Freezer Gloves

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Freezer Gloves
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  • Cryogenic Gloves

    SPEX SamplePrep

    These cryogenic gloves are designed to protect the hands and arms from the hazards associated with ultra-cold materials. Highly recommended when operating the 6770 and 6870 Freezer/Mills. These multi-layer-insulated gloves are lightweight and flexible, allow excellent dexterity, and are comfortable…

  • Accessories for UV F Series Ultra Low Temperature Freezers


    …of water-repellent cardboard, white Defrosting Kit The de-icing kit consists of a scraper, a wiper and a deicing tray that is easy to install and that guarantees controlled water runoff – ideal for clean and easy de-icing. Freezer Gloves For safe handling of freezer racks, medium size.

  • Low Temp 96-Well PCR® Racks

    Heathrow Scientific

    …finger grips provide a secure hold, reducing the chance of dropping the PCR rack, and makes handling and transportation easy, especially when using gloves. The lid has a side opening that enables faster cooling of samples to ensure integrity and is made from translucent polycarbonate for easy sample…

  • True North® Cryogenic Vials

    Heathrow Scientific

    …externally threaded vials that fit 100 to a standard cryostorage box, so you use freezer space 23% more efficiently as compared with leading cryogenic vial brands. Unique lid (patent pending) opens easily with gloved fingers and is available in assorted colors, reducing the need for tags or…

  • MetaliTAG™ Cryogenic Labels for Metal Racks

    GA International

    …liquid phase and vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C), liquid helium Dewars (-269°C), laboratory freezers (-120°C, -80°C, -40°C and -20°C), dry ice, freezer chambers and other harsh cryo environments. These RMTT class thermoplastic labels are coated with a glove-friendly…

  • The CryoSette™ Frozen Tissue Storage Containers


    …The specific shape of the Cryosette allows its manipulation to be optimized, whether you are using gloves or not. The CryoSette™ efficiently stores tissue samples in -86°C ULT freezers or in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen in Dewar flasks at -196°C but not in LN2 liquid…

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