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Glass Manifold
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  • SYNTHWARE Double Manifolds, Hollow Glass Stopcocks

    Kemtech America

    1164V90-V91 Double Manifold, Hollow Glass Stopcocks, Spherical Joints, 4 and 5 port manifold available, Joint Size: 35/20, Connections front-left right and rear-right, Overall Width: 365 and 450mm available. 1164V92 Double Manifold, Hollow Glass Stopcocks, Spherical Joints, Ports: 4, Joint…

  • Air Sampling Manifold

    Ace Glass

    Straight sampling manifold, available with one end threaded, the other end reduced for use with 7506 bushing, or both ends threaded for use with either 7506 bushing or 5841 coupling. Also available with adjustable depth, threaded sampling ports for use with up to 7mm O.D. tube. Code identifies I.D.…

  • SYNTHWARE All Glass Vacuum/Inert Gas Manifolds

    Kemtech America

    With 4mm double oblique, high vacuum hollow glass stopcocks precision ground with corresponding numbers on barrel and plug. Lower vacuum chambers on stopcock are evacuated with a separate hole in the plug in order to hold the plug in the stopcock barrels. Distance between stopcocks is 75mm center to…

  • Double Vacuum Manifold

    Wilmad LabGlass

    This borosilicate glass Air-Tite vacuum gas manifold (Schlenk line) is designed with double oblique pressure/vacuum stopcocks with 4mm bores and a 16.2/56 plug size. The stopcocks simplify evacuation or pressurization with an inert atmosphere. Manifold is 1" O.D.

  • SYNTHWARE Vacuum Manifolds, PTFE Stopcocks

    Kemtech America

    General purpose manifold with 2mm or 4mm Teflon® stopcocks. Main tube is 22mm O.D. with serrated hose connection (10mm O.D.). Delivery ports have 10mm serrated hose connections. Distance between stopcocks is 75mm.

  • Double Vacuum/Gas Manifolds With PTFE Valves

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …inert gas and vacuum sources Grease-free, fine control is provided by 4 mm PTFE HI-VAC® valves. Sample contacts only PTFE and borosilicate glass. Beams are 1/2” (12.7 mm) O.D. with upper left and lower right ends open. Delivery ports are 9 mm O.D and the distance between the valves…

  • Double Vacuum/Gas Manifolds With Glass Plugs

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …for 8651N01 and 100 mm for 8651N03. Include patented pressure/vacuum retainers. Dimensions (mm): 8651N01: 230 L x 87 H x 90 D; 8651N03: 500 L x 87 H x 90 D. Thomas No. 1177B35 Glass double oblique manifold replacement plug for 216050-0000 and 216050-0005. Includes glass plug and retainer.

  • 64 Position MULTIVAP® Nitrogen Evaporators


    …and dual post assembly. The manifold delivers nitrogen gas to the needles or glass pipettes, which direct the gas onto the sample’s surface. This method results in rapid solvent evaporation and sample concentration. In order to conserve nitrogen gas, the manifold has toggle switches which…

  • SYNTHWARE Nitrogen/Argon Manifolds

    Kemtech America

    With 14/20 outer joint at the center to fit a rubber septum for keeping syringes under an inert environment cutting down on the number used.

  • SYNTHWARE Vacuum Single Manifold with #15 O-Ring Joints

    Kemtech America

    Vacuum Single Manifold, High Vacuum Valves, #15 O-Ring Joints: Ports: 4, Valve Size: 0-8mm

  • Carb Octopus Air Sampling Manifold

    Ace Glass

    The vertically mounted Carb Octopus air sampling manifold design features an inner tube which allows condensation to drip to the collection bottle and away from the #7 Ace-Thred instrument ports. Available in standard 4 or 8 port configurations.

  • Gas Manifold

    Ace Glass

    For portable gas analysis apparatus. Three or four straight 2 mm bore glass stopcocks and one three-way stopcock with back port, fabricated on capillary tubing. We can fabricate special gas manifolds of all kinds.

  • SYNTHWARE Manifold with #15 O-Ring Joints

    Kemtech America

    With 4mm double hollow high vacuum stopcocks. This four–port manifold is fitted with two 14/20 and 24/40 inner joints, and is 100mm center to center joints.#15 O-ring joint stopper (S480015) and #15 O-ring joint to serrated hose adapter have to be ordered separately. Viton® O-rings can be…

  • SYNTHWARE High Vacuum Manifolds, Solid Glass Stopcocks

    Kemtech America

    With 4mm double oblique, high vacuum solid glass stopcocks precision ground with corresponding numbers on barrel and plug. Solid glass stopcocks have constant pressure retention devices. Distance between stopcocks is 75mm center to center.

  • Blower, Permanent Split Capacitor, Air Sampling

    Ace Glass

    …split capacitor, steel housed blower used to pull air through our Air Sampling manifolds. Blower produces 50 cfm @ 0.0 meters of water static pressure which assures a minimum pressure drop across each port in the manifold train. Free air rpm is 3030. Available in both 115 & 230v models, UL/CE…

  • SYNTHWARE Double Vacuum/Inert Gas Manifolds

    Kemtech America

    …of 10mm. 1164V31 Same to the manifold above except with front-left and rear-right 10mm hose connections. 1164V32-V34 Same to the manifold above except with front-left and rear-left 10mm hose connections. 1164V35-V36 Same to the manifold above except with front-right and rear-left…

  • Manifold, Vacuum

    Ace Glass

    All-glass-and-PTFE vacuum manifold with three, four or five stopcock ports. Each port is a variable opening, 0-10mm, high vacuum threaded stopcock. Plugs are PTFE with Nylon or PTFE handles and FETFE O-Rings. Ultimate vacuum of 10-7 can be realized with O-Rings as supplied. For bakable systems,…

  • SYNTHWARE Double Manifold, High Vacuum Valve

    Kemtech America

    This manifold is designed to incorporate a 0-8mm high vacuum valve as the vacuum shut-off. The front tube is for inert gases (17mm O.D.), with a 10mm hose connection. The rear tube is for vacuum (22mm O.D.), with two 35/20 socket joints. Please order each component separately.

  • 47mm Sterility Test Filter Holder

    Advantec MFS

    …aluminum clamp secures the membrane between the funnel and sintered glass frit base. The No.8 silicone stopper mounts in a standard 1L vacuum filter flask or manifold cup. Unit includes: Funnel, Flange(not included w/ sintered glass base), Base, Support, Clamp, Stopper Please Note: ALL…

  • Micro Digestion Rack


    …heat control, with variable input from 20 to 100% of capacity. Unit has glass manifold with six ports and serrated tip which is for connection to any simple water aspirator (not supplied). Complete with glass manifold, cabinetry, electrical controls, heaters, 3 wire cord and plug and six 100…

  • SYNTHWARE Solvent Transfer Manifold

    Kemtech America

    Solvent Transfer Manifold Joints: 24/40 Valve Size: 0-4mm Overall Height: 140mm Overall Width: 380mm

  • Vaccuum Manifolds And Accessories

    Agilent Technologies

    …throughput operation. Vacuum manifold processing stations for individual cartridges are suitable for use from method development to lower volume production. Manifolds available for either 10 or 20 positions Tank constructed of chemically resistant, vacuum-safe glass Ultra high molecular weight…

  • Manifold, Vacuum

    Ace Glass

    Glass Manifold with #15 Ace-Thred at either end To allow switching 5853 vacuum connection to left or right side. Supplied with three or five, 4mm straight bore PTFE stopcock sampling ports. (Additional ports can be ordered.) Overall length of glass manifold is 230mm. Complete item consists of 8763…

  • O-Ring Glass Connector Caps

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Size 15 o-ring connector (15 mm ID) to seal flasks or for use with 216040 HI-VAC® manifold. Supplied with one size 116 FKM o-ring Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements  

  • Baker Spe-24G Glass Manifold 1 Pk

    Avantor - J.T.Baker®

    BAKER SPE-24G with 24 ports for simultaneously processing 24 SPE columns. Includes 24-port vacuum manifold, sample collection rack, height adjustable shelves, vacuum gauge/controller.  HTS Number: 8421290065 Specific Gravity: 1L = 0.00 Kg Management of Change: N

  • illustra GFX 96 PCR Purification Kit

    GE Healthcare

    …are > 85% for PCR products 100 bp to 10 kb in length; salt removal typically ? 99%. Prepacked glass fiber matrix 96-well plates are validated for use with Macherey-Nagel NucleoVac 96 vacuum manifold. Avoids ethanol precipitations and hazardous organic extractions. Purified DNA is ready for use…

  • Walters Manifold

    Ace Glass

    Hign vacuum manifold systems feature Easy Action PTFE stopcock valves providing for greaseless operation. Double-tube codes -50 & -54 feature Ace-Threds and 8mm OD tube-end ports. Double tube code -52 features hose barbed connections and 45 degree port placement. Walters manifold, code -40,…

  • Vacuum Trap / Manifold

    Ace Glass

    …Apparatus that can be used as a complex trap with the bottom tube or as a small manifold by itself. Can be joined to ACE 8737,8738 or 8739 manifolds or as a stand alone manifold. The code -23 consists of the -03 manifold and our 8753-21 tube, making a trap unit. It has a 15mm o-ring joint with a…

  • Gas Manifold with Vacuum Chambers

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    An all-glass manifold for connecting inert gas and vacuum sources. Double vacuum gas manifold with vacuum chambers. Fabricated from 1/2" medium wall tubing Stopcocks are 4 mm bore glass with lower vacuum chamber and are spaced 85 mm apart Top right connection is for inert gas and…

  • Resprep 6-Port Disk Manifold Lid


    Low-cost option for disk extraction; fits standard 3 3/4" x 7 1/2" glass vacuum chambers Doubles sample capacity—holds six disks, compared to standard 12-port manifolds, which only hold three Individual vacuum control for each port improves reproducibility Collection plate…

  • SYNTHWARE Vacuum Double Manifold with #15 O-Ring Joints

    Kemtech America

    Vacuum Double Manifold, High Vacuum Valves, #15 O-Ring Joints: Ports: 4, Valve Size: 0-8mm

  • Filter Holder Manifolds


    Vacuum manifolds support simultaneous filtration of three or six test samples. Use Millipore glass, plastic or stainless steel filter holders fitted with standard No. 8 perforated stoppers over holder outlets. Manifolds connect to single vacuum source and use separate control valves at each…

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