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Flat Electrode
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  • pHE-07 Premium Flat pH Electrode

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …labForce pHE-07 Flat pH Electrode is a general purpose, lab or field electrode offering affordable, low maintenance performance for water applications where a flat shaped pH sensor is more suitable. Features: Plastic body with standard 12mm diameter and 120mm length. Flat pH sensor…

  • Signet Flat pH Electrode

    Accent Control Systems

    Ryton Body Electrode with Dry-Loc and NPT Connections. Includes 3K ohm Balco NTC Use with 3-2760-1 or -11 Preamp

  • pH2100 Flat Tip pH Electrode


    Flat measurement tip for surface measurements and slurries, double junction electrode design prevents reference contamination, durable Ultem® body, booted BNC protects meter connection.

  • Flat Surface, Single-Junction pH Electrodes


    These single-junction electrodes are available with sealed epoxy body, or refillable glass body.  Ideal for flat surface measurements such as paper or skin

  • pH2500 Flat Surface Glass pH Electrode


    …leather, electrophoresis gels and agar plates may be difficult to measure with traditional pH glass bulbs due to concerns about breakage. A flat electrode like our pH2100, is ideally suited for these types of pH measurements as well as measurements of suspended sludges and slurries. In addition…

  • Combination Electrodes


    …psig (690 kPa) Offered in choice of types, each with US Standard or BNC Connector The flat-tip electrodes have pH electrode and porous polyethylene reference junction coplanar in flat tip for measurements on moist surfaces such as skin, agars, meats, etc. or in viscous samples such as…

  • Combination pH Electrodes


    …100°C Redox combination electrode is made with high purity, metallic-sensing elements for stable, repeatable oxidation/ reduction measurements. Semi-Micro Gel Combination (4136T24) Require less maintenance than refillable electrodes pH range 0-14, at temperatures from…

  • FillTrode pH Electrodes


    The FillTrode is a robust pH electrode with a plastic shaft and a flat membrane. Use this electrode for your toughest applications! Benefits Robust pH electrode with plastic shaft Multiple applications, thanks to its flat membrane: (e.g. for viscous media) Easy to clean The ring…

  • Orion Gel Fill Epoxy Flat Surface Comb pH, BNC

    Thermo Scientific Orion

    …any sample with these Thermo Scientific Orion pH electrodes. Electrodes come with a low cost epoxy body Sealed, gel-filled design means there is little electrode maintenance to perform Single-junction reference means electrodes are suited to most general applications Ideal choice…

  • FlaTrode pH Electrodes


    A pH electrode with a true flat membrane for surface measurements such as paper, agar plates or even skin. The robust plastic shaft with a ring diaphragm guarantees quick response though enhanced contact between the sample and reference. Benefits Fast response time because of enhanced…

  • TruLine pH Electrodes


    … TruLine pH 25; pH electrode no temperature, single-junction, combination, gel electrolyte, epoxy shaft with 1-m cable, BNC connector. Dimensions = 120 mm length; 12 mm OD. 1198F05: TruLine pH 27; pH electrode no temperature, single-junction, combination, flat glass membrane for surface…

  • pH Electrodes with S7 Connector


    …TRUEscience Item No. 1201574 This flat epoxy probe is easy to clean and suited to food samples or semi-solid samples such as gels, pastes, soils etc Flat tip for difficult samples, food, semi solids 1x TRUEscience Flat combination pH electrode with S7 connector 1x soaker bottle…

  • ExStik® 4-in-1 Water Quality Meter Kits


    …meter, pH and ORP electrodes, reagent tablets, 4 plastic cups, weighted stand, pH buffer pouches, batteries and carrying case 4-in-1 Water Quality Meter measures Chlorine, pH, ORP plus Temperature with interchangeable flat surface electrodes (included) Flat surface electrodes work in liquids,…

  • ExStik® Chlorine Meter


    …15 readings Unique flat surface chlorine electrode Waterproof to IP67 standard The state of the art LCD simultaneously displays ppm of Total Chlorine and Temperature plus analog bargraph indicator Complete with meter and flat surface Chlorine electrode, ExTab® reagent tablets…

  • Waterproof ExStik® pH Meter


    …not found anywhere else RENEW feature that tells you when it's time to replace your pH electrode CAL feature that tells you when it's time to recalibrate your meter Flat Surface pH electrode that is completely waterproof and rugged enough to withstand harsh environments Analog bargraph…

  • ExStik® Concrete pH Kit


    Flat surface electrode design 3ft (1m) extension cable with probe guard/weight attaches to the flat surface Concrete pH Meter for taking measurements on flat concrete surfaces Rust-resistant metal weight helps keep electrode in contact with the wet concrete surface Memory records and…

  • Graphite electrode, counter-flat top, 3.05mm dia, 38.10 mm long, 99.9995% …

    Alfa Aesar

    Purity: 99.9995% (metals basis) Harmonized Tariff Code:  8545.19

  • InLab® pH Sensors for Specific Applications

    Mettler Toledo

    …glass-body, combination pH electrode with S7 screw head and a flat membrane for measuring surfaces like paper, agar plates and skin. InLab Surface Pro-ISM: A glass-body, combination pH electrode with integrated temperature probe, MultiPin™ head and a flat membrane for measuring surfaces…

  • Tracer Pocketester


    …display sample temperature PockeTester measures chlorine directly in parts per million and can also test pH and ORP with interchangeable flat surface sensor modules. Readings are not affected by sample color or turbidity. The extra-bold digital display includes and analog bar graph feature.…

  • EcoSense pH100A pH/ORP/mV/Temperature Meters


    …in a simple, compact handheld allows the instrument to be used in multiple applications. With a one-year instrument warranty, six-month electrode warranty, calibration backup, and a variety of cable/sensor options (glass bulb, flat tipped, and piercing tipped), the pH100A will fit your needs.

  • Seven2Go Accessories

    Mettler Toledo

    …Stabilizing Unit Seven2Go accessory that stabilizes the meter on flat surfaces. Allows users to operate the portable on their lab benches, without the need to hold the meter in their hand. Seven2Go Electrode Clip Attach any InLab pH, conductivity, ion, or dissolved oxygen (except…

  • Gator™ Electrophoresis System

    Owl Separation Systems

    Gator™ models A1 and A2 large gel systems Electrode placement ensures a uniform electric field and clear banding Durable acrylic construction Three point leveling ensures flat, even gels Leak-resistant gasketed end gates Durable, acrylic gel casting system has an UV transmissible gel…

  • Titratable Total Acidity Mini-Titrator

    Milwaukee Instruments

    …supplied complete with: Calibration standard TA, Titrant TA, Buffer pH 7.0, Buffer pH 8.2, MA919B/1 pH Electrode, MA831R Temperature probe, MA9011 Refilling Electolyte Solution 3.5M KCl, for pH electrodes 230 mL bottle, small stir bar, 2 x 50 mL beakers, 2000 µL pipette, test tube set, O-ring,…

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