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Heat Gun
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  • Varitemp Heat Gun

    Master Appliance

    Professional Quality, Heavy-duty, Multiple Use Heat Guns High temperature and power ratings: up to 1000°F/540°C at 1740 watts Varitemp model features variable temperature control which allows selection of temperatures from ambient to 1000°F/540°C? High air flow…

  • Masterflow Heat Blower

    Master Appliance

    …High temperatures accommodate many heating, drying & shrinking applications High air flow: 47 CFM at 2200 FPM gets job done fast Brushless induction type motor for quiet, continuous-duty operation Easily replaceable, reinforced, mica-insulated heating element Rubber-backed stand…

  • Proheat® 1200 Varitemp® Heat Gun

    Master Appliance

    Dial-in Variable Temperature Heat Gun Compact, lightweight, easy-to-use Balanced ergonomic design prevents operator fatigue Variable temperature from 130° – 1000°F (50° – 540°C) Electronic closed loop temperature control system maintains constant…

  • NEW MiniTemp MT4 Non-contact Temperature Measurement with Laser Sighting


    The MiniTemp MT4 is capable of displaying thermal measurement readings using easy point and shot infrared technology in a pocket size configuration. This high accuracy unit is great for instrument thermal test confirmation, including GC injector port and detector measurements, thermostatted LC…

  • Ecoheat® Heat Gun

    Master Appliance

    Economical, Lightweight, Multi-use Heat Gun Two heat settings: 500°F or 1000°F (260°C or 540°C) Two fan speeds - Low or High (7 or 9 CFM) Lightweight - 1 lb. - Easy to hold at any angle for long periods of time, eliminates operator fatigue Built-in…

  • Master Heat Guns

    Master Appliance

    …Multiple Use Heat Guns High temperature and power ratings: up to 1000°F/540°C at 1740 watts High air flow rating: 23 CFM at 3000 FPM gets the job done fast Powerful high speed universal motor Sturdy die cast aluminum housing Double protected heating element…

  • Vacuum Chamber Digital Heat Pads

    Best Value Vacs

    …thermal laser gun to shoot the temps. If you have a thermocouple that would be the best method to check and verify temps. The controller has a temperature offset that will need to be found to set the controller accurately. Anything you attach a heat pad to will act like a heat sink. So the set…

  • Master-Mite® Heat Gun

    Master Appliance

    Continuous-duty  Bench-top Heating System Complete system  comes standard with  650°F/343°C heating  element, adjustable  stand and heat shrink  attachment Quiet-running shaded  pole motor, eliminates  noisy production areas 3…

  • PROHEAT® heat gun PH-1100, AC input 120 V, 6 - 12 A


    General Description Compact, lightweight heat guns with dual temperature settings of 430°F and 840°F (221°C and 449°C). Excellent source of flameless heat with air flow at 15 cfm. The PROHEAT heat guns meet most general laboratory applications. Legal Information PROHEAT…

  • Element Kits For Master Appliance Heat Guns

    Master Appliance

  • N2 Spray Gun Assembly - Straight Line


    …(like the companion piece . . . our D.l Water Spray Guns), they resist acid fume attack. Moreover, our N2 guns' unique design eliminates costly nitrogen leaks (these leaks usually occur in conventional guns around the depress button). N2 Guns are available individually or as assemblies with…

  • Superior Pressure Caps

    Wilmad LabGlass

    …is ideal for experiments that requires a simple gas tight seal under 1.5 bar. Recommended to use with Wilmad medium wall or heavy wall tube. This cap would not allow syringe puncture. Use heat gun to soften the cap and apply on the tube. Once the cap is cooled down, a gas tight tight seal is formed.

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