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  • Round Bottom Flask Stand

    United Scientific Supplies

    Molded in Polypropylene, this flask stand gives a stair-like top view. Every step provides excellent support to the round bottom flask at every point of contact. This flask stand can hold round bottom flasks up to 10,000ml capacity. This stackable flask stand can also be autoclaved.

  • Cork Flask Stands

    United Scientific Supplies

    flasks, beakers, dishes and more. Cork is naturally elastic with very low thermal and electrical conductivity properties. Small cork stand has a diameter of 100mm and holds 250ml to 2000ml round bottom flasks. Large cork stand has a diameter of 120mm and holds 500ml to 3000mL round bottom flasks.

  • Stainless Steel Support Stand


    Floor style stainless steel support stand made to accept 12 and 22 Liter CG-1539 half jacketed flasks. Stand is 67in overall height with a depth of 22in. Ring has a diameter of 8 1/2in I.D. and is 28in above floor level. Top of stand has a 39in reinforced riser to support overhead stirrers, clamps…

  • Poxygrid® Labware Drain Stand

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    Dry Test Tubes, Beakers, Flasks, and Other Labware For drying test tubes, beakers, flasks, and other labware, this stand has rubber tipped feet for non-skid use on a tabletop, or wire loops on the back for wall mounting. Three rows of epoxy-coated hairpin-loop supports (14 in all) hold…

  • Aspirator with Trap Flask

    Grant Instruments

    The aspirator with trap flask FTA-1 with a 1L trap flask is designed for the aspiration or removal of any remaining alcohol or buffer from microtest tube walls during DNA / RNA purification and other macromolecule re-precipitation techniques. An ideal personal tool for independent operation…

  • Tissue Culture Flasks

    Celltreat Scientific

    …drying out (maintain your cell cultures over the weekend!) Tissue Culture Treated Flasks have uniform hydrophilic surface ideal for consistent cell attachment Stable base enables filling with flask standing upright Convenient re-sealable bag is a practical alternative to folding and taping…

  • Flasks Erlenmeyer, Polypropylene


    Erlenmeyer flasks. Molded of chemically resistant, autoclavable polypropylene. Graduations are permanently molded into flask. The autoclavable polypropylene ribbed flask stand supports round bottom flasks that contain up to 10 liters.  May be stacked to save space or add height. Dimensions…

  • Floor Standing Incubated Shakers

    Lab Companion

    Large capacity up to five 6L flasks and heavy workload shaking with rapid heating and cooling performance. Exclusive drive mechanism with ergonomic design delivers years of trouble-free service. Operating Features General Control Intuitive touch screen LCD controller with easy icons…

  • Buchi V-850/855 Vacuum Controller Accessories


    …with condensate trap and non-return valve with attachment for Rotavapor (not necessary with V-700/710 in stand-alone systems). 1229D82 - Buchi RC-81 remote control can be used to control the vacuum controller and the Rotavapor: rotation, starting/stopping and raising/lowering of the flask.

  • Side Support Distillation Shelf for Reactor Stands


    …shelf support for Chemglass reactor support frames offers convenient support of distillation receiving flasks. Shelf features a V- shaped cut out area for easy viewing and installation of flasks with a bottom drain. Shelf attaches to the uprights of the support frame via PTFE coated aluminum…

  • Clamp, Rod mounted, Swing Latch

    Ace Glass

    Bolt latch clamp secures the top of Scale-Up Series™ reaction flask to our stand.

  • Support Stand, Bench-Top

    Ace Glass

    Stand assembly for 1L to 6L bench reactors. Fits both filter and pressure reactor styles as well as standard round bottom flasks. It will accomodate flasks with or without bottom valves. The motor mount raises and lowers as does the flask support system. This aids in aligning the flask, motor and…

  • Benchtop Support Stand, Single Setup


    …15”D x 40”H This benchtop support stand is constructed of stainless steel and PTFE coated aluminum parts and features a reduced width of 14". Stand can hold a single reactor, flask, or gas scrubber apparatus. The stand provides support for the reaction vessel/flask, glassware,…

  • Short Path Distillation Kit

    United Scientific Supplies

    …round bottom flasks after distillate is collected. PLEASE NOTE: Lab Jacks, Support Stands, Flask Stands, and Extension Clamps with Bosshead are not included in this kit. Contents: Short Path Distillation Head, Vacuum Jacketed, 24/40, 34/45 . . . . . . . . 2 Flask, Round Bottom,…

  • Eberbach Shaker Accessories


    …bar clamp 1224E40: Flask carrier 15x 125ml 0379P78: Flask carrier 15x 250ml 0379P77: Flask carrier 15x 500ml 0379W31: Individual flask holders 0379P71: Shaker floor stand fits 6000 & 6155 0379P70: Large shaker floor stand fits 5900 0379P80: Double…

  • Distillation Apparatus

    United Scientific Supplies

    …for simple distillation experiments. Includes: 500ml Round Bottom Borosilicate Flask with Side Tube 300mm Graham Condenser 250ml Erlenmeyer Flask Glass Stopper Support Stand (6"X9") with 24" Rod Swivel Burette Clamp Extension Clamp Clamp Holder…

  • 6-Port Tray Dryer Manifold


    6-Port Tray Dryer Manifold. Six valves provide the flexibility to connect flasks and other freeze dry glassware to the Freeze Dry System with Stoppering or Bulk Tray Dryer. Valves accommodate either 1/2" or 3/4" flask adapters. Mounts on support stand included with the Tray Dryer.

  • Buchi R-210 & R-215 Rotavapor Accessories


    flask, receiving flask clip, stopcock, PTFE fill tubes, and set of GL-14 hose connections and caps. 1230E20 - Type A Condenser, Diagonal, can be used where height is limited, For standard distillations, evaporating flask feed via stop-cock. Includes 1L P+G receiving flask, receiving flask

  • HM Spherical Heating Mantles


    Product Highlights Opening holds 1, 2, or 3 neck flasks on ring stand Zipper fastens upper and lower halves together 120VAC model includes 3” (76mm) lead wire with NEMA L1-15R connector and a 4-foot (1.2m) power adaptor cord with NEMA 1-15 plug. …

  • Funnel Support Rack

    Accurate Wirecraft

    Adjustable shelf will accommodate a variety of funnel lengths and flask or beaker sizes. Rack is constructed of vinyl-coated heavy gauge wire. The rack holds twelve 2" to 4" diameter funnels. Dimensions: 16.25" H, 25.375" W, 10.75" D

  • HM Upper Hemispherical Heating Mantles


    Product Highlights Ideal for preventing vapor condensation in upper half of flask Excellent alternative to other heating methods like a bunsen burner Opening holds 1, 2, or 3 neck flasks on ring stand Specifications Fiberglass cloth outer shell Uniform, low-watt…

  • Ready Reactor™, Kilo-Scale

    Ace Glass

    …turnkey 20 liter and 50 liter reaction systems for research and production purposes. Systems feature jacketed vessels, multi-neck flask heads, Universal support stand, and either a rod mounted brushless DC stir motor in our 20 liter (IKA Eurostar 60 Control) or a flange mounted 3/8 hp brushless DC…

  • Scale-Up Series™Jacketed Bench-Top Reactor

    Ace Glass

    …Reactors scale-up from 100mL to 6000mL on the bench and their geometry translates into our Kilo Scale reactors. Base systems include a flask, CAPFE o-ring, stand with supports and KF flange adapter clamp with FVMQ gasket. Add head, inlet/outlet connection adapters, condenser, funnel, etc. to…

  • Accessories For Steamscrubber & Flaskscrubber Glassware Washers


    36 detachable SS spindles accommodate flasks from 1 to 2000 mL Stainless steel base stand elevates anyfreestanding washer 17” or more for comfortable loading and unloading Pertri dish insert holds 24 plates BOD bottle insert holds 12 bottles Culture tube insert …

  • 1PS Phase Separator Papers

    GE Healthcare

    …important when carrying out a large number of routine solvent extractions at the same time. Samples can be shaken with solvent in stoppered conical flasks or test tubes and transferred directly to funnels containing 1PS. Unsupervised separation A chief benefit of the 1PS method is that…

  • Reaction Assembly, Portable, 12 and 22L

    Ace Glass

    Complete self-supporting pilot plant assembly. Needs only to be located near coolant and electrical outlet. When not in use, entire assembly can be intact, without breakdown. Features flask, self-standing mechanical or air motor, flat-sided powder funn

  • Extractor ETBR Waste Reduction System

    GVS Filter Technology

    One-step filtration funnel Activated carbon matrix Fits most stand laboratory flasks and bottles The Extractor system is a one-step filtration funnel device for the rapid removal of ethidium bromide from gel-staining solutions. This disposable unit contains an activated carbon matrix, which…

  • Benchtop Reactor, All-in-one

    Ace Glass

    …glass stirring assembly with variable speed motor and controller, heating mantle with type J PTFE covered probe and controller. All wetted surfaces are glass or PTFE. A sturdy stand and all necessary clamps and clips are included. If working with pressure, Ace recommends our 6448 safety manifold.

  • Benchtop Reactor, All-in-one, Jacketed

    Ace Glass

    …necessary for operation. The system is designed so that all wetted surfaces are glass and PTFE for maximum chemical compatibility. A small overall stand footprint and flexible drive shaft combination allow for the reactor system to be placed in almost any laboratory hood configuration. Working…

  • Magnetic Stirrers Accessories

    IKA Works

    …V. Clamping range - stand: 10 - 11 mm Clamping range - extension arm: 11 mm Material: cast aluminium Thomas No. 1207N21 For fastening the T 10 basic to the stand ST 104 (included with delivery of T 10 basic). Thomas No. 8588A34 Clamping range - stand: 6 - 16 mm Clamping…

  • PYREX® Standard Taper Hollow Glass Stoppers


    …Grooves in the sides help prevent slippage. The flat top allows the stopper to stand on its head, which frees the user’s hand and minimizes potential contamination. This stopper is interchangeable with other common flask stoppers and fits all standard labware of comparable standard taper size.

  • TitraStir Stir Plate


    …be hand-held, or you can attach it to this convenient laboratory stand. The TitraStir Titration Stand is a single-speed, magnetic stirring plate with a built-in support rod and custom holder for the Digital Titrator. Titration flasks rest on a white disc, so color changes are easy to see, and the…

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