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Glass Cuvette
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  • Sample Cuvette, TDx, Glass

    Evergreen Scientific

    Sample cuvette for Abbott TDx™, 12 mm X 50 mm, borosilicate glass, natural color

  • Cuvettes, 10mm Sq Glass (Set2) *L

    Thermo Scientific UV-Vis

    For use with Thermo Scientific Spectronic 20+ and 20D+ Spectrophotometers. Set of 2 Square Cuvets Lightpath: 10mm L [METRIC]: 10mm

  • Cell holder for 13-Cell Changer for glass/quartz cuvettes (Automatic Cell…


    This product is for use with the 13-Cell Changer (Product Number: B1085210).

  • Cuvette Washer

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    …Recommended for 10 mm NMR tubes ·         All glass apparatus manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass conforming to USP Type I and ASTM E438, Type I, Class A requirements   Overview …

  • Cuvette Holder, Pk. 5


    Holds 12 glass, silica or plastic disposable cuvettes (external dimensions 12.5 x 12.5 mm) Permits easy viewing of solution color to be measured Helps prevent breakage Dimensions: Approximately 6 3/4 x 2 x 1/2”H

  • Scienceware® Vakuwash® Cuvette Washer

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Economical, durable, and gentle on delicate glass or quartz cuvettes, this all-plastic washer replaces costly, antiquated devices that are often more fragile than the cuvettes they wash. Comes complete with a 500 cc polypropylene vacuum flask, Vikem(R) vinly stopper, and 3' of PVC tubing ready for…

  • Cuvettes for Liquid Color Meter (LCM)


    3073A15 are optional 11mm glass cuvettes: precision crafted, cylindrical tubes with rubber corks (20 pieces). 3073A20 are optional 11mm glass cuvettes: non-precision, cylindrical, disposable tubes, without corks (approx. 500 pcs.).

  • Cuvettes for Spectrophotometry

    Jenway (Cole-Parmer)

    …extensive range of cuvettes for measuring liquid samples. The cuvette required will depend on the wavelength range required and the sample volume available. Glass cuvettes are only suitable for the visible region, whereas quartz may be used in both the UV and visible region. A 10mm cuvette typically…

  • Sample Cell: 1 Square Glass


    Sample Cell: 1 Square Glass 10mL & 25mL for DR/4000.

  • Hellmanex™ Special Cleaning Concentrate for cuvettes


    …pre-warmed before being submerged into hot cleaning solutions. Hellmanex III, when diluted to its working concentration of 2%, is suitable for use with glass, quartz, sapphire, porcelain, ceramics, plastics, and ferrous metals. It can also be used, with some limitations, on metals that are sensitive…

  • Sample Cell: 1 Square Glass 10 mL matched set of 8


    Comes as a matched set of 8 cells. Use in Combination with Hach Spectrophotometers

  • WP-110RS Spectrophotometer

    Walter Products

    …WP-110RS offers a USB port to interface with windows-based computers. Optional software packages are also available for further processing and analyses of data collected. The spectrophotometer comes with twelve round optical glass cuvettes, a square cuvette adapter, dust cover, and user manual.

  • Bilirubinometer 230V

    Reichert Technologies

    … Low operating cost with no expensive slides, carousels, or reagents. UNISTAT® uses an inexpensive disposable specimen cuvette and re-usable glass calibration cuvette. A study published in the Journal of Perinatology showed that UNISTAT® meets the 2004 AAP guidelines “Management…

  • WP-100DPLUS Spectrophotometer

    Walter Products

    …computer. An optional software package is available that allows users to perform a wider range of analyses and documentation. The spectrophotometer comes with 1/2" (13mm ) round tube holder, 10mm square cuvette adapter, box of twelve round optical glass cuvettes, dust cover, and user manual.

  • Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer, 800 Tests per Hour


    …high quality UV-transmitted plastic cuvettes or quartz glass cuvettes available. 2 mixers for FACA-801. 1 sample probe and 1 reagent probes for FACA-801. With liquid-level sensor, anti-collision sensor and automatic cleaning function. Cuvette Independent Mixer Sample Probe/Reagent…

  • Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer


    …high quality UV-transmitted plastic cuvettes or quartz glass cuvettes available. 2 mixers for FACA-601. 1 sample probe and 1 reagent probes for FACA-601. With liquid-level sensor, anti-collision sensor and automatic cleaning function. Cuvette Independent Mixer Sample Probe/Reagent…

  • LCM IV Photometer


    … Comes complete with: Instrument with dust cover External power supply Adapter for 10 mm rectangle cuvettes addista® – color standards Disposable plastic cuvettes (10x50 mm) – pack of 10 Disposable glass cuvettes (11mm) – pack of 10 Operating manual

  • Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers (FACA-401)


    …sensor and automatic cleaning function Cuvette Washing Station - 8 channels automatic washing station Independent Mixer - ensuring quick and complete reaction Reaction Cuvette - High quality, UV-transmitted plastic cuvettes, or quartz glass cuvettes (optional) Reagent Bottle - More…

  • WP-120 Spectrophotometer

    Walter Products

    …integrated with a windows-based computer for further data processing and analyses. Optional software packages are available. The spectrophotometer comes standard with a four cell (four position) 10nm, square cuvette changer, set of two optical glass square cuvettes, dust cover, and user manual.

  • 2100 Series Spectrophotometers


    …printer or computer. Sample compartment accepts 5 mm to 100 mm pathlength cuvettes and various accessories. Both models include a four-position 10 mm square cuvette holder, one set of four matched optical glass 10 mm square cuvettes, an RS-232C interface, an operator’s manual and a dust cover.…

  • C40 NanoPhotometer®


    Cuvette Spectroscopy Standard and Microvolume cuvettes (quartz, glass and plastic) Battery powered Temperature Controlled Cuvette Holder Maintenance FREE Cuvette Holder with Temperature Control Designed for open measurements: don’t lose time with closing a lid…

  • Cuvettes, 20mm Gl Ttube 12Box*L

    Thermo Scientific

    Thermo Scientific test tube cuvettes are easy-to-use, inexpensive spectrophotometer cells for routine analyses. Optical glass 20mm pathlength For use with SPECTRONIC 20+/20D+ and Helios series spectrophotometers Pack of 12

  • Thomas Short, Micro, Spectrophotometer Cells


    With and without masking Minimum working volume 0.4 mL Spectral Range as indicated in listings Supplied with Teflon® cover The nominal working volume of this range represents only 20% of that of the standard cell with the same path length. Outside dimensions 12.5 x 12.5 x…

  • Free Amino Nitrogen Complete Lab Package for DR 6000


    …includes: 10 mm cuvette; 100 mL Volumetric Class A Glass Flask; 118 mL Amber Glass Bottle, 6/pk;, 22-400 foam liner caps; 1.0-10 mL Tensette Pipet; 1.0-10.0 mL Pipet Tips, 250/pk; Cimarec 7 x 7 hotplate; 125 mm X 65 mm Evaporating Glass Dish; Cell Holder Assembly; 10-20-25 mL Glass Sample Cell, 6/pk

  • Thomas Rectangular Spectrophotometer Cells


    Minimum working capacity as shown in listings Cell bodies are of fused-wall construction. Matched sets are supplied in cushioned storage box. Includes Teflon® cover. 8491M18 cells require 8494J20 adapter to accommodate cells in standard cell carrier.

  • Thomas Square Spectrophotometer Cells


    Square, 10 mm Light Path Cells Outside dimensions approximately 12.5 x 12.5 x 46 mm high Light path: 10 mm, ±0.01mm Teflon® cover included Matched sets are supplied in cushioned storage box Cell bodies are of fused-wall construction Cells are usable in spectral…

  • Thomas Cylindrical Spectrophotometer Cells


    Cylindrical Cells End windows fused to cylindrical body, of far UV silica, range 170 to 2,600 nm With Teflon stopper; 10 mm and 20 mm have single neck, longer sizes have 2 necks Light path length and minimum sample volume given in listings

  • µCuvette® G1.0


    cuvettes. Once set in the parameters, the software automatically utilizes the right light path length when calculating concentrations. A defined angle for opening and closing the cuvette allows for easy and reproducible handling. Furthermore, the hydrophobic surface coating on the quartz glass

  • Nephelo Flask, No Baffles, Screw Cap

    Ace Glass

    Nephelo culture flask with side port and angled side arm cuvette for standard Nephelometers and spectrophotometers. Supplied with 38-430 phenolic top cap and 18-415 clean-out port cap.

  • Thomas Sub-Micro Cells


    Designed for the measurement of very small samples Retain exterior dimensions of standard cells Volume range: 10 µL to 160 µL Path length: 10 mm The entrance to the sample compartment is hemispherical to eliminate sharp corners which can cause sample loss due to…

  • InLab® pH Sensors for Small Volumes

    Mettler Toledo

    …such as vials, micro plates and cuvettes. InLab Micro Pro-ISM: A glass-body, micro combination pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor, MultiPin™ head and ISM. Ideal for measuring in very small vessels like test tubes, vials and cuvettes. InLab NMR: A glass-body, micro…

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