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  • Burette Funnel

    GSC International, Inc.

    Borosilicate Glass, 40mm OD funnel opening, 38mm stem length, 10mm OD of stem

  • Disposable Funnel

    Globe Scientific

    These economical disposable funnels are available in either transparent polystyrene or translucent polypropylene. They are lightweight, have reinforced rims and inside fluting. They are tapered at a 60° angle. Available in 55mm and 65mm widths Available in Polystyrene (PS) and Polypropylene…

  • Funnel Set


    Utility funnel set made of polypropylene or high density polyethylene. They are inexpensive, lightweight and designed for general use. Funnel set consists of 1233 series funnels: 4 oz polypropylene (1211A40), 8 oz polypropylene (1211A41), 16 oz high density polyethylene (1211A42), 32 oz high…

  • Funnel Stands


    …and stable funnel stand, resistant to chemicals, shatter-proof and with continuously variable height adjustment. The funnel stand is suitable for all funnels from 40 to 180 mm in diameter. The funnel holders can be used with reducing inserts for small funnels. The funnel stand also makes…

  • Microsart Funnel


    Microsart Funnel 100 250 are sterile 100 ml and 250 ml respetively plastic funnels. They allow quick performance of the filtrations required in the routine testing of water, food and beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

  • Funnel Support


    The Humboldt Funnel Support is designed to accept up to four funnels. The unit consists of a hard wood support with four slotted holes and a metal clamp with thumbscrew for support rod mounting.

  • Funnel Rack

    Bennett Wood

    Constructed of hardwood, with clear laquer finish Holes are spaced 132 mm center to center. Maximum height approximatelly 48 cm; minimum 38 cm.

  • Addition-Storage Funnel

    Ace Glass

    Permits solutions to be prepared with No. 13654-24 Stirring Magnet and added portion wise. The T-bore stopcock in the equalizing arm permits isolation of the contents for storage. Capacity, 100 or 250mL. Lower threaded stopcock is all PTFE. Outer joint is standard taper 14/20 or 24/25, inner joint…

  • Disposable Funnel


    Made of either polystyrene or polypropylene Both are tapered at a 60° angle with inside fluting.

  • Collection funnel


  • Collection funnel


  • Filter Funnel Manifolds for MicroFunnel™ Filter Funnels

    Pall Life Sciences

    Perfect Fit Vacuum Manifolds for Use with the MicroFunnel Filter Funnel No adapters or rubber stoppers required to hold the filter funnel in place Works with all Pall Life Sciences MicroFunnel filter funnels, including the 100mL and 300mL sizes Durable aluminum and stainless steel…

  • Funnels, Separatory, Squibb, Glass Funnel Only


    Similar to CG-1742, but supplied without the PTFE stopcock plug or the flask-length stopper.

  • Plastic Funnel Holder

    United Scientific Supplies

    This non-corrosive funnel holder, molded in PP, can hold funnels with diameters of 3" to 6". The extra plate provided can be placed to hold funnels having diameter 1" to 3". Two tapered wedges are provided to ensure firm grip on rods measuring 1/2" or 3/8" diameter.

  • Plastic Separatory Funnel Holder

    United Scientific Supplies

    This non-corrosive separatory funnel holder, molded in PP, has a front opening which provides clear view of the solution and allows unobstructed placement of separating funnels. Two tapered wedges are provided to ensure firm grip on rods measuring 1/2" or 3/8" diameter.

  • Talboys Separatory Funnel Platform


    Separatory Funnel Platform Holds 3 funnels at once on an 18 x 18" (45.7 x 45.7cm) platform Accommodates 500mL to 2L separatory funnels Stainless steel construction

  • Filter Funnel Adapter, PP

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    Funnel adapters for use with 145 and 147 series analytical test filter funnels, bulk-packed Polypropylene, non-sterile

  • Scienceware® Separatory Funnel Rack

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    The Scienceware® Separatory Funnel Rack allows the use of a variety of funnel sizes for a different experiments. With adjustable diameter funnel slots, this rack accepts funnel sizes from 100cc to 1000cc. In addition, the two support tiers can be independently adjusted to any height on long…

  • Table-top Buchner Funnel

    United Scientific Supplies

    These autoclavable, table-top Buchner funnels are ideal for vacuum filtration. Includes a tubulated side outlet and accepts standard filters. The 750ml size is 60mm tall, 147mm in diameter, requires 125mm filter paper and the side outlet is 5/8" (16mm).

  • Funnel Support Rack

    Accurate Wirecraft

    Adjustable shelf will accommodate a variety of funnel lengths and flask or beaker sizes. Rack is constructed of vinyl-coated heavy gauge wire. The rack holds twelve 2" to 4" diameter funnels. Dimensions: 16.25" H, 25.375" W, 10.75" D

  • Funnel Separatory, Safety

    Ace Glass

    The safest separatory funnel available, our 7247 funnel features a plastic coating, a removable PTFE drip tip and pressure relief rodaviss threaded cap and stopper. Common accidents involving separatory funnels are breaking the glass drip leaving a jag

  • Whatman 3-Piece Filter Funnel

    GE Healthcare

    …filter funnels are available with a choice of three plates. They also come in several sizes to match your needs. For quick and easy filtration, Whatman 3-Piece filter funnels are available with a choice of three plates. They also come in several sizes to match your needs. 3-piece filter funnel

  • Glass Separatory Funnel Kits

    Across International

    Introducing the new Ai separatory funnel kits with all PTFE valves. A separatory funnel, also known as separation funnel, separating funnel, or colloquially sep funnel, is a piece of laboratory glassware used in liquid-liquid extractions to separate (partition) the components of a mixture into two…

  • Porcelain Hirsch Style Funnel


    With fixed perforated plate Glazed except for rim

  • Microsart Funnel Accessories


    Accessories for Microsart Funnel 100 250

  • GV100/0/01 FUNNEL F/GV100 1/PK

    GE Healthcare

  • Aluminum Funnel Filter Manifolds

    Dun-Rite Machining

    …to be used in the vacuum filtration of liquids for analysis of microbiological or particulate contamination. Manifold works with all micro funnel filter funnels including the 100mL and 300mL sizes. Increase laboratory productivity by processing multiple samples simultaneously. Aluminum manifold is…

  • Whatman Filter Funnel Plates

    GE Healthcare

    PTFE Plate: Optional extra. For virtually all common acids, alkalis and solvents at temperatures up to 100°C. Maximum working temperature 200°C. PTFE Plate: Optional extra. For virtually all common acids, alkalis and solvents at temperatures up to 100°C. Maximum working temperature 200°C.

  • Safety Waste Funnel Systems

    Thermo Scientific Nalgene

    …under the lab hood using Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Safety Waste Funnel Systems. Funnels feature the Easy Snap Safety Latch to minimize spillage if accidentally tipped over and a larger diameter funnel for easy pouring. The vent system helps reduce fumes and splashing while the…

  • Funnel Separatory 1000ml


    VentSep, a special 1000 mL separatory funnel with a built-in relief valve, can be used on Glas-Col's Bench-top Shaker or either of the Glas-Col 3D shakers. These separatory funnels feature a built-in relief valve Funnels have a fluoropolymer resin stopcock, and a screw cap with…

  • MEGA CytoSep™ Cytology Funnel


    …of larger volume samples. This larger funnel is quick and easy to remove. The large rectangular cell deposition area of 22 x 14.75 mm (325 mm squared) provides for up to 12 times the sample volume (6 ml) of the single CytoSep™ Cytology Funnel. It produces more cost-effective thin layer…

  • Whatman MBS I Plastic Funnel

    GE Healthcare

    …combination of the funnel dispenser and the Membrane-Butler E in the MBS I system is constructed so that when a funnel is taken from the dispenser, the butler automatically dispenses a membrane from the sterile pack, ready to use. Find the right funnel The autoclavable plastic funnel for the MBS…

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