High Speed Mini Centrifuge

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High Speed Mini Centrifuge
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  • D2012 Plus High Speed Mini Centrifuge

    DLAB Scientific

    FEATURES Powerful centrifugal force of 15100×g and a max. speed of 15000rpm Brushless DC motor drive quickly accelerates the rotor to set speed Quiet working, Low noise ≤56dB D2012 Plus passed the rigorous explosion-proof test and accredited with CE, cTUVus, FCC…

  • TC-MicroPlus Mini High Speed Centrifuge

    Walter Products

    …heating and protects temperature-sensitive samples. The Mini High Speed Centrifuge spins up to 14,500rpm, and has a separate short spin button for fast and convenient quick spins. Built with a maintenance-free drive, the Mini High Speed Centrifuge saves you valuable time to work on more important…

  • Gusto™ High-Speed Mini-Centrifuge


    … Designed for 1.5/2.0 mL and 0.5/0.2 mL microfuge tubes Variable speed settings 500 – 12,500 in 100rpm increments Variable timer 1sec – 30 minutes in 1 second increments Selectable digital display of speed in Xg and rpm Low noise and vibration Small footprint Universal…

  • labForce Equipment Promotion - FREE Lab Instrument with Purchase!

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …of the following: Therma-Shaker™ Mini Shaking Incubator BioRocker™ 2D Rocker 24-M & 24-MR High Speed Microcentrifuges Choice of FREE instrument includes one of: MiniMouse™ II Mini Centrifuge with Red Lid Miniature Vortex Mixer  with…

  • Microspin 12 high-speed mini centrifuge

    Grant Instruments

    Compact high-speed benchtop mini centrifuge with a built-in rotor for 12 x 1.5/2ml microtubes. Ideal for biomedical laboratories. Centrifugation speed: 100-14 500 rpm, RCF 12 400xg Fixed angular aluminium rotor accommodates 12 x 1.5/2 ml microtubes, supplied with adapters for 0.2ml and…

  • SCILOGEX D2012 High Speed Personal Mini-Centrifuge


    15000rpm 12-Place Rotor Compact design Large LCD display provides all visual information Compact design Whisper quiet operation Brushless motor drive, maintenance free Pulse operation for quick spins Automatic door lock Over-speed detection 2 YEAR MANUFACTURER…

  • Mini Centrifuge

    Crystal Technologies

    Our mini centrifuges are essential laboratory equipment used in clinical, environmental and industrial research. These personal centrifuges are ideal for quick spins, microfiltration of samples, cell separations and many other routine laboratory procedures. Features Ergonomically designed…

  • MagFuge® High Speed Centrifuge & 3L Stirrer


    … Community Design No. 003515337-0001-0002 European Patent App. 3 246 088 High-Speed Mini Centrifuge The high-speed Centrifuge (12,500 RPM) is designed to give you maximum speed and flexibility while being comfortable and easy to use. Ideal for most protocols requiring…

  • Mini G Centrifuge

    IKA Works

    …all applications which do not require high speeds, e.g. micro-filtrations and cell separation. Transparent cover allows constant observation of centrifuge. The mini-centrifuge can be used for both PCR-vessels and PCR-strips. As a safety feature, the centrifuge will run only when the lid is closed.…

  • Frontier™ 5306 Mini Centrifuge


    The OHAUS Frontier 5306 is a powerful mini centrifuge for simple and rapid liquid separation. The Frontier 5306 includes an 8-position 1.5/2 mL tube rotor as well as a 4-position 8-strip PCR tube rotor that can accommodate 32 individual PCR tubes or 0.2mL strip tubes. With the included adapters, 0.2…

  • MC-12™ High Speed Microcentrifuges


    …achieving centrifugal speeds up to the critical threshold of 16,000 xg, often held as the standard for many molecular biology/DNA protocols. It's brushless, maintenance free drive system makes it powerful, yet compact enough to allow each work station to be fully equipped with a personal centrifuge.

  • CM50MP Prepmix 3 Centrifuge - CarbonSpin Rotor Included


    CM50MP Prepmix 3 Centrifuge — CarbonSpin Rotor Included Fast mini prep Regular mini prep Custom spin – mix – spin programs 13,500 RPM Safety lid lock Low sample heating 12 mixing modes 5 variable brake speeds Digital imbalance sensor Extra low…



    …of high purity RNA from each sample Convenient – includes all necessary components, including filters (shredders) and DNase I Safe - no hazardous phenol/chloroform extraction, CsCl centrifugation, LiCl or alcohol precipitation Product Description The ISOLATE II RNA Mini

  • ROCHE mini Quick Spin Oligo Columns


    …1mM EDTA, 100mM NaCl). Principle: The mini Quick Spin gel filtration columns separate molecules based on their relative size. This rapid chromatographic separation may be done in a conventional tabletop microcentrifuge. During centrifugation, mini Quick Spin columns allow larger molecules (DNA,…

  • ROCHE mini Quick Spin RNA Columns


    …Reactions/standard sample: 50 Principle: The mini Quick Spin gel filtration columns separate molecules based on their relative size. This rapid chromatographic separation can be done in a conventional tabletop microcentrifuge. During centrifugation, mini Quick Spin Columns allow larger…

  • CM-50 Micro Centrifuges


    …running at max speed Rapid spin mode Secure lid lock – lid unlocks automatically when rotation is complete Digital timer and sound notification 5 rotor brake settings Rotor imbalance sensor Patented magnetic rotor cap RPM/RCF optional indicator Extremely quiet at top speed

  • PCV Series Centrifuge/Vortexer Combination

    Grant Instruments

    …PCV-6000 Multi-spin™ combined centrifuge/vortex mixers Highly versatile and efficient variable-speed combined centrifuge/vortex mixers. Programmed centrifugation and mix operations or independent centrifuging and vortex-mixing of multiple microtubes and 0.2 ml strips. Spin-mix-spin…

  • IEC MicroCL 17 & 21 Microcentrifuges

    Thermo Scientific

    …time (≈12 seconds) means users can process more samples in less time. The IEC MicroCL 17 & 21 models boast the widest selection of high capacity rotors availableto cover all types of micro-volume tubes. The 24 place rotor can be used for all 1.5 to 2.0 mL tubes, including mini-preps.…

  • Microfuge® 20 Microcentrifuges

    Beckman Coulter

    …Increased Speed and Capacity Fast sample processing at maximum speeds of up to 15,000 rpm (20,627 x g) Spin more samples per run with a maximum capacity of 36 x 1.5/2.0 mL tubes An Intuitive Addition to your Lab Efficient and easy-to-use interface displays both speed (rpm)…

  • Heraeus Pico and Fresco Microcentrifuges

    Thermo Scientific

    …rotor with a ClickSeal™ bio-containment lid certified by CAMR. High Productivity The extensive rotor selection and 17,000 and 21,000 x g options give the Heraeus Pico & Fresco series the speed and versatility to carry out complex as well as simple protocols. Fast…

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