Freezing Microtome

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Freezing Microtome
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  • TFM Tissue Freezing Medium

    General Data Healthcare

    TFM™ Tissue Freezing Medium Embedding matrix for frozen sections. Unique formula reduces curling, allowing easier pickups of flat serial sections. Reduced water content minimizes freeze fractures. Color variety makes differentiating multiple specimens easy. Available in clear, transparent…

  • Tissue-Tek® Cryomold®

    Sakura Finetek

    …block with tissue freezing medium (O.C.T.) for frozen sectioning, Standard Cryomold fits directly into Cryobar® freezing wells of the Tissue-Tek® II microtome/cryostat. Use a Cryomold® adapter to adapt smaller biopsy and intermediate Cryomold® molds to freezing wells on the…

  • Cyto-Freeze


    freezing of fresh tissue, cooling of liquids to force precipitates prior to filtration, and chilling of field samples. During cryostat sectioning, Cyto-Freeze flash freezes tissues instantly. It cools to -60°F (-50°C) in three seconds. To cut sections, simply mount tissue directly on a microtome

  • Shur/Freeze Cryogen Spray

    General Data Healthcare

    Shur/Freeze™ Cryogen Spray Shur/Freeze™ cryogen spray meets new federal environmental specifications. Tissue blocks can now be cooled to -60°C with this environmentally friendly refrigerant. The adjustable flow rate is controlled by a convenient trigger mechanism. Contains…

  • Minotome Plus Cryostat

    General Data Healthcare

    …disposable blade holder, heavy-duty disposable blades, two specimen plates (concentric circle and cross-hatched, 26 mm), lubricating oil, freezing spray, freezing medium, dyes for specimen samples, 3 brushes ( 1/8”, 1/4”, 3/8” W bristles), specimen holder shelf and protective mat.…

  • FD Tissue Cryoprotection Solution™

    FD NeuroTechnologies

    FD Tissue Cryoprotection Solution™ is a specifically formulated buffer solution that prevents tissue from ice crystal damage during freezing* and preserves the best possible morphology and antigenicity of cells. It has been proven to greatly facilitate both sectioning and various histological…

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