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Fluoride Meter
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  • …tablets, sensor cap, four 3V button batteries, and 48" (1.2m) neck strap. The FL705 is an easy to clean, rugged ExStik Replacement Fluoride Electrode Module. For use with Extech Model FL700 Fluoride Meter. Measures fluoride and temperature and features ATC via built-in Pt-100-Ohm sensor.

  • Offers direct reading of Fluoride down to 0.1 ppm with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) Fast response Fluoride meter ( Easy use for Field or Laboratory fluoride testing Small sample/TISAB volume required for testing In compliance with EPA Method 340.2 (Potentiometric Ion…

  • pH Meter Fluoride Standards

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    All standards are 1 pint (475mL) bottles, unless otherwise noted. 0732J61 Fluoride Standard Bulk Pack – includes 4 x 475 mL each of 1 ppm Fluoride standard premixed with TISAB II (4210F31) and 10 ppm Fluoride standard premixed with TISAB II (0732J60).

  • …(ORP), ISE and temperature accurately in the laboratory with the YSI pH 1320 or 1320P with built-in printer. The TruLab pH/ISE 1320 benchtop meter is the ideal laboratory instrument for reliable measurements with automatic documentation for GLP compliance. The 1320 benchtop is an accurate,…

  • …Electrode (ISE) standard solutions for laboratory analyses ISE Standard Solution. Fluoride, 10.0 mg/L ±0.2 mg/L as F- (NIST). 500 mL bottle Traceable to NIST standard reference materials Design for use with Hach meters portfolio and other meters. Reliable packaging

  • …The S220 meter's robust design, with a disposable cover and IP 54 protection, makes it a durable pH instrument for food production environments     The S220 meter can also measure other parameters. Simply add an ISE electrode to measure ions such as fluoride or chloride…

  • … Anyone can use this meter with its plain language screen prompts, soft keys that update for easy selection and a multilanguage interface that supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Chinese No need to worry about DO probe compatibility – the meter accepts and automatically…

  • …and built-in temperature sensor. The electrode measures fluoride concentration in water samples. The laboratory version of this ISE is shockproff with its Epoxy plastic body.The Intellical ISEF121 probe is available with a 1 or 3 meter cable and is intended for laboratory use. The ISEF181’s…

  • … Electrodes measure 12 mm diameter x 145 mm length and are equipped with a one meter cable and BNC type connector. connectION Technology Direct concentration readout in ppm and pX No Ion meter needed Connects directly to your PC Clear and simple display Stores calibration…

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