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Geno Grinder
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  • 2010 Geno/Grinder®

    SPEX SamplePrep

  • Cryo-Blocks are made of aluminum. They hold and chill titer plates and vials to grind plant and animal tissue for nucleic acid and protein extractions. Cryo-blocks can be quickly chilled in the 2600 Cryo-Station, and will keep samples cold during grinding to preserve RNA and proteins from heat…

  • 2100 Grinding Ball Dispenser: Simultaneously dispenses one 5/32 in. (4 mm) steel grinding ball (2150) into each well of a standard 96-well titer plate, including 2200 and 2210 titer plates. 2110M 24-Pin Magnet: 24 magnet-tipped pins on plate with handle. Inserts or removes 3/8 in. (9.5 mm)…

  • 2190 Vial Rack : Holds 24 3116PC vials, 24 2241-PC vials, or 24 2241-PE vials. All three vials hold a single 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) steel grinding ball 2195 Large Capacity Clamp Assembly : An oversize clamp that will hold centrifuge tubes or a double load of titer plates. Designed to hold twelve…

  • Molecular Biology Grade Grinding Beads are treated to inactivate contaminating enzymes and have been tested accordingly. Low Binding Grinding Beads are coated to reduce non-specific binding of nucleic acids and proteins and are used for lysing dilute samples of cells. Acid Washed Grinding Beads are…

  • Vial sets are an alternative to titer plates. These vial sets are pre-cleaned with grinding balls included. They come in sturdy carriers that have about the same footprint and height as deep-well titer plates, and fit the Geno/Grinder Clamp. Vials can be filled and sealed individually, and the…

  • NOTE: These products are only available for sale to Domestic U.S. Customers.

  • While most titer plates can be used in the Geno/Grinder, these sturdy titer plates have been tested extensively with various samples, and resist perforation by steel grinding balls even at high clamp speeds. They can be used for many applications including sample libraries, mother-to-daughter…

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