Free Standing Centrifuge Tube

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Free Standing Centrifuge Tube
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  • Self-Standing Centrifuge Tubes

    United Scientific Supplies

    Polypropylene tubes include a convenient flat bottom so they stand on their own, a large white frosted labeling area, silk screen graduations, and a leak-proof cap. Autoclavable at 121°C and 15 psi for 30 minutes. Radiation sterilized DNase, RNase, Pyrogen and latex-free. Maximum RCF 9000.

  • Sterile Premium Quality Centrifuge Tubes, 50 mL Self-Standing Tubes


    …bottom for hands-free filling and measuring Highly visible black volume graduations Screw cap design Tubes have white marking spot for easy identification. They are ideal for sample handling and storage. Supplied in sterile bulk packs (25 tubes). Dimensions: 30 mm o.d. x 115 mm L.

  • Transport and Universal Tubes wth Screw Caps

    Globe Scientific

    …(1224L57) Dimensions: 16mm x 92mm (1224L58-L59) Universal Tubes 30mL universal tube Attached screwcap Self-standing, conical bottom Polypropylene (PP) or Polystyrene (PS) 50mL Centrifuge Tubes, Self-Standing, Polypropylene (PP) Available in non-sterile…

  • Micrewtube® with O-Ring Seal Screw Cap


    Polypropylene tubes and O-ring seal caps Excellent clarity Extra long cap skirt for ease of manipulation Withstand speeds up to 17,000 rpm Autoclavable Locking base on free-standing styles Available in plain or graduated configuration, the latter being provided with a…

  • Autofil® 50 mL Funnel Only with 0.2 µm PES Membrane, 48/pk


    …first hands-free centrifuge tube filtration system. Each filtration unit includes a sterile centrifuge tube and cap, 50ml funnel with PES membrane, funnel adapter (for the 15ml tube assembly), vacuum hose adapter, and dual centrifuge tube stand. The Autofil® Centrifuge Funnel system is used…

  • Autofil® Centrifuge Tube Stand

    Foxx Life Sciences

    …Sciences' Centrifuge Tube Stands are intended for use with centrifuge tubes. They are made from Class VI, FDA Grade, BPA-Free Polystyrene, and are conveniently sold in packs of 5. Autofil tube stand can hold one 15ml or 50ml tube Can also be used with the Autofil Centrifuge Filtration…

  • Microcentrifuge Tubes in Self-Standing Bags

    Globe Scientific

    …Packaging – Supplied in re-sealable, tamper evident stand up bags Simplicity – Tubes are graduated with frosted marking areas and pierceable caps The tubes are manufactured from FDA approved resins and are certified to be RNase free, DNase free, DNA free and Pyrogen free.

  • Microtube Screw Caps


    …with SSI microtubes, all caps can be centrifuged to over 20,000 in a rotor with appropriate support. Tubes and caps can be autoclaved and are suitable for ultra-low temperature storage (to gaseous phase liquid nitrogen at -196°C). All caps (and tubes) are manufactured from premium quality…

  • 15 & 50mL Centrifuge Tubes, Color Caps

    Celltreat Scientific

    Easily color code samples for quick identification, customization and to increase productivity Assorted colored cap tubes come with a free reusable plastic rack (Part numbers 229419 & 229429) Graduations are printed in bold easy-to-read black ink and are accurate to ± 2% Large…

  • Microcentrifuge Tubes

    Celltreat Scientific

    Centrifuge tubes are available in three sizes; 0.5ml, 1.5ml and 2.0ml. CELLTREAT Micro Centrifuge tubes have an attached flat top cap, engraved graduations and are manufactured from high quality polypropylene. The tubes have a temperature range of -80°C to 120°C. CELLTREAT Micro Centrifuge

  • Premium Sterile Conical Centrifuge Tubes


    …conical tubes. Writing areas and flat polyethylene caps provide ideal opportunities for labeling. The packaging is labeled for lot-to-lot traceability with "easy-tear" openings. Tubes are all RNase, DNase and Pyrogen free. All styles are available in cases of 500 tubes. Clear Tubes are…

  • Screw-Cap Centrifuge Tubes


    …Conical microcentrifuge tubes are made from a crystal clear resin that allows users to easily view samples. Polypropylene tubes are suitable for vapor phase liquid nitrogen storage, boiling and autoclaving. External ribs on the free standing tubes position and lock the tubes into place in racks…

  • mySPIN™ Mini Centrifuges

    Thermo Scientific

    …6 mini centrifuges. Tool-free rotors and quick-spin options make them fast and easy to use. Benefit from a compact footprint that fits into your workstation and ergnonomic design that stands out. Ideal for microfilter cell separation and HPLC protocols, with the mySPIN 12 centrifuge also supporting…

  • Hermle OLEUM Oil-Testing Centrifuges


    …testing Swing out rotor for pear shaped or conical ASTM tubes LCD display, control speed in rpm or rcf The OLEUM Oil-Testing Centrifuge is our stand alone oil testing centrifuge for pear shaped or conical ASTM oil testing tubes. A 4-place swing out rotor reaches up to 3,000rpm, or 2,213…

  • Heraeus® Megafuge® 8 Small Benchtop Centrifuges

    Thermo Scientific

    …Package Contains: Heraeus Megafuge 8 centrifuge, ventilated, TX-150 swinging bucket rotor, Round buckets (set of 4), Adapters fro 50 mL conical or skirted tube (set of 4) High Capacity Cell Culture Package Contains : Heraeus Megafuge 8 centrifuge , ventilated, TX-150 swinging bucket rotor,…

  • SureSeal™ Screw Cap Microcentrifuge Tubes

    MTC Bio

    …microcentrifuge tubes. Made from ultra-clear polypropylene, with crisp printed graduations, SureSeal 2mL screw-cap tubes offer the best visualization of sample on the market today! May be centrifuged at up to 22,000xg. Crystal clear graduations Sterile, RNase, DNase, Pyrogen free

  • Eppendorf 25mL Conical Tubes


    …laboratory periphery is given as this new Eppendorf tube has the same diameter as 50 mL conical tubes. System components like adapters for centrifugation, Eppendorf SmartBlock™, Test Tube Holder for MixMate®, storage box and single tube stand are available. New cap design: flattened…

  • SureSeal S™ Microcentrifuge Tubes

    MTC Bio

    …SureSeal S™ microcentrifuge tubes are designed for a broad range of research applications, including enzyme digests, DNA isolation/purification, centrifugation, incubation and general sample/reagent storage. With a variety of design advances, SureSeal Tubes improve sample visualization,…

  • 15 & 50mL Bio-Reaction Tubes

    Celltreat Scientific

    …Bio-reaction tubes consist of centrifuge tubes with a 0.22μm hydrophobic membrane in the vent cap. These tubes are perfect for biological reaction experiments that require aseptic conditions with free gas exchange. Save money with the ability to culture and centrifuge in one tube

  • Savant™ SpeedVac™ SPD2030 Integrated Vacuum Concentrator Systems

    Thermo Scientific

    …systems to support sample formats from micro-centrifuge tubes, vials and microplates to large-volume flasks. Both systems fit in a standard laboratory fume hood. Benefits Proven reliability: Over 50 years of experience stand behind the Savant SpeedVac family of products. Each unit…

  • Savant™ SpeedVac™ SPD1030 Integrated Vacuum Concentrator Systems

    Thermo Scientific

    …systems to support sample formats from micro-centrifuge tubes, vials and microplates to large-volume flasks. Both systems fit in a standard laboratory fume hood. Benefits Proven reliability: Over 50 years of experience stand behind the Savant SpeedVac family of products. Each unit…

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