection for a PT 1000 temperature…

  • AM4 Aluminum Hot Plate Stirrer, Multiple Position


    Multiple-position hot plate stirrer with four separately controlled stirring plates. Excellent Performance Uniform  heat distribution with coated aluminum alloy heating plate Excellent resistance to chemicals Maximum temperature  370 °C Accepts up…

  • AREC.X Digital Ceramic Hot Plate Stirrers


    …digital heating magnetic stirrer with a white ceramic hot plate, that ensures excellent resistance to chemicals and scratches, is extremely easy to clean and is suitable for observing color changes (e.g. during titration, etc.). AREC.X is the first hot plate stirrer with an entire technopolymer…

  • Cimarec+™ Stirrer Series

    Thermo Scientific

    …speed control, and strong magnetic coupling Temperature adjustable in 1 degree increments Hot Top warning system protects from accidental burns with prominent display when heating surface is above 50°C (122°F) Flexible, Robust Design Top plate choices in ceramic or…

  • SCILOGEX Analog Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer


    …stirring and intermittent stirring functions, circulation period and interruption time-period can be set Heating plate with stainless steel surface (Porcelain enamel surface with excellent chemical resistance) Automatic judgment stirring bar displacement and capture automatically Single…

  • RT Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrers with Heating

    IKA Works

    …positions. The RT series of magnetic stirrers are available with 5, 10 and 15 stirring positions and can be used for volumes up to 6 l (H2O). Digital display for precise monitoring of the speed Heating foil for homogeneous temperature distribution of the heating plate Reverse rotation…

  • RT2 Advanced Hotplate Stirrers and Accessories

    Thermo Scientific

    …display hotplate stirrer, equipped with PT100 sensor for precise temperature measurements for sensitive experimental procedures. FEATURES Digital control Overheat prevention circuit turns off the heater if the top plate temperature reaches 450°C Hot top warning indicator…

  • EchoTherm™ Analog Stirrers & Hot Plate Stirrers

    Torrey Pines Scientific

    …burns. Plate surface measures 8" x 8". Rugged aluminum chasis is painted with a chemically-resistant epoxy paint and is designed to keep spills out of the case. UL, CSA and CE certified. Stir 2 liters water on HS10 (8615A01 & 8615A04) and ST10 (8614Z01 & 0857A09). Plate

  • Silicone Lab Mats


    …vibration of common benchtop equipment. The lab mat can be used with items such as centrifuges, vortex mixers, hot plates, stirrers, pipettes and so much more. When using the mat with magnetic stirrers, there is a designated area with internal metal inserts to keep stir bars from wandering around…

  • Thomas Mini Hot Plate/Stirrers


    …educational labs PTFE-coated spin bar included Cast aluminum top plate Built-in support rod holder The Thomas Mini Hot Plate/Stirrer stirs and heats up to 1000 mL of liquid. Durable 4.5” diameter cast aluminum top plate provides an even heating surface. Bi-metallic thermostat offers…

  • Magnetic Stirrers Accessories

    IKA Works

    with Ø 16 mm. Clamping range - stand: 34 mm Clamping range - extension arm: 16 mm Material: cast aluminium Thomas No. 1227W25 For fastening ETS-D5 or ETS-D6 to the support rod H 16 V. Thomas No. 8613Q23 Stainless steel support rod for all magnetic stirrers with M 10…

  • MiniMag™ Mini Magnetic Stirrers


    With a square footprint of under 5 inches, the MiniMag™ is the most compact stirrer in the Benchmark line. Despite its modest dimensions, the 3.4 inch square work surface accepts a wide variety of beakers, flasks, bottles and other laboratory vessels for stirring volumes as large as 1.5…

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