Heating Magnetic Stirrer

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Heating Magnetic Stirrer
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  • SE 600 Vertical Unit

    GE Healthcare

    …in stained gels. SE 600 Ruby ensures uniform heat in gels because, firstly, the gels are completely immersed in the lower buffer for uniform heat transfer and, secondly, a standard magnetic stirrer circulates buffer around the vertically suspended heat exchanger to maintain homogeneous lower buffer…

  • TE 22 Mini Tank Transfer Unit

    GE Healthcare

    …strands on each electrode panel. The built-in alumina-covered heat exchanger dissipates the heat generated by tank electrotransfer. The temperature rises no more than 5°C during a typical transfer with a magnetic stirrer circulating the buffer and tap water running through the heat exchanger.

  • SCILOGEX Analog Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer


    …set Heating plate with stainless steel surface (Porcelain enamel surface with excellent chemical resistance) Automatic judgment stirring bar displacement and capture automatically Single temperature sensor protection temperature can be set Warning display indicating presence of any residual heat

  • SuperNuova+™ Stirrer Series

    Thermo Scientific

    …shield Advanced Technology Stir Trac features innovative engineering for slow-speed stirring, consistent speed control, and stronger magnetic couplng Hot Top warning system protects from accidental burns with prominent display when heating surface is above 50°C (122°F)

  • RCT basic safety control IKAMAG® Magnetic Stirrer with Heating

    IKA Works

    …of heating plate temperature (50 - 360°C) Safety magnetic stirrer with heating, suitable for unsupervised operation Bushing according to DIN 12878 for connecting a contact thermometer, e.g. ETS-D5, enables precise temperature control High level of safety thanks to improved heat control…

  • AM4 Aluminum Hot Plate Stirrer, Multiple Position


    Multiple-position hot plate stirrer with four separately controlled stirring plates. Excellent Performance Uniform  heat distribution with coated aluminum alloy heating plate Excellent resistance to chemicals Maximum temperature  370 °C Accepts up…

  • SCILOGEX Analog Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer, 10-Channel


    High-performance multi-position magnetic stirrer with 10 stirring position, optimum use of laboratory space The stainless steel surface covers the unit allowing easy cleaning and providing protection against the penetration of liquids Simultaneously operating stirrers, absolute consistency over…

  • RT Multi-Position Magnetic Stirrers with Heating

    IKA Works

    …RT series of multi-position digital magnetic hotplate stirrers are ideal for synchronous heating and stirring applications. The wear-free magnetic coil technology provides consistent and noiseless stirring on all positions. The RT series of magnetic stirrers are available with 5, 10 and 15 stirring…

  • Cimarec+™ Stirrer Series

    Thermo Scientific

    …engineering for slow-speed stirring, consistent speed control, and strong magnetic coupling Temperature adjustable in 1 degree increments Hot Top warning system protects from accidental burns with prominent display when heating surface is above 50°C (122°F) Flexible, Robust…

  • AREC Digital Ceramic Hot Plate Stirrers


    …AREC is a digital heating magnetic stirrer with a white ceramic hot plate, that ensures excellent resistance to chemicals and scratches, is extremely easy to clean and is suitable for observing color changes (e.g. during titration, etc.). AREC is the first hot plate stirrer with an entire…

  • 2.5-Gallon Capacity Heated Magnetic Stirrer

    Across International

    …need for complicated rotary seals. Magnetic stirrers may also include a hot plate or some other means for heating the liquid. Features Very compact and simple to operate Heating of material greatly improves mixing speed and result Heat and corrosion resistant industrial plastic…

  • C-MAG HS digital Magnetic Stirrers

    IKA Works

    Magnetic stirrer with heating and ceramic heating plate which offers excellent chemical resistance. Powerful motor for stirring quantities of up to 10 l (H2O) Simultaneous digital display of target and actual temperatures via LCD dispaly Directly connection for a PT 1000 temperature…

  • AREC.X Digital Ceramic Hot Plate Stirrers


    AREC.X is a digital heating magnetic stirrer with a white ceramic hot plate, that ensures excellent resistance to chemicals and scratches, is extremely easy to clean and is suitable for observing color changes (e.g. during titration, etc.). AREC.X is the first hot plate stirrer with an entire…

  • Model PC-220 Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrers


    …for both heating and stirring Reduced maintenance times and costs “Spill Trough” design channels spills away from electronics and controls. Support rod mount included for attachment of a standard retort rod for thermometer, buret, etc. LED lights for Power, Heat and Stir.…

  • StirBase with Remote Controller

    Environmental Express

    magnetic stirring bars are custom-designed and tested to work with our StirBase. They are 11.5mm in diameter and 23.1mm long, so they are ideal in our 50mL digestion vessels. The stirbar magnets themselves are PEEK encapsulated to protect them from any corrosive acids. These are very strong magnets,

  • Model 7195 Overhead Stirrer 150-2500 rpm


    A general purpose stirrer powered by a totally enclosed PM motor which features high coercively ceramic magnets and long-life brushes. It has been designed for high torque, reduced weight and size, efficient heat dissipation and continuous operation. The 1/17 hp motor produces 24 oz-in of torque at…

  • Hot Plate / Magnetic Stirrer

    United Scientific Supplies

    …Hot Plate / Magnetic Stirrer features a stainless steel heating plate. Designed with double PT sensors, it also features a hot top indicator for safety along with an adjustable safety cut off. Technical Specs are: Speed range of 50 to 1700RPM, Maximum Stir Bar length of 80mm, Heat output of 450W,…

  • Intelli-Stirrer Digital Magnetic Stirrer Hotplate

    Grant Instruments

    Digital magnetic stirrer with heating; the MSH-300i Intelli-stirrer is designed for laboratories with higher requirements. It offers digital setting and control of temperature and rotation speed. A powerful magnet allows mixing solutions with glycerine viscosity level. Maximum volume of stirred…

  • GDE Enzymatic Digesters


    …enzymes heating. High Reliability Non-stop sample mixing for homogeneity Constant temperature, no overheating of samples Excellent accuracy of +0.2°C Digital timer for reproducible results Complete System Precision, 6-position magnetic stirrer

  • Heating Mantles with Stirrer

    United Scientific Supplies

    Heating and stirring functions are independently controlled by 2 separate knobs. Each unit is supplied with a magnetic stir bar. Mantles with stirrer feature polyurethane coated aluminum exteriors and a high quality knitted mantle with glass fiber underlay for uniform distribution of heat.

  • Mono and Maxi Direct Stirrers

    Thermo Scientific

    With powerful magnets and no moving parts, these inductive-drive stirrers are the perfect choice for your general lab needs. Large, flat, easy-to-clean work surfaces Compact, space-saving design Gradual start acceleration is gentle and ensures optimum magnetic coupling Adjustable power…

  • Nuova II Magnetic Stirrer-Hot Plate

    Thermo Scientific

    Provides surface temperatures up to 371°C (700°F) and stirring motor speeds from 60 to 1000 rpm Heating surface is 180 x 180 mm (7 x 7 in.) 3 year manufacturer warranty Overall dimensions: 280 x 185 x 90 mm (11 x 7 1/4 x 3 1/2 in.) high. Supplied with one Teflon-coated stirring…

  • Digital Hotplate/Magnetic Stirrers


    …heavy-duty magnet Built-in RS-232 High-precision, microprocessor-controlled stirrers have superior operating and safety features. 600 watts provides maximum temperature of 300°C. Hotplate cutout has over-temperature, sensor short circuit and sensor breakage protection. Stirrer has…

  • Magnetic Stirrers with Hot Plates


    …coating hot plate Equipped with circuit protector Strong stirring capacity up to 5L 20~60mm stirrer bar available Thomas No. 1171T36 Features Rotation and heating can be adjusted individually Equipped with circuit protector Chemical resistant ceramic coating…

  • Scienceware® Microwave Stirrer

    Bel-Art Products

    …with a rotary turntable Magnetic stirrer uses the microwave's turntable spindle as the power source. Stirrer is ideal for prepping agarose, electrophoresis gels, chemical compound purification, concentrating urea solutions and applications requiring simultaneous heating and stirring. Chemical…

  • RO Magnetic Stirrers

    IKA Works

    …operation Wear free magnetic coils Error code display Easy operation with touch keypad Suitable for continuous operation Adjustable speed in increments of 10 rpm Digital magnetic stirrer without heating, designed for synchronous stirring. The magnetic coil technology provides…

  • Deluxe Digital Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer

    United Scientific Supplies

    This deluxe digital hot plate with magnetic stirrer features an aluminum housing with a scratch and chemical resistant stainless steel ceramic coated 6" diameter heating plate. Unit is thermally insulated so the housing is relatively cool to the touch during operation. Designed with double PT…

  • IKAMAG® C-MAG HS Magnetic Stirrer

    IKA Works

    Magnetic stirrer with heating and ceramic heating plate which offers excellent chemical resistance. Powerful motor for stirring quantities of up to 5 l (H2O) Fixed safety circuit of 550 °C Hot Top indicator >> hot surface warning to prevent burns! Exact temperature setting via…

  • 7 x 7" Digital & Analog Magnetic Hotplate-Stirrers


    …and speed control: the microprocessor control technology effectively monitors the temperature and speed precision Features of digital models: Heat warning: The LCD displays “HOT” when the plate temperature exceeds 50oC, when the unit is switched off; the hotplate turns off when the…

  • Mini MR standard Magnetic Stirrer

    IKA Works

    Small magnetic stirerr without heating. For stirring quantities up to 1,000mL (H2O) Infinitely variable speed from 0 - 2.500 rpm White set-up plate suitable for observing color reactions

  • Talboys Professional Stirrers


    …a more even heating surface. Built-in support rod holder: Rear housing features an off centered, built-in support rod holder with locking knob that accepts the probe kit supplied with heating models. Safety Features: Cool Touch Housing: Housing is made of a heat resistant polymer…

  • Stirrer Biological Mcs-101L, 117/240V

    Techne (Bibby Scientific US)

    …attachment phase to further reduce agitation of the media or when culturing particularly fragile cells. The stirrers create virtually no heat so there is negligible heat transfer from the magnetic drive to the culture vessel, making the system suitable for use in both incubators and cold rooms.

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