Glass Sprayer

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Glass Sprayer
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  • labForce® (powered by Thomas Scientific)

    …instantaneous control of spray Borosilicate glass tube has permanently attached, molded phenolic screw cap (size No. 24) with polyvinyl liner which fits commercial narrow mouth bottles Complete with spray tube, screw cap and 240 mL clear glass bottle (1702F61) Takes 1/4 inch i.d. rubber…

  • Pressure sprayer, robust industrial quality for disinfection, cleaning, plant protection, thin layer chromatography, technical and sanitary use. The hand pump is used to produce a pressure of up to 4 bar in the container. Spraying can then take place by pressing a button. Media-contacting…

  • DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …both thin layer and paper chromatography Borosilicate glass Handles all standard TLC spray reagents and most corrosive liquids Creates consistent spray patterns that are free of damaging droplets The connection between the sprayer head and the flask is made with a special screw thread ground…

  • SP Wilmad-LabGlass

    When using thin layer or paper chromatography (TLC), these borosilicate glass atomizers are used for spraying chromogenic reagents. Complete unit consists of spray head, flask, and LG-1004 clamp. The air inlet tube has an opening to release pressure and stop spraying. All joints are Standard Taper…

  • …thumb. Sprayer is used with low pressure air (5/PSI) or rubber pressure bulb. Sprayer consists of an atomizer top attached to the reservoir with a Rodaviss® 24/40 joint. This design provides for a positive, grease-free seal between the atomizer and reservoir and eliminates the glass hooks used…

  • Bench scale, 1000 - 6000mL, Clean-In-Place sprayer for use with either pressurized or vacuum assisted flask washing. All PTFE construction. Four, 3 inch sections with available extenders allow flexibility. Ace recommends that the sprayer ball be positi

  • Cylindrical pilot plant reactors providing portable, self-contained reaction system for research and production purposes. Systems available in 10L, 30L and 50L plain or jacketed capacities with a variety of domed or flat reaction heads. Ask us to build

  • quick-ship

    Current Technologies

    Available in 16 and 32 oz. bottles with sprayers; gallon and gallon bottles Stabilized for long shelf life with expiration date on each bottle and outer boxes for ease of management / inspection Registered as a hospital-grade cleaner / disinfectant with the U.S. EPA and all states including…

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