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  • Hand Vacuum Pump

    United Scientific Supplies

    Good quality, economical hand operated air/vacuum pump is easy to operate. Each squeeze of the pump delivers approximately 15ml, and can be used to create vacuum of 15mm Hg, or air pressure of about 2 atm (standard atmosphere). Pump features a gauge along with a removable cap and elastic valve to…

  • Hand Pumps

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Compact, lightweight, light duty hand pumps Useful for numerous small volume vacuum or pressure requirements in the laboratory or field Provides vacuum of 25 inches Hg (85 kPa) Pumping rates of 15 or 36 cc per stroke Pumps are molded of polyvinyl chloride, with finger grips in squeeze-type…

  • GoatThroat Pump Replacement Parts & Accessories


    GoatThroat pumps, long valued for their innovative design combined with a simple, safe, and clean hand-operated fluid delivery system, bring another innovative advancement to the industrial marketplace. These small, versatile pumps can now safely be used with shop air, aircompressors or bottled…

  • Mini Solvent Pump


    Reliable filling of small quantities The Mini Solvent Pump is a high-quality hand pump for use with liquids and flammable media such as acetone, ethanol, isopropanol and methanol. Use with small containers such as bottles, canisters, carboys and tanks with GL45 threads, from 1 liter up to ~ 10…

  • GoatThroat Pumps for Flammables in Barrels and Pails


    … Made in the USA, GoatThroat® Pumps are available in four models, to handle nearly any liquid or chemical. Click here for the Complete Chemical & Liquid Compatibility Guide . NOTE: Before purchasing a GoatThroat® Pump, please download the Pump Questionnaire found in the Additional…

  • Digital Mini Dispensing Pump Systems

    Argos Technologies

    …Digital Mini Pump is a compact and lightweight complete laboratory pump system that is ideal for dispensing and filing culture media, buffer solutions, and other fluids with accuracy and confidence. Unlike hand pouring, manual pipetting, or bottletop style dispensers, these pumps can easily repeat…

  • PILOT Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Kits & Replacement Parts

    Fischer Technical

    …Dial Pressure gauge, Hand Knob Control, 1/4" O.D. Hose barb, 1/8" NPT Exhaust Adapter, Built in Silencer. Compatible with PILOT3000 and PILOT5000 Chemical Resistant Diaphragm Vacuum Pumps. Thomas No. 1162B32 Regulator Kit Includes: Dial Pressure gauge, Hand Knob Control, 1/4"…

  • Seripettor Pro Dispenser


    …are damaged by crystallizing reagents, just change the inexpensive cartridge, and you're back in business! Protects Light-sensitive Reagents: Pump assembly with Hastalloy stainless steel spring. An opaque upper sleeve helps protect liquid from UV-light during dispensing operations, while…

  • Hand Air Pump

    United Scientific Supplies

    This pump features a painted steel barrel, steel valve assembly, and a wooden handle. Both in a out ports are equipped with hose connectors, for use with vacuum experiments as well as to generate pressure. Length: 14", barrel diameter 1"; shipping weight 1 Lb.

  • Vacuum Pumps

    GSC International, Inc.

    Remove moisture and air from tanks and other containers with this hand held vacuum pump. The gauge reads in both centimeters and inches of mercury. The pumping rate is 15ml per stroke and will displace up to 725ml of air. The pump is fitted with a valve to release vacuum. Approximate size: 10 x 7 x…

  • Repairable Hand-Operated Vacuum Pump

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    This durable pump easily and quickly attains and holds vacuum of 25 in. (635 mm) Hg Vacuum trigger release requires only one hand to operate and releases vacuum with the touch of an index finger Adjustable vacuum release rate Pumping rate of 15 cc/stroke and 15 psig (1.0 bar) positive…

  • Scienceware® PE Poly-Hand Pumps

    Bel-Art Products

    …positive pressure on the downstroke of the piston; does not pressurize the vessel Ergonomic ‘T’ handle fits comfortably in a gloved hand Pump will efficiently deliver against a 3.65m (12ft) head of water and empty a drum or carboy to within 3 mm (1/8") of the bottom Sizes…

  • GE Druck Low-Pressure and Vacuum Hand Pump

    Portable hand pump in lighweight yet rugged and durable Vacuum to -27 inHg Precise fine control to 0.001" H2O Pneumatic pressures to 1250" H2O/45 psi Thermally-insulated to eliminate temperature effect, this test pump is designed for the requirements…

  • XX6200035


    Hand Vacuum Pump Dispense liquids into small containers and pressure filter small volumes using a hand vacuum pump. Consists of a Luer outlet polypropylene syringe attached to a 2-way vacuum value, nylon male-to-male Luer adapter and rubber tubing with male Luer inlet. Stainless steel…

  • GoatThroat Pumps for Barrels and Pails


    …Guide . All non-SCP pumps are made from Food Grade materials making them safe for food contact. These Pumps meet US FDA requirements for Food Contact under CFR Title 21, parts 170 – 199. NOTE: Before purchasing a GoatThroat® Pump, please download the Pump Questionnaire found in…

  • Filtering Kit

    United Scientific Supplies

    An excellent, faster working, alternative to traditional gravity based liquid filtration. Contents: 500ml Filtering Flask 90mm porcelain Buchner Funnel Hand Vacuum Pump with Gauge Pack of 90mm Filter Papers (pack/100) Rubber Stopper Vacuum Hose Instruction Manual

  • Natural Square HDPE Bottle with One-Touch Pump


    …suitable for many solvents Square shape provides stability and saves storage space Wide opening that is easy to fill Translucent - allows easy viewing of contents Height: 3.375 inches Dispenses approximately 0.2cc of liquid with each pump Ideal for use with hand sanitizer

  • Pipette Pumps

    Argos Technologies

    …secures the pipette to the device. For a fast release of liquid, depress the white side bar or depress the plunger. The pipette pumps can be operated with one hand, are resistant to acids and alkalis and are color coded for easy identification. The unit can be easily disassembled and cleaned using…

  • Scienceware® Pipette Pump III

    Bel-Art Products

    …comfort and simplicity, the Pipette Pump III has a thumb wheel ideally located to aspirate and dispense gradually. For rapid dispensing, use the conveniently positioned trigger release. Available in three color-coded capacities for quick identification, each pump is resistant to acids, alkalis and…





  • Hand-Pump For 1-Gallon 7x Bottles

    MP Biomedicals

    Hand Pump for 1 gallon bottles of 7X Cleaner.

  • Lift Pump

    GSC International, Inc.

    The hand on demonstration allows for a complete viewing of the operation of a lift pump. Made from borosilicate glass. Instructions included.

  • Pallet Truck with Hand Brake


    2 year pump warranty Adjustable fork connecting rods Overload bypass Rubber coated handle 6" wide forks Disc brake 7" moldon polyurethane steering wheels 3" moldon polyurethane load wheels Entry and Exit Rollers

  • Softguard Protective Hand Cream And Lotion

    Thermo Scientific

    … Non-greasy, unscented and absorbs immediately Wall bracket available separately for mounting tube Provides the same non-greasy protection as the hand cream Lotion is less viscous than SoftGUARD Hand Cream and takes a few seconds longer to absorb Furnished in a 16 oz. bottle with pump dispenser

  • Perimatic Premier Peristaltic Pump


    …24 character LCD aids step-by- step in programming, calibration and operating. Max pumping rate is 2,000 mL per minute; accepts tubing from 1/8 to 1/4”. Features automatic or manual operation by hand or footswitch. Unit is supplied with three silicone tubing assemblies and footswitch.…

  • Footswitch Unispense Pump Head

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Utilize the convenience of hands-free pump operation by installing the optional footswitch for the Omnispense Plus. This footswitch enables better control with its start and stop feature. This footswitch can remotely start and/or stop the dispense cycle when used with the Ominspense® Plus. …

  • Round Amber Glass Bottle with One-Touch Pump


    Dark bottle protects light and plastic sensitive fluids Constructed of glass - allows storage of fluids not compatible with plastic One-touch pump Translucent - allows easy viewing of contents Dispenses approximately 0.2cc of liquid with each pump Ideal for use with hand sanitizer

  • Stoko Refresh® 4 in 1 Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel

    Deb Stoko®

    …a conditioner to help prevent skin from drying out Ecofriendly, BioPreferred product Provides up to 1,000 pumps per 1000 mL STOKO® REFRESH 4 in 1 Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel is an alcohol-based sanitizer for rapid germ killing activity when handwashing facilities are not readily…

  • Round Brown HDPE Alcohol Bottle with Lasting-Touch Pump


    Opaque brown High density polyethylene bottle protects light sensitive fluids Lasting-touch pump allows for quick one-handed dispensing - perfect for alcohol dispensing in working environments Wide neck opening with “Swing lid” - easy to fill, easily closes, reduces odors, and…

  • Rotary Pumps And Vacuum System Supplies

    Agilent Technologies

    …4,500 hours Be careful when changing oil because the oil may have absorbed dangerous substances. The oil in the rotary pump on the interface side of a 7500 equipped with a hydrofluoric acid resisting introduction system is especially dangerous. DO NOT TOUCH THE OIL WITH BARE HANDS.

  • Model C Hydraulic Press, Model 3851


    …A larger version of the mini C (7881L36) with heavier construction and daylight to 18”. Mounted on a sturdy cast base with threaded columns, hand pump and pressure gauge. A short lever on the pump quickly builds up pressure. Overall dimensions: 15”W x 16” D x 36” H.

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