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Gl45 Bottle
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  • GL 45 Storage/Media Bottles, Plastic Safety Coated with Blue Polypropylene Cap


    KimCote® plastic-coated bottle has enhanced graduations and marking spot is permanent white enamel. This general use bottle is provided with a wide opening (approx. 30 mm ID) GL 45 screw thread and is supplied with linerless autoclavable (121 ºC max) polypropylene blue cap. Bottle design includes a…

  • Graduated GL 45 Media Storage Bottles with Caps


    …dispensing, pipetting Kimax® bottles have enhanced graduations and marking spot of permanent white enamel that will not fade or rub off. Blue polypropylene screw cap is autoclavable, universally interchangeable with all bottles in series. Bottles include clear pour ring for easy,…

  • Opti-Cap GL-45 Bottle Tops


    The most economical way to helium-sparge and deliver LC mobile phases. Opti-Cap tops fit all standard GL-45 bottles and have two 1/8" holes and one 1/16" hole for tubing. All three openings are designed for threaded PEEK plugs.

  • Safety System 3


    …system 3 combines a three-hole cap, solvent bottle adapter and a combination inlet/sparge filter to eliminate the safety hazards of aluminum foil wrapped solvent containers. Solvent bottle adapter converts GL-45 mobile phase caps to standard 4 L solvent bottles for direct connection to an HPLC pump.…

  • PYREX® Slim Line Storage Bottles


    bottle allow easier and safer handling New cap design permits faster opening and closing. The caps are fully compatible with all standard “GL45” (45 mm neck size) Pyrex bottles Widely-spaced knurls (ridges and grooves) provide comfortable and ergonomic cap handling Narrow bottle

  • Eco-Cap Bottle Top, ETFE


    Fits all standard GL-45 bottles; has two 1/8-inch holes and one 1/16-inch hole for tubing. Holes are not threaded.

  • Square PET Storage Bottles with 45mm Caps


    …terephthalate (PET) storage bottles are easier to handle, require less space (13-20%) on the shelf and are ideal for mixing, sampling and storage. PET resin is lightweight, break-resistant and transparent as glass. Bottles use a linerless, one-piece autoclavable orange GL45 threaded polypropylene…

  • Corning Square Polycarbonate Storage Bottles


    …polycarbonate bottles should not be used with bottle top filler units, or in other applications involving vacuum pressure as breaking may occur. Do Not tighten caps immediately after autoclaving as the vacuum resulting from cooling can cause breakage. Note: Most GL45 threaded caps designed…

  • hybex™ Media Storage Bottles


    …3.3 hybex glass Autoclavable caps (GL45) & drip rings Permanent enamel graduation markings Large area for bottle marking/identification Autoclavable, reusable and breakage resistant Five cap colors hybex™ reusable media bottles are manufactured from high quality,…

  • Waste Overflow Indicator for LC Systems


    …or change the container. Another innovative design from Restek! Avoid messy pooling around mobile phase waste containers Audible alarm instantly alerts user, preventing overflow Compact, battery-operated unit Available for 4-liter and GL-45 solvent bottles Bottle not included.

  • Hub-Cap Filter Kit


    …membrane, 1/4" OD x 1/8" ID ultra chemical resistant, FEP-lined Tygon tubing (3'), 6" x 6" box with shrink-wrap insert. Includes universal threads designed for 4 L or Wheaton bottles. Use with GL-45 bottles requires Opti-Cap adaptor (sold separately). Bottle not included.

  • Bottle Top Filters (Polypropylene)

    Celltreat Scientific

    Fits on standard GL 45 threaded glass vacuum bottles Excellent chemical resistance offered with polypropylene housing as compared to polystyrene High temperature range of 4°C  to 37°C is suitable for many applications Hydrophilic nylon membrane has excellent chemical…

  • Mini Solvent Pump


    …for use with liquids and flammable media such as acetone, ethanol, isopropanol and methanol. Use with small containers such as bottles, canisters, carboys and tanks with GL45 threads, from 1 liter up to ~ 10 liters in size. Accessory thread adapters are available that allow this pump to fit on S40,…

  • RAY-SORB® GL 45 Storage / Media Bottles


    bottles Wide opening for easy access Polypropylene pour rings included The RAY-SORB® process provides a shield to protect light sensitive products. Less than 1% transmission below 400 nm and reduced (5%) from 400-600 nm as compared to untreated, clear, borosilicate glass. Bottles

  • Autofil® PP Bottle-Top Filters for Solvent Filtration

    Foxx Life Sciences

    …extraction of compounds used in the food and drug industry. Foxx Autofil® PP is designed to conveniently fit on top of most laboratory bottles with a GL45 thread. Autofil® PP is available in 3 different types of membrane: PES, Nylon, and PTFE. It is available in 2 different pore sizes:…

  • Autofil® SS Bottle-Top Vacuum Filters

    Foxx Life Sciences

    …SS is available as a complete system or funnel only Funnel is compatible with GL45 thread bottles Autofil SS units include adapter for connecting to vacuum hose Autofil SS design includes an ergonomic bottle shape with molded finger grips Autofil SS patented SECUREgrasp cap provides a…

  • VITgrip™ Lab Bottles


    …handling - The slim waist of the VITgrip™ lab bottles greatly improves handling. The molded volume graduations provide texture for an enhanced grip, especially when working with gloves. Leakproof* - The optimized sealing system of the bottle thread and screw cap form a reliable sealing…

  • PYREX Wide Mouth Storage Bottles


    …storage bottles are designed as both heavy-duty storage and mixing and sampling bottles.  The extra wide mouth (69 mm inner diameter) gives easier access for pouring and removing pastes, powders and larger items. The neck opening is 5 times larger than on GL45 threaded bottles - much easier…

  • PYREX® Round Media Storage Bottles with GL45 PBT Plug Seal High Temperature Cap


    …round bottles can be used for storage as well as mixing and sampling. They include an autoclavable red polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) GL45 threaded cap with PTFE faced silicone liner and ETFE pouring ring for dry heat sterilization (180°C). New glass bead indicates full capacity line. Bottles

  • PYREXplus® Media Storage Bottles


    …and resistant to thermal shock.  Bottle comes complete with autoclavable, one-piece, teal colored, polypropylene plug seal cap with drip-free pouring ring.  Glass bead indicates full capacity line. Teal enameled graduations and marking spot. Thread size: GL45. Neck opening: 29mm I.D.

  • PYREX® Low Actinic Media Storage Bottle


    …transporting light sensitive materials. Bottle includes a linerless, one-piece autoclavable, orange polypropylene plug seal cap with drip-free pouring rings.  Glass beads indicate full capacity line. Permanent white enamel graduations and marking spots. Thread size is GL45 and neck ID is 29 mm.

  • GL 45 Pour Rings


    Designed for use with 14395 series bottles and 26720 series flasks. Pour rings are made of clear drip-free polypropylene or red ETFE 14395E-452 high temperature ring is recommended for use with 14395H-452 high temperature cap

  • Opti-Cap Adaptors


    Allow the use of the Hub-Cap Top with GL-45 solvent bottles.

  • Adapter Assembly with GL 45 Thread


    This adapter assembly is designed to allow connection of a 47 mm or 90 mm filtration support base with a straight drip tip to a bottle or reservoir with a GL 45 thread. Filtrate is collected directly into a media-type bottle when using a standard membrane filtration assembly  

  • GL 45 Media Storage Bottle Caps


    Caps are designed to fit GL 45 threaded ware. Autoclavable Solid top polypropylene Cap colors available in blue, white, orange, gray, green, or pink High-temperature version with red cap available

  • seripettor® Bottletop Dispensers


    …and rapid replacement of wearing parts, extending instrument life. Mounts on Most Common Reagent Bottles The seripettor bottletop dispenser mounts on most common reagent bottles with its 45mm thread and 45/33mm and 45/38mm adapters. Sterile dispensing of media or agar may be performed…

  • Linerless Screw Cap with Inner Sealing Lip

    Bellco Glass

    Molded inner ring of linerless cap seals into the neck of a GL45 media bottle.  Caps are autoclavable to 140ºC.

  • Media Bottles

    United Scientific Supplies

    These borosilicate glass, general purpose media bottles are autoclavable with permanent white imprinted graduations and marking spots. The screw thread opening has an ID of approximately 30mm. The supplied cap is liner-less and both the cap and drip free ring are polypropylene autoclavable to 140…

  • MP 5 Valve Cap 47mm THF


    …o-rings in place of the TFE/propylene o-rings. This cap is also recommended for aggressive organic solutions such as chlorinated hydro-carbons, ethers, and ketones. Cap body is manufactured from glass-filled PTFE. Cap will fit any reservoir or bottle with a GL 45 thread. Patent No. 5,397,467.

  • 1000 ml Media Bottle with Blue PP GL45 Cap


    1000 ml Media Bottle with Blue PP GL45 Cap, Graduation Range ml 100-900; Graduation Internal ml 50; Approx. OD x Height mm 101x225

  • Disposable Polyethylene Vent Cap for GL45 Plastic Spinner Flasks, Sterile


    …for culture applications requiring increased gas exchange. They also fit Corning disposable polystyrene and polycarbonate storage bottles and glass bottles with GL45 threads for applications requiring venting. Individually double bagged Features large knurls for ergonomic handling Sterilized…

  • AQUASTAR® CombiTitrant 2


    Typical composition: 2 mg H2O/mL Chemical formula: Mixture Color: Red-brown Density at 20°C: 1.090-1.110g/cm3 Form: Liquid Packaging: GL45 Poly Coated Glass Bottle Titer (mg water per mL): 2.0 min.

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