Horizontal Centrifuge

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Horizontal Centrifuge
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  • Universal 320 Benchtop Centrifuges

    Hettich Instruments

    …& 1170C72 (1) Centrifuge (1) Horizontal Rotor (4) Buckets (8) Adapters 15mL (8) Adapters 50mL Plate Package (1) Centrifuge (1) 90° Swing-out Rotor (2) Buckets Blood Tube Package (1) Centrifuge (1) 90° Swing-out Rotor…

  • Rotor, Horizontal Drum For Eppendorf 5804, 5810 Series Models


    6 carrier capacity 90° Force for 16,435 x g 60 x 1.5 mL or 120 x 0.4 mL tubes Carriers not included.

  • C5 Centrifuges

    LW Scientific

    Horizontal separation offers many advantages over traditional fixed-angle separations, including tighter straight-line gel separations to reduce re-spins and re-mixes. The C5 spins test tubes, up to 17.5 x 128mm, at speeds up to 5,000 rpm, with microprocessor speed control. Simply program the…

  • Hermle Z206-A Compact Centrifuges


    Centrifuge is suitable for a variety of applications inside both the clinical and research setting. Three angle rotor options are available permitting use with all common tube sizes from 0.2ml to 50ml. A unique 6 x 5ml swing out rotor is also available for clinical applications requiring horizontal

  • Heraeus® Megafuge® X3 Centrifuge Microplate and Molecular Biology Packages

    Thermo Scientific

    …Microplate Processing Centrifuge Package. Includes Multifuge X3 Centrifuge, TX-750 Swinging Bucket Rotor, Carriers for Microplates and T-75 Horizontal Flasks. Thomas No. 1214V84 - Thermo Scientific Heraeus Multifuge X3R Microplate Processing Refrigerated Centrifuge Package. Includes Multifuge…

  • PlateFuge™ MicroPlate Centrifuge


    …plates to be inserted confidently without sealing tapes or caps. Upon closing the lid of the centrifuge, the rotor accelerates and the centrifugal force "swings" the plates into a horizontal position. Any droplets on the walls of the plate quickly concentrate into the well bottoms. …

  • Holder Centrifuge Tube 15ml


    The centrifuge tube holder allows shaking vertically to let gases escape, or horizontally with stoppers secured by a plate. Each holder accommodates up to eight 15 mL glass tubes of up to 16 mm diameter, 126-160 mm long (stoppered) Up to 2 holders can be shaken at once Load Capacity:…

  • Adapter, For 10 x 1.5 - 2.0 mL Tubes, Set of 6


  • Monoject™ Corvac™ Integrated Serum Separator Tubes with Red/Grey Mottled…


    …- general chemistry, serology and toxicology procedures TDM compatible Can be used with both Angle-head and Horizontal-head centrifuges Sterile tube interior *Sizes noted with "Transport" in descriptions below are to provide optimum results with angle-head centrifuges

  • Holder Cent Tube F / Bnchtp Shkr 50ml


    The centrifuge tube holder allows shaking vertically to let gases escape, or horizontally with stoppers secured by a plate. Holder accommodates up to eight 50 mL glass centrifuge tubes and test tubes up to 28 mm diameter, 140-180 mm long (stoppered) Up to 2 holders can be shaken at once …

  • TubeRollers


    …TubeRollers are designed for the gentle, thorough mixing of a variety of containers, including  Vacutainers™, bottles, test tubes, centrifuge tubes and roller bottles.  Both models (5 roller and 10 roller) operate at a constant 38rpm, chosen as the optimum speed for the broadest…

  • Cell (Cuvette) Spinbar® Magnetic Stirring Bars

    Bel-Art Products

    …stirring bar fits into the standard 10mm light path cuvette and provides rapid vertical and horizontal mixing with a minimum of vortexing when placed on a magnetic stirring machine. Centrifugal pumping action, generated by the cross channels in the upper face, mixes without aeration …

  • Talboys Advanced Waving Shaker


    Vertical and horizontal wave motion Displays for speed/tilt angle and time Timer with audible alarm 2 year warranty The Talboys 1000WS Waving Shaker provides precise speed control and a smooth, low foaming, three dimensional, "wave" motion. Ideal for use in a wide range of…

  • Mini LabRoller Rotator, 230V (UK Cord)


    …15/50ml centrifuge tubes. Lightweight and portable, it is uniquely designed so that the level of agitation can be adjusted from gentle rolling, through two levels of tumbling, to forceful end-over-end mixing simply by changing the rotisserie postition. When a rotisserie is inserted horizontally

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