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Glass Dropper
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  • Droppers With Screw Cap

    Glass pipet with rubber bulb For use with bottles listed below or with bottles having similar dimensions

  • Thomas Medicine Droppers


    Made of glass Delivers water in uniform drops weighing 45 to 55 mg, as specified in “United States Pharmacopoeia” Outside diameter at tip approximately 3 mm Overall length 127 mm, including 1951F15 rubber bulb

  • Glass Dropper


    Glass dropper with 0.5 and 1.0 mL marks is used to measure and dispense liquids.

  • Medicine / Eyedropper

    Walter Stern

    3" straight tip glass dropper with black rubber bulb.

  • Round Dropper Bottles with Black Phenolic Glass Dropper Assembly


    Round Dropper Bottles are supplied with attached glass dropper assemblies. Dropper Bottles are ideal for dispensing small amounts of liquid. They feature black polypropylene closures, rubber bulbs and straight point glass dropper tubes. Available in Amber or Clear glass

  • Eye Dropper

    United Scientific Supplies

    Straight pipettes with glass tube and tapered rubber bulbs. About 70mm long with 2ml capacity.

  • Black Polypropylene Linerless Glass Dropper Assembly


    Dropper Assemblies feature a glass tube with black polypropylene closure and rubber squeeze bulb. Tip opening has a 3.0mm outside diameter.

  • Bottle, with Pipet and Rubber Bulb

    United Scientific Supplies

    Square shaped clear flint glass bottles with glass pipet and rubber bulb stopper. Capacity 30ml. Replacement pipets are also available.

  • Clear Dropping Bottles with Standard Taper Pipet

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …pipet dropper and a rubber nipple The 30 and 60 mL sizes are designed from Federal Specification A-A-5134 requirements The 125 mL size is manufactured from USP Type 1 borosilicate molded glass, and all others are manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming…

  • Amber Dropping Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Designed to protect contents from UV rays and ideal for light-sensitive products. Supplied with 20-400 GPI screw cap, bulb and plastic or glass dropper assembled on the bottle Manufactured from soda-lime glass conforming to USP Type III and ASTM E438, Type II requirements

  • Thomas Transfer Pipets


    …are used to draw and dispense liquids in controlled, reproducible drop sizes. Plastic transfer pipets are the perfect substitute for breakable glass Pasteur pipets, which can be a danger to laboratory personnel. And, because they are completely disposable, there is never any cross-contamination…

  • PYREX Dropping Bottles


    Recommended for use in preventing contamination by solubility or pH change With dropping bulb and pipet, Standard Taperground-glass stopper Stopper for 30 mL size is not standard Standard Taper. IMPORTANT: stopper is not covered by Standard Taperspecifications, but ground to an…

  • Dropping Bottle, Barnes

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    …borosilicate glass Size: 30 mL Autoclavable Average drop size: 46 µL Lower portion of the included rubber bulb forms a tightly fitting stopper. Glass meets USP Type I standards. Dimensions: 35 mm cross section x 70 mm height. Please note: Replacement droppers are RED.

  • Oval Dropper Bottles with Black Phenolic Plastic Dropper Assembly


    Amber Oval Dropper Bottles with attached plastic dropper assemblies feature a space saving design. Ideal for light sensitive products. Dropper Bottles are ideal for dispensing small amounts of liquid. They feature black thermoset closures, rubber bulbs and plastic dropper tubes.

  • Glass Dropping Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Clear or amber with channeled glass stopper Clear glass bottles are of borosilicate glass; amber bottles are flint glass Available in 50 mL and 100 mL sizes Glass bottles with projecting lug on flat, channeled glass stopper deliver contents drop by drop.

  • 20 mm Dropper Tip, PVC, PP White Cap

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Create a dropper bottle using a serum bottle with 20mm OD finish Dropper tip is made from PVC with PE cap Dispenses 40

  • Polystop™ Dropper Bottles

    Bel-Art Products

    The dropper pulls out leaving the polypropylene stopper to protect the neck of the glass bottle. All parts disassemble to clean. Per each. Glass dropper tube. Soft vinyl bulb Ground standard taper neck in bottle "Bumper" opening protects the tip of the glass dropper Capacity: 100ml…

  • Plastic Transfer Pipets

    Argos Technologies

    …Technologies Transfer Pipets are manufactured from a custom grade low-density polyethylene (LDPE), making them the perfect substitute for breakable glass pipettes. These single unit pipets are disposable, therefore eliminating the risk of cross contamination without compromising the quality and…

  • Dissecting Set - Economy


    Stainless steel, consisting of 7 instruments for accurate dissection. Supplied in leather storage case. Kit consists of: Scissors - 1 pc. Forceps - 1 pc. Needles - 2 pcs. B.P. Handle w/ Blade - 1 pc. Dropper Glass - 1pc. Ruler 6" - 1 pc.

  • Dropper Assemblies


    Style: Glass Dropper Assembly Sizes: 74-76mm (1217R92) and 86-88mm (1217R93) Color: Black Material: Polypropylene Neck Finish: 20-400

  • Dissecting Set - Student


    Stainless steel, consisting of 9 instruments for accurate dissection. Supplied in zipper leather case. Kit consists of: Scissors - 2 pcs. Forceps - 2 pcs. Needle Wooden Handle- 2 pcs. Scalpel - 1 pc. Scalpel Handle w/ Blade - 1 pc. Dropper Glass - 1 pc.

  • Dissecting Kits

    Edu Labs USA (a division of Sci Labs USA)

    …Curved teasing needles; glass dropper; 6" plastic ruler 1195Y38: Leatherette Zippered Case-6 Loops; #3 Scalpel Handle with #10 Blade; 4.5" Dissecting scissors- Sharp Point; 4.5" Student Forceps: Blunt; Straight & Curved teasing needles; glass dropper; 6" plastic ruler …

  • Dissecting Set - Pro


    …- 4 pcs. Scalpel - 1 pc. B.P. Handle w/ Blade - 1 pc. Razor - 1 pc. Ruler 6" - 1 pc. Magnifying Glass - 1 pc. Glass Slide - 1 pc. Chain and Hook - 1 pc. Cover Slips - 1 pc. Blow Pipe - 1 pc. Needle Wooden Handle - 1 pc. Dropper Glass - 1 pc. Brush - 1 pc.

  • Chloride Titrant, Hr 100ml Mdb


    Chloride Titrant Reagent Refer to the Test Kit Replacement Reagent Section for proper kit replacements Silver nitrate, 1.88 N Bottle/100 mL medicine dropper bottle

  • IDS ORP Electrodes


    …and glass shaft, temperature sensor. Electrode incl. 1.5 m fixed cable with waterproof digital connector, for MultiLine®, MonoLine and inoLab® IDS, dropper vial with 3 mol/l KCl. SenTix® ORP-T 900-P Platinum IDS ORP electrode with liquid electrolyte (3 mol/l KCl) and glass

  • Shur/Mount

    General Data Healthcare

    …mediuum is Xylene based and specifically designed for automatic coverslipping insturments. Antioxidant prevents fading of stain over years of storage, UV absorbent to prevent yellowing of resins. Rackaged in 16 oz. bottles with convenient twist-top spout, eliminating messy bottles and droppers.

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