Griess Reagent

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Griess Reagent
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  • Griess reagent (modified)


    Synonym(s): Greiss MDL Number:

  • …is an essential cofactor for the function of the NOS enzyme. Unfortunately, NADPH interferes with the chemistry of the Griess reagents, which are the most commonly used reagents for nitrite detection. This kit uses Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) to oxidize the excess NADPH used in a NOS-catalyzed…

  • For determination of nitrite in aqueous solutions. Composition: 1% solution of sulfanilamide in 5% phosphoric acid Stability: 1 year

  • …Expectations: MS-PS1-2 Cross Cutting Concepts: Structure and Function Engineering Practices: Developing and Using Models Kit Includes: 60mL Griess Reagent 0.5g Cadmium Metal Powder 6 Plastic Pipettes 3 Reaction Vessel 3 Collection Bottle 1 Measuring Tube 1 pkg Wooden Dowels 1 Nitrite & Nitrate…

  • …is very versatile, the most important role of NO is the activation of guanylate cyclase.The Griess assay is one of the most popular and simplest methods used to detect the NO concentration. The Griess assay's mechanism is summarized as the azo coupling between diazonium species, which are produced…

  • Nitrate Agar


    …This reaction is known as Griess reaction. If an organism grows rapidly and reduces nitrate actively, the test should be performed after an early incubation period since the nitrite may be further reduced to nitrogen. For the test: Add few drops of each reagent i.e. sulphanillic acid (R015)…

  • Composition: 0.1% solution of N-(1-napthyl)ethylene-diamine in H2O Storage: 4°C, Ships in wet ice Stability: 1 year

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