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Gas Cylinder
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  • Gas Cylinder Clamp


  • Gas Safety Stand for Large Cylinders

    Spectrum Med

    This Gas Safety Stand keeps cylinders from falling, another safety measure in the lab. It locks the cylinder securely onto the stand at specific locations for maximum safety. The Gas Safety Stand is suitable for cylinders from 18 to 25 cm in diameter.

  • Small Cylinder Stand


    cylinders. Supports and stabilizes disposable gas cylinders Fits cylinders up to 3-3/8" (8.57 cm) in diameter Adjustable screw secures cylinder in place Base diameter: 7.75" (19.68 cm) Total height: 6.5" (16.5 cm) Note: Does not accommodate 48L cylinders.

  • 12 Cylinder Bench Clamp


    …clamp that safety secures gas cylinders to benches, tables, or other flat surfaces up to 2.5" (64mm) thick. The 1" (25mm) wide, 54" (1372mm) long nylon strap features a nickel-plated, non-slip spring catch and buckle for easy adjustment around cylinders from 4 to 14" (102 to…

  • Wall-Mounted Cylinder Holders


    Prevent serious injuries! These holders are designed to prevent free-standing gas cylinders from tipping over and injuring personnel. The cast aluminum holder can be secured to a wall or the side of a work bench. Each mount will secure a cylinder 4-15 inches in diameter.

  • Gas Cylinder Clamp


    Designed to safely and conveniently secure compressed gas cylinders in an upright position. Accommodates cylinders 4-1/2" to 11" (114mm to 279mm) in diameter. The heavy-duty clamp with adjustable thumbscrews fits conveniently on any bench up to 2" (51mm) thick without marring the surface.

  • Gas Cylinder Clamps


    …strap features a nickel-plated, non-slip spring catch and buckle for easy adjustment around cylinders from 4 to 14" (102 to 356mm) in diameter Model 711 comes with a "Secure Cylinder" safety message strap. A nylon pad prevents damage to the bench or table surface. Two tapered…

  • Cylinder Restraints

    INSTOCK Labs

    2" x 2" tubular steel, fully welded gas cylinder rack to be utilized for proper securing of cyliners. Includes security chains. 2017 INSTOCK Laboratory Furnishings Catalog

  • Tall Form Gas Washing Bottles with Full Length Joint with Hooks and Fritted…

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Unit contains a fritted disc for more uniform gas distribution throughout the absorbing material. Available in two porosities: extra coarse (170-220 micron) and coarse (40-60 micron) Supplied complete with hooks and two 2” springs Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable…

  • Gas Cylinder Regulators

    Agilent Technologies

    Brass body, dual stainless steel diaphragms These regulators and Agilent’s broad spectrum of in-line filters, combination traps, and gas purification systems are an excellent combination to plumb your systems.

  • Strap Gas Cylinder


    …non-slip spring catcgh and buckle for easy adjustment around cylinders from 4 to 14" (102 to 356mm) in diameter. Models 711 and 7160 Bench Clamps and Models 715 and 717 Wall Brackets are available with the "Secure Cylinder" safety message strap or safety strap with no message.

  • Large Manual Liquid Gas Cylinder Carts


    Easy transport of large liquid gas cylinders Low profile design eases cylinder loading Upright design takes up less floor space than traditional lay-back design and provides greater maneuverability in confined spaces 8" polyurethane tread, non-marking crowned swivel casters with…

  • Large Hydraulic Liquid Gas Cylinder Carts


    Foot operated hydraulic pump manufactured by Wesco - 35 years of proven pump quality Lift height 71" to top of lifting hook Lowered height 54" to top of lifting hook Brake option to control speed Rear total lock caster (swivel and turn) for secure loading and unloading …

  • Gas Oil Distillation Cylinder


    …200mL PYREX® graduated cylinders are calibrated "to contain" (TC) in percent. 200mL is equal to 100% in 1% divisions. The scale is in durable white enamel. This cylinder may be used to measure the distillate in ASTM method D-86 "Distillation of Gas Oil and Similar Distillate…

  • Cylinder Lockers for Safe Storage of Compressed Gas Cylinders


    Cylinder Lockers from Justrite offer superior features that make them extremely durable and easy-to-use. Constructed of 100% welded aluminum, they will not rust, corrode or discolor. Justrite’s expanded .065" (1.65mm) thick metal panels are the strongest in the industry – offering…

  • Bench-Mounted Cylinder Holder


    Prevent serious injuries! This holder is designed to prevent a free-standing gas cylinder from tipping over and injuring personnel. Stainless steel holder secures to the side of a workbench. Each mount secures a cylinder 4–12 inches in diameter.

  • Universal Cylinder Wrench


    Use this versatile wrench for tightening gauges and gas regulator CGA fittings to cylinder outlets and pipe thread connections.

  • Cylinder Valve Wrench


    This specially designed wrench enables easy opening of cylinder valves that are fitted with a hand wheel. It is also suitable for removing difficult cylinder caps.

  • Methane Cylinder Kit


    …methane and optimizing linear velocity is a preferred method for establishing reproducible retention times (ASTM Method E1510-93). The kit includes a Scotty 14 cylinder containing 1% methane in helium, a MINICYL regulator, a syringe adaptor, and a package of twenty-five septa for the adaptor.

  • Gas Washing Tubes

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Choice of coarse or extra coarse porosity cylinder Gas dispersion tube has a hollow fritted cylinder at the end of the tube. Cylinder height x o.d.: 24 x 13 mm. stem diameter: 8 mm. Overall height: 250 mm

  • Gasprofi Laboratory Gas Burners


    …with stationary natural gas and propane / butane gas supplies, cartridge gas or gas cylinders. Environment-conscious Excellent energy efficiency in accordance with the most recent standards reduces gas and power consumption. This increases the burning time when gas cartridges are used. …

  • Gas Pressure Regulators

    Scott Specialty

    Single stage regulators for use with non-corrosive gas where single stage regulation is sufficient (5596C32, C35, C55, D40) Sintered metal filter on inlet stem to protect internal parts 2.5 inch diameter diaphragm for efficient pressure control Outlet needle valve, standard NPT(M) Tamper-proof…

  • GHS Label, Composed Gas

    National Marker (NMC)

    Use GHS symbols to convey information about health and physical hazards.

  • Ultra High Purity Gas Generators

    Parker Hannifin

    …handling costly, dangerous gas cylinders Reliable source of gas No more cylinder changing Silent operation Simple annual maintenance State-of-the-art, self contained Balston® Lab Gas Generators are a sensible alternative to old technology gas cylinders. They are cost effective with…

  • Renewable Gas Purification System

    Agilent Technologies

    …Renewable Gas Purification System from Agilent not only traps large quantities of contaminants and lasts a long time, but it is also recyclable. With average use, you’ll only have to purchase a replacement cartridge once per year or after approximately 20 cylinders’ worth of…

  • PYREX Gas Washing Tubes


    Consisting of glass tube 8 mm outside diameter with fritted cylinder, 12 mm diameter, fused onto the lower end; overall length, 250 mm Offered in extra coarse (EC) and coarse (C) porosities

  • Gas Analyzer Standards And Accessories

    Agilent Technologies

    Gas Analyzer Standard Kits (2714T95 to T97) Calibration kits contain one box of 2 calibration mix cylinders, 2 regulators, 2 pieces of stainless steel 1/16 in. gas sampling tubing, and 1 carry case, all packaged separately. Gas Analyzer Standard Cylinders (2714T90 to T94) Cylinder

  • Stainless Steel Gas In-Line Filter Holders

    Advantec MFS

    … Applications: Ultraclean and sterilize air and other gases including compressed air. Use in-line between pressurizing source (pump or gas cylinder) and dispensing vessel. Please Note: ALL Advantec items have a maximum 48 hour cancellation window. Any cancellations AFTER the 48 hour…

  • Ultra-High Purity Chrome-Plated Brass Line Gas Regulator


    Oxidation-resistant, chrome-plated Use where you need to reduce the line pressure by 20 psig (138 kPa) or more Same purity protection as high-pressure cylinder regulators

  • Tall Form PYREX Gas Washing Bottles


    Tall Form PYREX® Washing Bottles With fused-on fritted cylinder 12 mm diameter on inlet tube and with Standard Taper 29/42 joint. With glass hooks on both bottle and cap, but without springs. Offered in 250 and 500 mL capacities, in coarse (C) and extra coarse (EC) porosities. 250EC and 250C…

  • SUPELCO Calorimetric Natural Gas Reference Standard


    cylinder of 14 L, analytical standard Components: Nitrogen 2.5 mol %; Carbon dioxide 3 mol %; Methane 88.73 mol %; Ethane 3.5 mol %; Propane 1 mol %; 2-Methylpropane .4 mol %; Butane .4 mol %; 2-Methylbutane .15 mol %; Pentane .15 mol %; Neopentane .1 mol %; Hexane .05 mol %; Heptane .02…

  • Parker Balston Model FID-1000 and FID-2500 Gas Stations


    …compressed air and 99.9995% pure hydrogen from deionized water Ideal for supplying up to 5-6 FIDs Eliminates inconvenient and dangerous gas cylinders Silent operation, minimal operator attention required 12-month warranty from date of purchase *Zero air inlet requires minimum of 40…

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