High Temperature Oil Bath

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High Temperature Oil Bath
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  • Highly Dynamic Heating Temperature Control Systems for external applications with working temperatures up to +400 °C. A small internal bath volume enables rapid heat up times and fast compensation for external events, such as endotherms or exotherms. Hydaulically sealed construction prevents oil

  • …Designed to operate at up to 250 degrees C. Do not run dry or above max voltage. Bare, flat bottom suitable for use with magnetic stirrers. All baths include a connecting controller cord (9698-20). Codes -20 thru -24 include a thermocouple/thermometer holding clip in addition to the 9698-20 cord.

  • An extremely stable, medium viscosity, silicone oil. Available in two temperature ranges: Low Temp. maximum 180 degree C; or High Temp. maximum 230 degree C. Neither oil shows discoloration after 40 hours at maximum temperature.

  • … Cylindrical bath shape High-grade recyclable materials The heating elements are situated underneath the bath vessel Either low viscosity oil or water can be used as the heat transfer fluid Useful volume of 4 liters Heat output 1,000 W Adjustable safety temperature limiter acc. to…

  • …models Tops of baths include sets of concentric rings of varying sizes and special sleeves for thermometer insertion Consists of a tubular heater, hydraulic thermostat, pilot light, draincock and a water level regulator (not recommended for high temperature oil bath use) Grounded…

  • …allow condensate to drain into bath. Easy-to-read, color, touch screen with programmable presets and large buttons for easy navigation Five language settings: Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish Rear-mounted drain on 10L, 20L, and 18L models High limit, Over-temperature/Low…

  • …sample that have a high melting point (oils and fats) and samples that have a higher refractive index (perfumes, organic solvents, etc.). Unit is equipped with a Peltier thermo module for maintaining a constant measuring temperature, eliminating the need for an external water bath. If the top and…

  • Digital display of speed and temperature High precision speed control Fuzzy logic prevents temperature overshot 20 L stirring capacity with heavy-duty magnet Built-in RS-232 High-precision, microprocessor-controlled stirrers have superior operating and safety features. 600…

  • Holland Green Science

    …essential tool for the efficient and gentle evaporative removal of solvents such as ethanol from winterized crude oil. The system is highly efficient and easy to use. The bath temperature of up to 180°C covers all common solvents and even allows for in-evaporator decarboxylation if required. …

  • bath temperature enable optimum control of all distillation processes. New: 4 l heating bath integrated safety lift-out function in case of power failure package includes Woulff bottle water/oil heating bath with carrying handles locking button for fixing heating bath temperature

  • Large LCD digital display with heating temperature, rotation speed, clockwise, anti-clockwise and timer; Simple automatic motorized lift (stroke 180mm), smooth and silent; Water/oil heating bath with wide temperature range from room temperature range to max. 180°C; Speed range from 10 to…

  • Bioptechs

    …the objective temperature to the specimen plane where it belongs! The Problem: When live-cell imaging requires the use of high numeric aperture lenses, it is necessary to control the temperature of the objective as well. This problem exists because the optical coupling medium (oil, glycerin or…

  • quick-ship

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    baths, aquaria, terraria or freeze-drying chambers Autoclavable Usable at temperatures up to +135°C Walls are 3 mm thick; can be drilled or tapped Strong enough for direct clamping of accessory equipment. Resistant to aqueous salt solutions, dilute acids, oils,

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