Heated Water Bath

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Heated Water Bath
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  • Stainless Steel Water Bath

    United Scientific Supplies

    This standard size (8" x 2.75") water bath is ideal for heating flasks, bottles, tubes, etc. Features seven concentric rings, flat bottom, and a steam escape outlet. Stainless steel construction.

  • General Purpose Water Bath


    Accurate Temperature Monitoring Labnet's user friendly 6 Liter Water Bath is solidly constructed with a stainless steel, seamless chamber that resists corrosion, a stainless gable cover is included to minimize evaporation, and offers simplicity, consitiancy, and conveneince. The optional…

  • Cover Heating Bath B-491


    …a water and oil bath up to 180°C. The B-495 is additionally equipped with a automatic water level control (bath replenisment). Both heating baths are using the power supporting platform for a easy handling of the bath. This is very useful for filling and emptying the bath. The heating

  • Water Bath Thermostats


    …8.5 liter bath that consistently deliver outstanding results in the lab. Features: Precise and user-friendly temperature control in the bath Automatic water level detection system Variable water circulation speed External water circulation pump to accurately heat other items…

  • SB-12L Shaking Water Bath


    This compact shaking water bath utilizes the well proven, belt-less motor drive system from our popular Orbi-Shaker™ Series, with the addition of precision temperature control up to 80°C. The seamless, stainless steel chamber has a 12 liter capacity and includes a universal…

  • Denville Circulating Water Bath with 8.5L Stainless Steel Tank


    …steel water bath is a convenient and reliable 8.5 liter bath that consistently delivers outstanding results in the lab. Precise and user-friendly temperature control Automatic water level detection system Variable water circulation speed External water circulation pump to accurately heat

  • Orbital/Reciprocal Shaking Water Bath


    …of the bath Choose from a variety of trays to maximize your versatility. The following trays available for your bath are: universal tray, test tube tray and a perforated tray. The Perforated Tray allows the bath to be used as a general purpose water bath. Included with each bath is a…

  • MyBath™ 4L Digital Water Bath


    water bath features easy to use controls that allow the user to digitally select and monitor temperature. Its hinged lid provides a secure, covered environment and can be flipped open (to the rear) or completely and instantly removed at the user's option. The MyBath is also the only water bath that…

  • C76 High-Temperature Water Bath Shakers


    Microprocessor-controlled orbital shaker for applications up to 80°C. High capacity shaking water bath for all your critical incubations 1 piece seamless bath with rounded corners ensures even heating and easy cleaning Feedback control of temperature and agitation rate for reproducible results …

  • CORIO™ Open Heating Bath Circulators


    Heating Circulator combinations with tranparent or stainless steel bath tanks for routine laboratory tasks. Units include bright LED display and easy operation. A quick connect bath clamp is included. The CORIO™ C immersion circulator provides temperatures to 100 °C for internal bath

  • HBR 4 Digital Heating Bath

    IKA Works

    heating bath is characterized by the following features: Cylindrical bath shape High-grade recyclable materials The heating elements are situated underneath the bath vessel Either low viscosity oil or water can be used as the heat transfer fluid Useful volume of 4 liters Heat

  • Max Q 7000 Water Bath Shakers


    …shaking Easy front access drain system with quick disconnect Twin baffles minimize splashing and turbulence Prevent heat loss with optional covers These orbital shaking baths feature shaking speeds from 15 to 500 rpm on the digital units and 40-400 rpm on the analog units. Safety measures…

  • CORIO™ Heating Circulators with Open Bath


    JULABO CORIO™ CD Immersion Heating Circulator combinations with tranparent or stainless steel bath tanks for routine laboratory tasks. Units include bright LED display and easy operation. A quick connect bath clamp is included. The CORIO™ CD immersion circulator provides…

  • myBath Series Water Baths


    …the bath, while keeping the housing cool to the touch. All myBath models feature seamless, stainless steel chambers for easy cleaning and long life The chambers resist rust and have no corners to collect dirt or contamination. The larger 8L and 12L units have drains for hassle-free water changes.…

  • PURA Water Baths


    …lip of the PURA bath for draining of excess water after removal. Maximum number of racks in bath: PURA 4 = 1; PURA 10 = 3; PURA 14 = 3; PURA 22 = 5; PURA 30 = 7. Hollow Balls Polypropylene hollow balls to reduce heat loss and evaporation; form a floating lid on the water surface. Up to…

  • Digital Water Baths

    Techne (Cole-Parmer)

    …for easy emptying of the bath. Bath covers are included as standard with each bath to help reduce heat losses and evaporation. The covers are manufactured from robust polycarbonate allowing full visibility of the bath contents. NOTE:  These water baths are European 230V models.…

  • Aqualine Water Baths


    …within the bath. Consequently, they are corrosion-resistant, easy to clean or disinfect, and provide maximum use of internal bath space. The heating elements housed under the bath vessel ensure homogenous temperature distribution without localised overheating. Heating of the bath bottom across…

  • Digital Water Baths

    LW Scientific

    The LW Scientific 10 liter and 20 liter Water Baths create a constant temperature with an open reservoir and immersion circulator, ideal for heating temperature-sensitive samples. The stainless steel reservoir is seamless, eliminating the possibility of rust and leaks, and the rounded corners are…

  • CT-2000 Constant Temperature Bath

    Cannon Instrument

    …or tap water hookup. All wetted parts are constructed of stainless steel, glass or PTFE. The bath housing is fabricated from heavy aluminum and coated with a corrosion- resistant epoxy finish. The bath cover features a stainless steel top surface, insulating layer and a bottom stainless steel heat

  • Mini Pro Bath

    Revolutionary Science

    Literally a fraction of the cost of other water baths, the Mini Pro Bath can be used to simply keep media warm or for other general-purpose laboratory applications. Comes equipped with a heating indicator light and temperature regulator control knob. See-through polymer cover also included with…

  • Dual Poly Pro Bath

    Revolutionary Science

    …literally half the cost of other same-sized water baths, the Poly Pro bath has a unique polypropylene chamber. Whether the Poly Pro bath is used to simply keep media warm, or for an experiment that requires precise temperature control this water bath is ideal for all general-purpose laboratory…

  • Hollow Bath Balls

    LW Scientific

    …on your water bath. Immerse your tubes through the ball thermal layer, and never have to worry about removing a lid and replacing it! The thermal ball layer retains the water vapor, and the heat! Because it is so efficient at retention, it lowers the work load on your water bath’s heaters and…

  • The Belly Bath

    IBI Scientific

    …switch for the water bath. The water bath incorporates thermal run-away safety switch, which operates independently of the main temperature controller. The lid is 3/6” thick PET clear lid with an easy grip handle and thermometer port. The Belly Bath combines a water bath with the gentle…

  • Economy Heating Baths

    Lab Companion

    water baths for optimal temperature control. Performance Temperature range from ambient +7 to 100°C. On/off temperature control. Convenience Simple and quick control panel. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction allowing other bath fluids as well as water and…

  • General Heating Baths

    Lab Companion

    Outstanding temperature control water baths for diverse applications. Performance Temperature range from ambient +5 to 100°C Microprocessor PID control / Automatic tuning / Calibration. Convenience Easy readout digital LED displays. (0.1°C resolution) Dual…

  • SW Series Shaking Water Baths


    JULABO SW shaking water baths for unsupervised sample incubation. Stainless steel construction with an operating range from +20…+99.9 °C. User-friendly operation via keypad with bright LED display. Electronic timer from 1 min to 9h 59min. Integrated RS232 interface for integration to PC…

  • SWB Series Digital Water Baths

    Shel Lab

    water bath tank to prevent water from dripping onto the controls. A warm air jacketed design radiates heat to the sides and bottom of the tank, eliminating hot spots. The unit has a non-contact, recessed heating element that will prevent burnouts if the water level is too low. The water bath

  • LSE™ 6L Digital Water Baths


    …accommodate up to 6 liters of water or can serve as a dry bath when using thermal beads. Temperature can be set from between ambient +5°C and 99°C and easily monitored on the digital display. A stainless steel gable cover is also included, which helps retain heat and minimize evaporation. …

  • Lindberg Digital Circulating Water Baths

    Lindberg/Blue M

    …the water bath during operation to provide a means for condensation to flow back to the chamber; reducing moisture loss and eliminating the accumulation of moisture on laboratory counter tops. Power cords are included on all units. Water baths are UL and CUL listed and refrigerated water baths are…

  • SWB Series Shaking Water Baths

    Shel Lab

    SHEL LAB Reciprocating Water Baths deliver precise temperature control and a smooth reciprocal shaking motion. Temperature and oscillation controls feature an easy to read P.I.D. microprocessor temperature controller and an independent safety thermostat. The bath may be used with or without…

  • Heat Transfer Station

    Huber USA

    …circulators when a chilled water supply is already available. The HTS heat exchanger is suited for temperature control of bio reactors, condensers, rotary evaporators, vapour traps etc. Efficient circulation pump Efficient thermal transfer Low cooling water usage LED temperature…

  • JB Nova General Purpose Water Baths

    Grant Instruments

    …manufacturer warranty General purpose water baths with stable temperature control, simple interface and fast heat-up.  Choose from four models each with base tray and lid included as standard. The JB Nova general purpose unstirred water bath range benefits from key features such as the…

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