Glass Bubble Meter

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Glass Bubble Meter
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  • Glass Bubble Flow Meters

    Agilent Technologies

    Economical 10 or 100 mL These glass bubble flowmeters provide an economical way to monitor gas flow.

  • Soap Film Flowmeters

    Wilmad LabGlass

    Made of borosilicate glass, these soap film bubble flowmeters are used in routine analytical laboratory gas chromatography to measure flow rate of the carrier gas. A soap bubble, formed in the bottom of the graduated tube, is pushed upward by gas from exit end of the chromatograph. Flow rate is…

  • Digital-Display Polarimeter


    …200 mm tube permits higher accuracy when used with transparent liquids, while the 100 mm tube should be used with cloudy samples containing impurities. The tubes also contain a bubble trap which prevents errors caused by air bubbles in the sample. Also included is a glass thermometer (0-50°C).

  • Polarimeter Tubes


    …end to float bubbles out of optical path. Large end takes 23.5 mm cover glass; small end takes 15.5 mm cover glass, which is used also in both ends of straight-bore tubes. 100 mm tubes hold approximately 6 mL; 200 mm tubes hold approximately 12 mL. Made of optically inactive glass Diameter…

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