High Temperature Thermometers

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High Temperature Thermometers
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  • PT100 Platinum High Precision Thermometers


    High Precision, Metrology Grade, NIST Traceable Instruments. These high accuracy thermometers are used when temperature measurement are critical and/or when online documentation is required.

  • Traceable® Workhorse Thermometer


    …Front-panel adjustable offset 0.1° resolution Type-K Workhorse Thermometer provides a sharp readout in dim and very bright light, long battery life (150 to 200 continuous hours), high accuracy, wide temperature range, and a new chip design. Type-K range is -58.0 to 2372°F and…

  • DURAC® Infrared Thermometers with Individual Calibration Report

    H-B Instrument - SP Scienceware

    …max/min memory, high/low alert, error message indicators, lock mode for continuous temperature monitoring, laser sighting, and backlit readout. The two following models can be used in high temperature range applications when the user needs to be a safe distance from the target being…

  • Traceable Big-Digit Thermometer


    …Large display can be read from up to 25 feet away. The dual display permits reading ambient and probe temperatures simultaneously. The Min/Max memory feature allows storage of high/low temperature records overnight, on weekends or for any period of time. Min/Max readings can be displayed or reset at…

  • Traceable Robo Thermometer


    …makes for easy reading at any angle. Position the readout at a right angle for a heads-up display or straight to view sample and temperature simultaneously. Read temperatures in reagents, water baths, foods, air, and any semisolid. Extra-wide range covers from –58 to 536°F and –50 to…

  • Dial Stem Thermometers


    Flat Surface Stem (Model 392052): High temperature range: -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C) Penetration Stem (Model 392050): Temperature range: -58 to 302°F (-50 to 150°C) Basic Accuracy of 2°F or 1°C 0.1° resolution to 199.9; 1° over 200° ON/OFF switch saves battery life Auto power off…

  • Temperature Alarm


    high and low temperatures Min/Max memory feature permits monitoring of conditions for any time period. Unit reads ambient or probe temperature. Alarm sounds when temperature rises above or falls below programmable set points. Alarm continues to sound for up to 12 hours, even if temperature

  • Wide Range IR Thermometer


    …distance to target ratio measures smaller surface areas at greater distances Widest Temperature range from -58 to 1832ºF (-50 to 1000ºC) Adjustable high/low alarm alerts user visually and audibly when temperature exceeds programmed limits Adjustable emissivity for better accuracy on different…

  • Frio-Temp® Dual Zone Precision Verification Electronic Thermometers


    …or Ovens without introducing contamination. These thermometers are Verify sample temperatures in Freezers, Refrigerators, Incubators and Ovens Glass bead bottle fill mimics your sample temperature Includes an individual Thermometer Calibration Report stating corrections to one-tenth…

  • Tuttnauer Tabletop Autoclaves


    …sterilization time and temperature for each cycle Autoclaves 1250K02, 1250K04, 1250K38 and 1250K47 are mechanical control units with temperature range of 100-134° C, dial thermometers and analog controls; all others are electronic units and feature a 105°-137° C temperature range, microprocessor…

  • Thermometer / Clock


    … Resolution is 1° and accuracy is ±1% Combined timer, thermometer and alarm in one unit with 0.75” triple display simultaneously shows timer setting, current temperature and temperature alarm setting. Timer alarm and temperature alarm are easily recognized by two distinctive alarm sounds.…

  • FRIO-Temp® Precision Liquid-In-Glass Verification Thermometers


    … Comparable in accuracy to mercury filled thermometers, but are 100% environmentally safe Accurate temperature reading without sample contamination is achieved by using the filled bottle (included), which mimics the sample Insert the thermometer into the bottle and place near the samples for…

  • FRIO-Temp® High Precision Liquid-In-Glass Verification Thermometers


    FRIO-Temp® verification thermometers for sample temperature measurement within Freezers, Refrigerators, Incubators or Ovens without introducing contamination. These thermometers are filled with environmentally safe non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable Enviro-Safe ® liquid…

  • Traceable® Infrared Thermometer w/ Memory Alarm


    …touchless measurement Temperature range is 0 to 788°F and –20 to 420°C Resolution is 1° Accuracy is ±2°C or 2% of the reading Field of view is 8:1 Size is 6 x 2 x 1-1/4 inches Weight is 6 ounces Temperature range is 0 to 788°F and…

  • High Precision Pt100 Platinum Digital Certified Thermometers for Food & Beverage


    …-20, 0,4, 23, and 32°C Waterproof Platinum Pt100 Accuracy ±0.3°C Inlcudes probe Hold function Range -100/+300°C Min/max, hold, & averaging function Thermco No. Temperatures Certified ACCD370PDFC -20, 0,4, 23, and 32°C

  • High Precision Pt100 Platinum Digital Certified Thermometers for Life Science


    …& average temperatures Temperature hold function Waterproof Backlight Display: 7 Segment LCD Power: 3 AAA Batteries, included Dimensions: 6” x 2-½” x 1-¼” Precision RTD digital thermometer can be used as a Laboratory Temperature Standard,…

  • H-B DURAC® High Temp Precision RTD Thermometer and Thermometer/Data Logger with…

    H-B Instrument - SP Scienceware

    Used in temperature applications requiring precise and stable readings, this DURAC® RTD Thermometer and Thermometer / Data Logger captures and displays maximum/minimum temperatures for long term sample monitoring with 99 built in memory locations. The unit displays current or logged readings,…

  • Thermometer Big Digit Type K


    Traceable® Big Digit Type K Thermometer reads from –58 to 2000°F and –50 to 1300°C with a resolution of 0.1° and 1°. The thermometer can switch from °F to °C at the touch of a button. With easy to read 5/8-inch-high digits, it is readable from 15 feet away.…

  • Traceable® Platinum Ultra-Accurate Digital Thermometer


    Traceable® Platinum Ultra-Accurate Digital Thermometer -200° to 500°C, 0.0001° resolution Features: Platinum sensor insures linear response and high accuracy across the entire range Meter range -200.00° to 500.000°C  ( -328.00 ° to 93 2.000°F),…

  • Thermometer Advanced

    Sper Scientific

    Highly accurate thermometer (+/-0.3% rdg. +1 C) accepts any type K or J thermocouple probes. Fast response time over a wide temperature range (-200~1370ºC and -28~2498ºF) and high resolution (0.1 C/F). Advanced features include a large 3 /12 digit LCD, hold, auto power off, min/max/avg, and relative…

  • Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Alert


    Extech’s Big Digit Thermometer simultaneously displays indoor and outdoor temperatures plus it has a user programmable High and Low alarm for outdoor (external probe) temperature. Its wired external weatherproof probe with a 9.6ft (3m) thin cable can easy be installed through windows, doors,…

  • Dual Laser IR Thermometer


    … Fast 0.15 second response time with Max display Adjustable emissivity increases measurement accuracy for different surface Adjustable High/Low set points with audible alarm alerts user when temperature exceeds the programmed set points Lock function for continuous readings Double molded housing

  • Traceable® Humidity / Temperature / Dew Point Meters


    …alarms, and data output Memory recalls both highest and lowest readings in dew point, temperature, and humidity at any time. High and low alarms can be programmed in dew point, temperature, and humidity. When an out-of-range condition is sensed, an alarm sounds and the display flashes.…

  • Traceable® Big Digit Four-Alarm Thermometers


    …for multi-use operation 4 alarms: over, under, between and outside Temperature range is -58° to 158°F or -50° to 70°C Resolution is 0.1° Accuracy is ±1°C Maximum/minimum memory, probe/ambient readings Jumbo 1 1/8” high digits can be read from across the lab. Size is 4” x 4” x 5/8”. The…

  • Traditional Digital Dry Baths

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …walk away” digital temperature selection, eliminating the need for external thermometers and repetitive “fine tuning” of a temperature control knob. Simply enter the desired temperature on the digital touchpad and the Dry Bath provides accurate temperature with real time monitoring…

  • Dual Laser AccuTherm Infrared Thermometer (-50°-1100°C)


    High accuracy, high temperature IR thermometer with dual laser and 50:1 spot rated. Adjustable emissivity with many features including min-max- average temperature, high-low temperature alarms, hold function. NIST traceable certificiate is provided for assured accuracy. Belt holster and 9v battery…

  • EasyView™ Type K Single Input Thermometer


    …Input Thermometer. This Hand Held Thermometer has a temperature range (Type K) from -58 to 1999°F (-50 to 1300°C). Features a Dual Display LCD, Manually store/recall up to 150 readings and Mode Min/Max/Average functions. Includes 6 AAA Batteries, general purpose Type K bead wire temperature

  • Compact Infrared Cameras with MSX®


    …mechanical applications. With four resolution options—up to 320 × 240 infrared pixels—and the ability to accurately measure temperatures from -20°C to 550°C/-4°F to 1022°F (E6-XT and E8-XT), the Ex-Series has models to fit your target size, working distance, visual…

  • CT-2000 Constant Temperature Bath

    Cannon Instrument

    …permits temperature selection to two decimal places. Thermometer continuously monitors bath temperature and displays it digitally on a four line by twenty character back-lit liquid-crystal screen. Temperature may be displayed in °C or °F. Unit is capable of maintaining temperatures of 10…

  • Vaccine Temperature Data Logger with Software-Less Reporting


    …Ambient Room and Refrigerator (or Freezer) Temperatures Simultaneously. Large Easy to Read Display for viewing the current Room and External Bottle Probe Temperatures -- Min and Max Recorded Temperatures -- Time and Battery Strength. Each Thermometer is Certified, Serialized and Traceable to NIST…

  • DURAC Probeless Electronic Thermometers

    H-B Instrument - SP Scienceware

    Digital Thermometers that Withstand Wet Environments Designed for use in high moisture or wet environments, these digital thermometers are used in green houses, sample prep areas, water treatment facilities and aquariums. Window thermometer (B60900-2500) features easy installation with…

  • Thermocouple Thermometer


    …per second High accuracy Type K thermocouple connector NSF certified Model 32311 is an economy thermocouple thermometer that employs some of the latest high tech features. The thermometer offers 2°F/1°C accuracy over its operating temperature range of -40°…

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