Fritted Glass Bubbler

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Fritted Glass Bubbler
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  • Reagent Injection Bubbler


    …during mercury analysis Reagents injected by needle penetration of rubber stopper diaphragm; dispersed into sample through fritted bubbler tube Ground glass joint fits into neck on standard 300 mL BOD bottle (see Thomas number 1781N43) Air inlet and outlet, 5 mm o.d.; insert check…

  • Threaded Midget Bubbler


    Features and Benefits Threaded Midget Bubbler - 20mm threads. Fritted glass stem. Back pressure <7 in. of water with 15mL water. 6-dram vial (22mL) included. General description These borosilicate glass impingers (for particles) and bubblers (for gases and vapors) are ideal for NIOSH…

  • Bubbler, Smog

    Ace Glass

    Bubbler with either fritted tip or plain orifice stopper. Bottle has 24/40 joint and 10 cm tube below bulge. Stopper has 12/5 outer joint on inlet arm and 12/5 inner on outlet arm. Fritted tip is porosity C (25-50m). Orifice tip is 1.5mm capillary with end tapered. Approximate capacity, with stopper…

  • Midget Bubblers, Graduated


    …of air at low jet velocity, as per EPA Method 6. Impinger bottle is graduated from 5 to 30mL in 5mL subdivisions. Both the bottle and stopper have 24/40 standard taper joints. The nozzle being replaced with an extra coarse fritted gas dispersion tube which enhances absorption by trapping the liquid.

  • Impinger, Sherer

    Ace Glass

    Consists of bottle with hex base and 45/50 joint, SO2 bubbler stopper with 25 mm diameter Por. C (25-50m) fritted disc, and impinger stopper. Capacity, 275mL. Inlet/outlet are 8mm.

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