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Floor Mats
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  • Worksafe Light Drainage Mats


    Resist cutting fluids Lightweight Three sizes The WorkSafe lightweight, high performance drainage mat is available in a formulation that’s CFR (Cutting Fluid Resistant) to the effects of mineral oil-based cutting fluid.  Perfect for wet industrial areas, its lightweight…

  • Sanitizing Foot Bath Mats


    mat has thousands of pliable rubber scrapers that dislodge contaminants from footwear as the shoe soles are immersed in the disinfectant solution. Sanitizing Foot Mat will hold one gallon of disinfectant solution - chlorine or quaternary.  1232W17 has 2.5” high walls, which allow the mat

  • 482 Bubble Trax® - 1/2" Thick

    Superior Manufacturing (NoTrax®)

    …performance anti-fatigue floor mats providing extreme ergonomic comfort and durability. The Bubble top surface provides added cushioning comfort; extremely durable and resistant to wear; sloped beveled edges to reduce tripping hazards and allow eash access on and off the mat. Extremely well suited…

  • Ultrasoft Tile-Top Mats


    Double thickness Square edges Three-year warranty Two colors UltraSoft Tile-Top is the “Supreme” version of Tile-Top SpongeCote. Its double-thick, Nitricell sponge base brings comfort to even the most demanding work areas. The marbleized rubber surface has a rich…

  • Static Dissipative Anti-Fatigue Mats


    Comfortable Three-year warranty Static Dissipative Anti-Fatigue mats are frequently used in commercial and manufacturing areas where controlling static and fatigue is essential.  A metal scrim embedded in the vinyl surface ensures speedy and effective dissipation of static electricity, while…

  • Tile-Top Spongecote Mats


    …decor. Tile-Top SpongeCote has a Nitricell base, a compound of PVC and Nitrile rubber formulated for resilience. Tile-Top is ideal for use in all, dry work areas from packaging areas, to banks, labs, offices, and behind or in front of counters. Mats are 1/2” thick with safety beveled edges.

  • Electrically Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mats


    …any product with a computer chip. Designed to dramatically reduce standing worker fatigue, Electrically Conductive Anti-Fatigue has a Nitricell “Supreme Comfort” sponge base. Mat has 9/16” overall thickness. For maximum effectiveness, ground the mat and keep the surface clean.

  • Vinyl-Tech Spongecote Mats


    Resist chemicals and foot traffic Three-year warranty Perfect for labs, pharmacies and commercial environments, Vinyl-Tech’s vibrant vinyl surface offers exceptional resistance to chemicals and foot traffic while the Nitricell sponge base dramatically reduces on-the-job fatigue…

  • Laboratory Safety Mats

    Fischer Technical

    Features non-slip silicone rubber Available in red or black Temperature resistant up to +260°C Two sizes available: 250 x 250mm and 350 x 350mm

  • 620 Diamond Flex-Lok® Mat

    Superior Manufacturing (NoTrax®)

    A PVC based workstation mat that combines the durability and toughness of an industrial mat with true ergonomic support and comfort. A multi-tiered footing design elevates the mat off the floor, creating air pockets that flex with the weight of the worker. A large hole drainage system facilitates…

  • 974 Ergo Mat™ Grande™ - 1" Thick

    Superior Manufacturing (NoTrax®)

    …The top surface is combined with a dense closed cell foam base utilizing NoTrax® exclusive UniFusion™ technology virtually eliminating the possibility of de-lamination. Now with RedStop™, a uniquely engineered technology that virtually eliminates the slipping and sliding of Notrax® floor mats.

  • Endurable Mats


    Abrasion resistant Endurable’s durable and abrasion resistant surface and comfortable vinyl sponge base are created as a singular construction through a heat curing process. This economical dual density mat lasts longer than similar products.

  • 346 Sani-Trax Floor Matting

    Superior Manufacturing (NoTrax®)

    Sani-Trax® has a thick surrounding border that stands 1/4" higher than fingerscrapers to contain liquid disinfectant. Hold a full gallon of disinfectant solution. Natural rubber compound for general purpose applications. Thousands of flexible fingers provide an automatic scrubbing action that…

  • 479 Cushion Trax Mat - 9/16" Thickness

    Superior Manufacturing (NoTrax®)

    …The top surface is combined with a dense closed cell foam base utilizing NoTrax® exclusive UniFusion™ technology virtually eliminating the possibility of de-lamination. Now with RedStop™, a uniquely engineered technology that virtually eliminates the slipping and sliding of Notrax® floor mats.

  • PIG® Grippy® Absorbent Mat Roll

    New Pig

    …soaking through to the floor Dark colour hides grime so the mat looks cleaner longer Easy to cut and install: just roll it out, stick it down and smooth it out Tested and Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI): when used as part of your floor safety program, high-traction…

  • Anti-Fatigue, Hygienic Floor Mats


    Minimizes discomfort of prolonged standing Heavy-duty rubber, flexible, closed-cell foam rubber base Supplies effective insulation against cold floors Marble-patterned rubber cover Beveled edges Easy to clean Easy to move

  • 419 Diamond Sof-Tred™ Floor Matting

    Superior Manufacturing (NoTrax®)

    Diamond Sof-Tred™ is a durable anti-fatigue mat with a non-directional diamond deck plate top surface that allows for sure footing. The NoTrax® exclusive Dyna-Shield® PVC sponge is manufactured with a tough protective top layer that provides long lasting wear and outperforms the competition in tear…

  • Cleanroom Adhesive Mats


    …Each individual mat layer is numbered 1 to 30 or 1 to 60. Straight, non-bevel edges. The backing of the mat is coated with an adhesive that adheres to floors, but can be easily changed without leaving a residue. Compatible with various frames or can be placed directly on the floor without using a…

  • Adhesive Mat


    …bacteria-carrying particles. Each mat has a corner tab numbered consequently 1-30 to assure that only one mat is peeled off at a time. There are 30 sheets per mat and 4 mats per case. Features Include: Full surface adhesive backing to secure direct to floor without the need of a frame.…

  • Wearwell Clean Room Mat


    …easy to use, each mat has 30 layers of tough film laminated together in a stack. Once the top film is contaminated, simply pull it off and discard.  Clean Room Mat offers economical dirt control for low-profile carpet, tile or concrete surfaces. There are 30 sheets to a mat, 4 mats per case.

  • Diamond-Plate Spongecote


    …traffic areas Diamond-Plate SpongeCote is a popular anti-fatigue mat offering a complete package of comfort, long life, and a high-tech, industrial image. Its exceptionally resilient Nitricell sponge base defines the mat by providing true comfort, enhancing productivity and reviving morale…

  • Comfortpro Mats


    … Easy maintenance Three-year warranty ComfortPro is flexible and its easy-to-clean vinyl surface adds to the overall comfort of the mat while also providing good resistance to common industrial chemicals and solvents. The Nitricell sponge base is exceptionally resilient and resists…

  • Ultrasoft Diamond-Plate Matting


    Designed for heavy use Resists abrasion Safety beveled edges Two styles UltraSoft Diamond-Plate provides long-term comfort, resulting in enhanced employee productivity and morale. Its double-thick Nitricell sponge base is PVC loaded with Nitrile rubber for comfort, rebound and long…

  • 411 Sof-Tred™ 3/8" Floor Matting

    Superior Manufacturing (AKRO®)

    …surface that enhances slip resistance while providing increased worker fatigue relief. The PVC closed cell foam construction relieves leg and back discomfort while providing a barrier to cold floors. Sof-Tred™ is intended for applications where basic anti-fatigue relief is required at a low cost.

  • Poly-Tack Floor Matting

    Poly Tack

    …on the sheet below Sheets are 3 mils thick Bottom sheet has four 51 mm wide strips of PVC tape with self-adhesive backing for securing mat to floor. Offered in choice of two colors, white or blue, each in four sizes: 18 x 36 inches (457 x 914 mm), 36 x 36 inches (914 x 914 mm), 18 x 45 inches…

  • 24/Seven Solid Decking


    …hours a day, seven days a week to keep workers comfortable and productive, 24/Seven mats are substantial, modular, molded rubber anti-fatigue mats. These are 5/8” thick single workstation mats and have a hidden interlocking system designed to connect on all four sides to quickly…

  • 447 Comfort-Eze Floor Matting

    Superior Manufacturing (NoTrax®)

    Constructed of a unique solid rubber design, Cushion-Eze™ stimulates worker comfort and promotes product longevity. The bubble top and offset bubble bottom allow for air circulation enhancing the ergonomic effects. Recommended uses include packaging stations, quality inspection areas, shipping…

  • Ergodeck Solid With Gritworks


    …of grease and oil cause slip hazards. 18” x 18” solid, super-sized ergonomic tiles is the most advanced, professional-grade, ergonomic matting system on the market today. These larger components quickly and easily cover large areas and require less time and labor to install. Tiles are…

  • Personal Anti-Fatigue Mats (PAM)™ Insoles


    Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat (PAM)™ Insoles represent a unique and cost effective opportunity for the selective relocation and/or replacement of expensive anti-fatigue matting. For maximum shock absorption and maximum comfort. Recommended for use in Industrial and Extra-Depth Footwear. …

  • Ergodeck Solid Matting


    … ErgoDeck Solid is low maintenance, ideal for use in dry areas where small parts fall to the floor, or where ease of maintenance is a priority. ErgoDeck is an advanced modular matting system comprised of 18” x 18” solid, super-sized ergonomic tiles. These larger components…

  • Tacky Traxx Mats

    High Tech Conversions

    …are floor mats designed to remove dirt and dust from cart and foot traffic upon entering a controlled environment. They contain 30 sheets of polyethylene with a sticky surface. Once the top layer is contaminated and no longer tacky, the sheet is peeled away to reveal the next clean sheet. The mat is…

  • Grade-A Food Production Mats


    …ease pick-up and cleaning of the mats. 3) Hygienic porthole and solid underside design of the mat simplify cleaning and virtually eliminates areas where food can collect. 4) Substantial underside knobs allow quick drainage and increase the comfort level of the mat. 5) Flat but textured surface…

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