Gas Sampling Bulb

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Gas Sampling Bulb
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  • Gas Sampling Bulbs, 250cc

    Bel-Art Products

    Polypropylene gas sampling bulbs have polypropylene stopcocks with free-turning Teflon® PTFE plugs. Ends accept 6.4 to 9.5mm (1/4 to 3/8") I.D. tubing Tube body is 5.1cm (2") O.D. x 22.2cm (8-3/4") long Stopcocks are 6.4cm (2-1/2") long Maximum recommended…

  • Suction-Type Bulb

    Walter Stern

    Black rubber with two plastic valves Useful for taking gas samples, circulating gases or liquids, etc. Bulb length 4-1/8”; diameter 3-1/4”; overall length 5-1/4”

  • Vacuum/Pressure Bulb


    Heavy-wall bulb has two rubber valves with PVC connections. Bulb capacity is 85 mL. Ideal for gas sampling or for pumping gas through apparatus. Not supplied with tubing.

  • Gas and Vapor Sampler


    The Gas and Vapor sampler enables spot collection of environmental gas samples or low pressure gas streams in 200cm3 impervious resealable bags. Gas and vapor collection Resealable sample bags Ideal for field analysis

  • Double Valve Bulbs

    Bal Supply

    Bulb capacity 85mL. Black natural rubber. For gas sampling or for pumping gas through apparatus. Two rubber valves.

  • Glass Collecting Bulb, Ace-Thred

    Ace Glass

    …compression seal. Each bulb has a syringe sampling port and is supplied with two bushings, two FETFE O-rings and one septum. Plungers are supplied with size C hose connections. Special bulb capacities and plungers can be made to order. Complete item consists of bulb with two bushings, two FETFE…

  • Flask Storage Side Joint

    Ace Glass

    Storage or small reaction flask with standard taper joint on side arm. Can be used in gas applications or vacuum and NO-AIR applications. Available in tube and bulb styles with 0-3 vacuum valve.

  • Equilibration Flask

    Ace Glass

    …the use of grease or breakseals in CO2 recovery. Water samples are introduced by pipet into bulb by removing PTFE plug. After reinstating plug, degassing of water and CO2 is transferred to sample tube 7410. Unit consists of PTFE plug with FETFE O-Ring and glass vessel with 25mL bulb at bottom.

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